Increase Positivity Decrease Pollution

It is as if we all know that cleanliness is a symbol of positivity and positivity is the symbol of divine powers. Just as cleanliness in nature keeps communicating positive energy in the atmosphere, which results in divine grace, in the same way, if there is no cleanliness in the environment and dirt spreads everywhere, whether it is in any form, it always leads to negativity. There is a very bad effect on all the people living around it and their lives will surely be filled with difficulties.

We all know that in today’s time, dirt and pollution spread all over the world, which is spreading negativity on all sides, in the result, bad forces are interfering in everyone’s life and are annoying everyone. For many people, this becomes a big problem, which is very difficult to deal with. We have realized our mistakes in today’s time; that is why we are ending the mess around us and not spreading it. Everywhere people are being educated to keep the environment clean and people are also accepting these things and it is a very good thing, it will communicate positivity in every people’s life and everyone will be happy.

But dirt and pollution are two different things and we have started to treat dirt, but the pollution, which is the biggest source of negativity, is treating it very slowly, which is causing this problem to become even bigger. Very few people know that due to the increase in pollution, negativity is spreading rapidly in our environment because pollution is a symbol of dirt and negative forces from dirt spread very rapidly in the environment.

All of us are part of nature if we live in an environment full of pollution, then there will always be negativity in our lives due to which we will have to face many difficulties, therefore it is very necessary that we try to eliminate pollution from the environment so that the environment can be free of pollution and our life can be free from negative forces. Many people are trying in this direction but the way the drop drops forms the ocean, in the same way, we all have to be aware to reduce the pollution because our awareness will reduce pollution and increase positivity in our lives so that God Infinite grace will always remain on us.

The unlimited grace of God falls on the life of the person who keeps positive thinking and keeps cleanliness around him and reduces pollution which gives him the right to be blessed with positive thinking.

A positive minded mind always thinks about development and thinks about society, and on such a person God’s infinite grace is always maintained, so, we should all become such a person who is a positive thinker and alert the society to reduce dirt and reduce pollution, which will clean our thinking and will encourage us to think positive, which will keep unlimited blessings of God on us forever.

Post Author: Terry J. Key