Understanding Psychic Empath

The term psychic empath is a derivative of empathy which is related to a physic person who is case sensitive to the other person’s pains, emotions and the affecting energies. The person feels the same as their own like the other as they develop a clear understanding of the victim’s body language. People say this ability can be generic and some acquire this after near death experience.

The empath heal the sufferers by gently placing their hand over the individual to pick up and focus on to the needs and emotions of the person. The loss and grief of the empath during the heeling are like blessing to get rid of the problems of the person. It all happens by the conversion or replacement of the negative touches on the individual to positive energies. This outstanding empowerment of the empath can not only pick up and concentrate on the negative energies of the individual but also work out in the crowd too. All this physic protection and shield are achieved by lots of exercises and practices.

Post Author: Terry J. Key