Things you didn’t know about the Quran

The holy text of Islamic faith is the Quran. Most of us think Muslims are violent and aggressive, but we seldom take a look at the Quran and understand the source of Muslim lifestyle. The book is full of surprises for those who are not familiar with the text. The book has a long history and has many fascinating stories, facts, and traditions.

The following are some of the things you did not know about Quran:

Quran was said to be delivered by Angels:

Angels are supposed to visit people to convey messages from God in the Old Testament. It is believed that angel Gabriel had given the Quran to Prophet Muhammad and he disseminated the text to the rest of the world. It is supposed that Angel Gabriel visited the Prophet in an isolated cave and asked him to recite a couple of verses. He began to protest in fear, but the Angel grabbed him and quoted the verse.

There are some rules on how the text should be handled:

Our culture thrives on certain rules; Islam also has etiquettes about handling the Quran. Since Muslims consider the Quran as a holy book, they have a right way to handle the text. You need to be clean and perform the purification ritual which is also known as Wudu. In this routine, there is a ceremonial washing of the body, and you need to refrain from any act of uncleanliness. If you are not in a state of Wudu, then you cannot even carry a Quran, and while reading the book, you cannot use your saliva to turn the pages.

Free will:

Quran discourages adhering to things without substantial reason. You must not blindly follow a particular way of life but use your senses to analyze the issue and respond accordingly. Quran states that God does not like people who do not use their intellect. Humans can reason and think, so Muslims are expected to verify any information before passing it to other people.

Acceptance of other beliefs:

Quran teaches Muslims to be adherent to intolerant views of other faiths. The book also mentions that God will judge those who are not in touch with him, but it does not say that Muslims must punish or mistreat those who do not believe in Allah. The text says that there should be no compulsion in matters of faith. Prophet Mohammad preached the teaching in Quran, but he did not force anyone into the religion. You have a free choice to make your ethical decision. If you want to read more about spirituality, morality and religious imagery and symbols please check out the blog: – a great spiritual blog.

The religion of Peace:

Most of us think that Quran encourages all the violent acts done by the people of the world. It may surprise most of us that Quran teaches and promotes kindness to one another and it is a book of peace. If one kills a man, then it is considered as if he killed the entire humanity and if he saves one man, then it is said that he has saved all humankind.

Post Author: Terry J. Key