Guide for life: Mammal Animal Totem

Totem refers to the object representing a community or tribe. Totem is associated with the spiritual belief system of an individual or class of people. Totem has its significance in almost every culture of the world. Though it is believed that it was first practiced in parts of America. People belief in these totem and consider as spirit or sacred object. These spirits are the guide and messenger for life.
Being too busy with our life, we started ignoring the effect of totem energy in our life. Totem is mostly associated with animal totem. These animal totem are the guide and messenger for an individual, they help in self awareness and even to see the glimpse of future. These animal totem represent the specific qualities that should be possessed by an individual. These totem also help us to make life more beautiful and simple by following specific animal instinct.
There are possibilities of being more than one animal totem for an individual. It all depends on the individual and there specific connection with there animal totem. Being specific to mammal animal totem, there are mammals animal which represents our personality. To know mammal animal totem, self realization is very important. Most of the time meditation proved to be helpful in knowing the individuals specific mammal animal totem. One need to keenly observe all the possible characteristic he share with which animal. Also need to figure out with which animal individual find himself connected and with which they are afraid.
Some of the commonly known mammal animal totem includes:

When ever we count our best friend, dog is on the top of the list. Dog is the most loyal pet. Dog teaches you the loyalty. Being the best friend, dogs are of great help to everyone. They have there power cycle all around year. You just need to observe your dog and try to get those characteristic into your life.

Horse is another power totem, with power cycle year round. Horse is a symbol of strength and speed. Horse being your animal totem, you need to get the characteristic of horse. This will help you to quickly move out from all your worries and trouble of your life.

Mouse is the significance of compleshing big task with small steps. Mouse being your mammal animal totem, you need to learn the importance of small things in your life. Mouse also teach you of determination in compleashing even the biggest challenge. So just pay attention on small thing and start working with full determination to get success in life.

Tiger being your animal totem, will help you to get more confidence. Tiger is a perfect combination of strength and skills. You also need to be ready to grab the new opportunities and adventures tiger bring to your life. You need to feel confident in taking new roads and putting your skills to achieve success.

Whale being your animal totem, teach you to be strong and and locate your own path of success. Whale is a symbol of strength and knowledge. Being one of the oldest living creature in this world, whale teach you the importance of knowledge and experiences from past. Whale also remind you of the choices you make in your life, implement what you have learned from all the past experiences to make your life beautiful.

Not only these there are so many mammals animal, any animal being a totem will be a guide for you and will teach you to get all the important characteristics of them to make you successful in every sphere of life.

Post Author: Terry J. Key