What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese word its literal meaning is universal energy. The pronunciation is done with ‘Rei’ and ‘ki’. ‘Rei’ means ‘universal’ and ‘ki’ means energy. Reiki is a treatment method by which a person is mentally and physically healthy. According to this technique, there is a life cycle between each person and the whole […]

Increase Positivity Decrease Pollution

It is as if we all know that cleanliness is a symbol of positivity and positivity is the symbol of divine powers. Just as cleanliness in nature keeps communicating positive energy in the atmosphere, which results in divine grace, in the same way, if there is no cleanliness in the environment and dirt spreads everywhere, […]

Top 6 healthy foods for women

As women, we have to deal with so many things. Apart from handling our monthly cramps, energy drains, stress and mental issues, we need to deal with relationships, work, family, career, fashion etc. We handle all these things and often ignore to take care of our health. We get involved in so many other things […]