What Does Happiness Actually Mean?

Happiness is really a state of being happy and contented. Many philosophers have given different ideas on this subject, though the most influential fact is that happiness can be felt from within and it should not be invented in the outer world. It is a sad fact that people seek out happiness. Many people collect […]

Get Proper Guidance for Your Career With Tarot!

Many times in our careers, we get sufficient opportunities and chances to prove ourselves. But, due to some unfavourable circumstances, we could not reach the point where our career can get boosted up rapidly. We look at the front side of the opportunities rather than looking at the backside as well. We think that we […]

Relation of dreams and our lives

Seeing a dream is definitely not a new thing for anyone. Every one often sees dreams at bedtime. Some dreams make you happy while some fill you with disappointment. It will make you shocked to know that some of these dreams may have great value in your life. Sometimes whatever a person sees in his […]

Unconditional Love is The Best Feeling!

Have you ever experienced unconditional love? What is really unconditional love? Let’s find out! I am sure you will start loving everyone unconditionally! Have you ever felt so much love that your day comes only by bringing a dull smile on your lover’s face? Sometimes, the easiest feelings are hard to explain. And at some […]


It is said that the world is on the hope but has anybody ever told that what is the hope? Hope! A word just a small word which is enough to fill hope in the life of any hopeless person. When a person is frustrated and struggling with problems and wants to get rid of […]

Loved or Cursed?

We all believe in fate sometimes. But you cannot think about it all the times on daily basis. It is noticeable only when something extraordinarily wonderful or terrible happens. We feel cared for when the felt fated event is joyful and makes us feel lonely when the outcome is devastating. To be loved or cursed? […]

Meaning of an Elk sighting

If the elk is taken as a totem represents dignity, power, inner strength, and even passion. Its dream or real sighting conveys a message to stay steady on your current course with endurance in the competitive surrounding. Elk is an herbivore representing a clean, uncomplicated life that consists of eating well, surrounding with trusted friends, […]


Deja vu literally means already seen, everyone in there life must have experienced the deja vu a situation in which you feel like that you have already seen the current situation. When this happen you feel very light and everything around you looks very familiar. It cannot be predicted that which things or situation will […]

The Work and Influence of Indian Gurus

What is an Indian guru? “Guru” is a Sanskrit term meaning teacher, master, guide or expert. It also means someone who expels the darkness and leads toward the light. The oldest references can be found even in the earliest of the Vedic texts called the Upanishads. At that time, they not only guided people on […]