Unconditional Love is The Best Feeling!

Have you ever experienced unconditional love? What is really unconditional love? Let’s find out! I am sure you will start loving everyone unconditionally!
Have you ever felt so much love that your day comes only by bringing a dull smile on your lover’s face? Sometimes, the easiest feelings are hard to explain. And at some other time, it is easy to see true love through actions instead of listening to it through romantic words. Unconditional love is such a feeling that can never be explained, but only every day can be experienced in small ways. Announcements of love and gifts are covered with the glitter of unconditional love.

Do you think that you love someone without unconditionally?
I tell you a story that happened a few years ago. There was once a teenage boy who loved a teenage girl. He was in love for some years and loved one another very much. They both lived in the same neighborhood and used to meet each other each evening and spent time together till dinnertime. For every summer holidays, the girl and her brother sister went for three months to stay in the place of their grandparents for summer. And the boy, he disappeared every time the girl disappeared all the time. One summer, when she went on her vacation, she really wanted to show her how much she missed her. She decided to give her a diamond ring. The boy wanted to propose to that girl. He went around the city to all the jewelers he could remember. He was only 17 years old, and most of the jewelers either laughed at him or thought he was fooling around. But he did not give up When he went shopping in the window, he started learning smart dresses so that the jewelry store would take him more seriously.

And after all, a few days after searching, he bought the right ring for his girlfriend, who wanted to buy it. It was a platinum ring with a beautiful clear diamond which was beautifully shining. It was the most beautiful thing she had seen. He saw it second, he just knew that he was the ring he was looking for. He expressed confidence and accidentally asked the staff how much of it was spent. And when she heard that she spends a little more than four thousand dollars, her heart drowned.

Young boys did not earn enough and most of the parents did not earn enough in one month. When her friends heard of the passion of buying a ring, they thought that she was crazy. Most people have bought themselves a used car with that kind of money. The boy did not care. He wanted that ring. She can imagine the happy face of her girlfriend when she sees that ring and she all looks after her, her smile and her happiness. They calculated their barriers the next day. His parents paid him fifty dollars in a week. In three months, he will have only six hundred dollars. It was nowhere near to buy any ring. That boy needs more money, much more money.

He started looking for summer jobs and finally found one in a clothing store where he could earn up to seven dollars per hour, and five days a day, about fifty dollars in a day. It was a good start. He did not tell his parents about the job, but he believed that he was in the place of a friend of the game all day. He calculated his daily savings and felt that he had to reduce his expenditure on lunch and he had to take jobs for a few weeks if he had an opportunity to make the necessary funds. Every now and then, she will go back to the jewelry store and see whether the ring was still waiting for it or not. He also asked the employees to keep them separate, because he was definitely going to buy a ring soon. His best friend was joking around the whole day jokingly, but he left them all to work from morning till evening. As soon as she used to come down to bed every night, she could imagine how happy she would be to see her girlfriend ring, and how excited she would be. Every night, he was tired after a long day’s work, but he was very excited to sleep quickly. Soon, in the months gone by, the hidden manipulation of secret money also increased significantly. He does not spend any money on the whole summer holidays and can save almost every penny for a dream ring. In some days, he also left lunch so that he could save more money. And a good day, a few days before returning to his girlfriend home, she had counted her savings under the torch late at night. He made an obsolete smile. He had made money. About three months of pain and hunger was paid!

The next morning, he arranged his earnings and savings in a bundle and spied out in the jewelry shop where the staff was waiting for him. He was also happy for the young boy. And finally, he put the ring in his hand and smiled. It was a beautiful thing. His girlfriend will love it He could not think of anything else. Right there, she was the happiest teenager in the world. A week later, his girlfriend came home. They were really happy to be happy with each other again and had missed each other a lot. There was no information about the ring bought for him or his work. That idea made them feel more excited. Next night, she took her out for dinner. It was an expensive restaurant that had tables spread in the garden. And after the end of the meal, the young teenage boy fell on his knees in front of the girl. The girl did not know what she was doing, in fact, 17 years old does not go to a knee. As he rested on a knee, he deliberately faded and carefully read a handwritten love letter with burnt edges. It was a beautiful love letter. The girl smiled. The boy slipped his hand into his coat pocket. And from this, there emerged an elegant shiny box with a blue ribbon. The girl looked surprised. He never believed that it would be a ring. The rings are expensive, everyone knows that. When he opened the small box, his eyes widened and beautiful stones appeared in his eyes. She was shocked and full of surprises. He was stuck for happy words and positive reactions because he asked him to marry him, not soon, but someday, because he was the one who wanted to spend his whole life. He smiled and his face shone with joy and love. He loved the boy a lot, and could never imagine that he would work for him in the summer to buy a ring. But in that moment, taking care of all the boys was his beautiful smile. When he saw his beautiful smile, he remembered all the hard work and efforts he had made to bear for three months. But then, at the exact same time, she was completely convinced that she was just worth it to bring a happy smile on her face.

And this is the truth is unconditional love is everything. If you can unselfishly love someone else, in return not to get anything back, but in reality to make someone else happy, this is unconditional love. And trust me this feeling is the best feeling anyone could ever have. So, stop expecting and start loving everyone unconditionally.

Post Author: Terry J. Key