What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese word its literal meaning is universal energy. The pronunciation is done with ‘Rei’ and ‘ki’. ‘Rei’ means ‘universal’ and ‘ki’ means energy. Reiki is a treatment method by which a person is mentally and physically healthy. According to this technique, there is a life cycle between each person and the whole life runs on it. When a child is born then there is a lot of energy inside it, but gradually the ability to absorb this power decreases.

Development of Reiki Therapy

Energy is transmitted to the body by Reiki technology. Many people can be cured by Reiki technology by themselves. This medical practice was developed in Japan in the nineteenth century. This medical practice in India came in the twentieth century. In order to keep the body healthy for the body and emotionally, this energy should be balanced in your body. For any reason, your body starts to suffer from many diseases due to obstruction of the flow of this energy. Also, this power is reduced by negative thoughts of a person.

Reiki is a spiritual process

Reiki treats the problem of any level with high-frequency energy or life. This is not a religious process but a spiritual process, which combines the most powerful power of the universe (Nature) with God. Treatment in Reiki’s medicine is done by hands but in some special cases, remotely can be done by some signs or spells.

Reiki increases your inner intuition and mental abilities and all your senses start working properly. It is so easy to learn Reiki that anyone can learn it even the children can learn this method of treatment of diseases. It is also safe for everyone. Although this method should not be considered an alternative to medical science, it certainly does support modern medical science.

Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki is basically a technique that relieves your brain from stress, makes your heart lighter and strengthens your emotions. Naturally removes all the faults in your body. It eliminates the toxic substance of the body. If you are undergoing treatment with any other medical practice then it cooperates. This reduces the risk of drug or chemotherapy. It enlarges the body’s energy and ability. It keeps the process of blood circulation right. Through many cycles, this gives you a feeling of being good in every way. With the help of Reiki, you can cure your loved ones, pets, tree plants etc. Even relationships can be strengthened too.

Reiki Healing is of two types – touch healing and distance healing. Reiki technology should be used in a clean and ventilated room. The patient should wear loose clothes so the situation is comfortable. Reiki technology is usually suitable for three days of treatment. But if the disease is outdated, special conditions can be treated for 21 days or more days.

Touch healing

In this method the disease is treated by the touch of the hands, hence it is also called touch therapy. When the person treating Reiki technology creates pressure from his palm on them, then the cosmic energy flow starts and the man feels the flow. Treatment with Reiki technology in one position, palms are kept for at least three minutes and after this, the palms are brought to the next position.

Distance healing

Distance healing therapy can be done at any given time and place, and the patient does not need to be in need of having it – it can be in any part of the world. For this process, the physician usually asks for some details of the patient, such as name, age, photo, etc. to help heal. Distance healing therapy is as powerful as touch therapy.

Reiki is learned in three stages, but many training institutions teach it in four or more stages. Different organizations of Reiki can have different opinions on these principles, but each organization runs on similar ideas. If a person wants to learn Reiki, then it is learned by some instructor in the following three steps. After learning this, the student has to practice it for a few months.

The first phase of Reiki

Initially, during the training of Reiki learning, it may take the first whole day. In the beginning, the instructor tells students about the history of Reiki and once again hands out the practice. It is also said that what can be the result of keeping hands on different parts of the body. In addition to practising self-medication after the first stage, the students can also start treatment with their hands.

The second phase of Reiki

After completing the first phase of Reiki, the instructor learns a few more things in the second phase. So that students can treat a patient far away. For this, they are given information about certain symbols and symbols. After the second phase of Reiki training, students are able to diagnose the disease by remotely through symbols and signs. With the current suffering from Reiki, old suffering is also reduced or completely eliminated. It also protects against future suffering.

The third phase of Reiki

At this stage, the student gets so much excellence in Reiki that he can teach others Reiki. After achieving success in two levels of Reiki, when the student begins to treat patients efficiently, he is taught the third level of Reiki. This level is taught to make a crystal grid. With the help of Crystal Grid, this therapy is made more powerful and the patient is more energized. The third level of Reiki therapy is beneficial in the remedial treatment and in the treatment of non-living things.

Reiki’s treatment period depends on the magnitude of the problem. The time between 4 to 7 days is recommended for small problems like common cold, fever, sinusitis etc. However, a minimum of 21 days is recommended for treatment for chronic and chronic problems such as skin diseases, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, cancer etc. And if necessary, after 3 months of treatment and 21 days are given.

So, if you want yourself healthy and awaken then you must give a chance to this unique and special Therapy known as Reiki Healing.

Post Author: Terry J. Key