Ouija boards are invented in late 19th century, the time popular for séances. The words Oui & Ja means “yes” in French and German. In this, two or more people are to place their hands on the planchette( a heart shaped piece of wood that moves) and summon spirits to ask them questions.
Real contact really make planchette fly over the board or even off the board.
It was also used during world war-1 as a divining tool.

Is this device is safe to use ?

Well it depends on who is using this.
Ouija boards generally connects to being in lower realm that is an experience of low nature. I would say if you want some entertainment then use it otherwise not.
If you are of strong and susceptible energy this can attract strong energies in return, which can also create negative attachments.
Some people who dabble with the boards, they don’t have idea about how to handle with this. Because it basically opens a door to the type of you that you don’t want.
Those who come through these connections are still connected on the lower plane. I have successfully called those who died during coal mining era in Pennsylvania. There was a nearby cemetery where I was able to find the name of died person.
While using the board, I was powerful enough to tell who was calling, what the second person is thinking and so on. But in the end I ended up with a non human being which can terrify a good average person.
Besides being able to truly summon negative spirits, it acts as a channel for demonic possession and its use was caution against. Occasionally, readers send me stories about mental breakdown due to its use. Weak willed persons are more susceptible to these kind of consequences.
And there are people who use it and have a good laugh, that’s it. But I would say if risk is not worth taking then why bother? I would recommend sticking with another board game like carrom, etc.

Post Author: Terry J. Key