Angels are the supernatural creatures having extraordinary powers . Angels are believed to live in heaven . They are the first creation of god before humans and are very intelligent . They are connected to many spiritual things in the universe . There are various types of angels present there which are as follows :

HEALING ANGEL : This angel will increase your physical strength and will encourage you to push yourself . It will clear your path to make your way easier.

PATTERN ANGEL : This angel will unite you with others . This angel is very spiritual and believe in teamwork.

GUARDIAN ANGEL : This angel will protect you from dangers . He will take you away from loneliness . He will act as best friend or a teacher who is going to comfort you .

PROCESS ANGEL : This angel will bring balance to your life .This angel will take you away from the ups and downs of your life to make it a peaceful journey .

Archangels are the highly ranked angels having more powers than the normal angels . There are several archangels which are as follows :

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL : Archangel raphael is who has a healing virtue . The name archangel raphael itself means god heals . He can heal physically as well as emotionally . He is destroyer of pains and sufferings .

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL : He is the leader of all archangels . Archangel michael means he who is very near to god . He is the angel of protection and is the destroyer of fear .

ARCHANGEL URIEL : Light of god is the meaning of uriel archangel . He is wise in nature , He is the archangel who gives you inspiration and motivation to grow .

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL : She is the only female archangel .Archangel gabriel means god is my strength . She is the angel of love , affection , faith , creativity and support . Her work is to spread the message of god.

We all can too be an angel by spreading positivity all around us.

Post Author: Terry J. Key