Chakra Specific Meditation

Meditation paly a very important role in managing day to day stress of our daily life. These meditation are the source of positive energy, They help you in finding inner you. You can practice meditation starting from short session to long session as you get expertise in them.
Meditation also helps in increasing your psychic abilities. Regular practice of meditation will help you to strengthen your intuitive power.
Apart from increasing your intuitive power meditation can also be used to balance your inner chakras. Chakra specific meditation will help to get positive energy and regulate the flow of these energy.

As different chakra respond to different energy level and different color frequencies. It is important to know which chakra is associated to which specific color. Color associated with these chakra are noted and remembered. Few of the expert suggest keeping those chakra specific light source like color candles are very helpful in increasing the effect of meditation.
Chakra and associated color are:

Root Chakra – Red

Sacral Chakra – Orange

Solar Plexus – Yellow

Heart chakra – Green

Throat Chakra – Turquoise Blue

Third Eye chakra – Indigo

Crown Chakra – Violet

Before starting chakra meditation keep all the color candles at the place where you can practice meditation. Keep the area noise proof and spacious. Now light all the candle at a suitable place from where you can observe them.
Now take a deep breath. And think like you are inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative energy.
Continue doing the same and follow the rhythm. Once you are fully oxygenated.
Take a pause for a while, now while inhaling think of taking positive energy only to the specific chakra with chakra specific color. Starting from Root Chakra Inhale your positive energy and root specific color from the burning candles directly to the place of located chakra.
When done with first chakra continue with second chakra and keep on doing for all the chakra. When completed this chakra specific meditation you will feel more energetic and will find that energy in all your chakra are at their optimum level. Soon you will find that your body and mind flows smoothly in one direction and all your chakras are in perfect harmony.

Post Author: Terry J. Key