What Does Happiness Actually Mean?

Happiness is really a state of being happy and contented. Many philosophers have given different ideas on this subject, though the most influential fact is that happiness can be felt from within and it should not be invented in the outer world.

It is a sad fact that people seek out happiness. Many people collect happiness with money. If such a thing were then rich people do not feel sad, but on the contrary, we see that there are rich people who experience more anxiety, fearful, stressful and often related problems of relationships and suffer from depression. Famous people like film stars, singers and ministers have a lot of money, but the rate of divorce among these people is much higher than the general public. These people are constantly scared and therefore they need protection at all times. They are also more worried about the safety of their children. These people are afraid of stealing and robbery for 24 hours. They have so much money that they constantly worry about where to invest this money or where to hide. On the other hand, people from poor classes are often anxious and happy.

It does not matter that being rich is a bad thing. Having money means that you have a lot of things. You can go on vacations, plan for social gatherings, buy good clothes, buy property, live in a good locality, and do more than anything else, which is an important step to be happy. Although it is not necessary that if you have so much then you will be happy. Materialistic things can make you happy for a moment but cannot help in finding true happiness.
Someone has said rightly, “You will find true happiness in life when you realize that the purpose of happiness is only to make yourself happy.” True happiness is within us, it does not come from others. But most people consider it irrelevant. We need to understand that happiness is basically a state of mind. It can not be achieved by things we see outside. We have the power of the state of happiness and calmness with the help of positive emotions which may be obtained from good ideas.

Basically, our thoughts are what make our emotions. That is why we need to work on constructing a positive attitude towards positive thoughts and life and in the end, it will be the cause of happiness.
So, always do remember that true happiness is to keep yourself happy and calm. And that is all you need to be happy. Money makes our lives easier but true happiness generates in us. Therefore, if you will be happy then you will keep others happy as well.

Post Author: Terry J. Key