In our spiritual world there are some words which are very common in terms of usage but people misunderstand or can say not aware of the exact things. Angels and Spirit are such those two important and integral part of spiritual world. People do get confused in between these two. First let us understand the […]


Ouija boards are invented in late 19th century, the time popular for séances. The words Oui & Ja means “yes” in French and German. In this, two or more people are to place their hands on the planchette( a heart shaped piece of wood that moves) and summon spirits to ask them questions.Real contact really […]

Chakra Specific Meditation

Meditation paly a very important role in managing day to day stress of our daily life. These meditation are the source of positive energy, They help you in finding inner you. You can practice meditation starting from short session to long session as you get expertise in them.Meditation also helps in increasing your psychic abilities. […]

Understanding Psychic Empath

The term psychic empath is a derivative of empathy which is related to a physic person who is case sensitive to the other person’s pains, emotions and the affecting energies. The person feels the same as their own like the other as they develop a clear understanding of the victim’s body language. People say this […]

Guide for life: Mammal Animal Totem

Totem refers to the object representing a community or tribe. Totem is associated with the spiritual belief system of an individual or class of people. Totem has its significance in almost every culture of the world. Though it is believed that it was first practiced in parts of America. People belief in these totem and […]

The Mysterious Invisible Eye

The hidden eye is a mysterious and imaginary eye. We need it, when we get curious about to know the things which are going to happen in future. The hidden eye is also known as the third eye or the inner eye. This eye has no physical identity. It’s a sense which is connected with […]

Mars in Astrology

Mars is one of the most talked about planet of our solar system.A number of attempts have been made in figuring out the possibilities of finding life on this planet. Scientists are trying their best to make the mars as the second home in this universe. Number of satellites have been sent on this red […]

Psi Wheel

As a psychic, we need to keep our inner will power very strong and positive and for the same there are so many exercises and meditation which a psychic can perform and practice for getting expertise in there psychic abilities. One of the most important exercises for strengthening the inner will power is by using […]

Having a Tarot Reader Friend is a Blessing

Always worry about their future. Always restless to know what is going to happen with us alone at the moment and many times we go to many astrologers to find out the things related to our future, many go to psychic readers and many tarot card readers go to him but they are telling us […]

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese word its literal meaning is universal energy. The pronunciation is done with ‘Rei’ and ‘ki’. ‘Rei’ means ‘universal’ and ‘ki’ means energy. Reiki is a treatment method by which a person is mentally and physically healthy. According to this technique, there is a life cycle between each person and the whole […]