The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

If we talk about the history of the tarot cards, this mode of astrology was started about 2 thousand years ago. The people of the country called Celtic were first attempted to know the future through this science. According to beliefs, this practice came in more prevalence than in 1971, when it was adopted as a medium of entertainment in Italy. After this, this teaching of tarot card reading became very popular in England and France. The current trend of tarot card reading has increased significantly in India.

It is believed that before 1971, tarot cards were used only to play normal cards. After this, they were used to know astrology and future. Two are needed in this reading, first the questioner and second the reader. The person who is the questioner in this mode needs to draw one or more cards. After this, the card reader gives these cards a regular order. Thereafter, after each sequence, one card answers each and every event in the future. The card reader first considers the meaning contained in the card itself and then answers the questioner’s questions. This philosophy of astrology is based on faith and belief. If the questioner does not believe in this knowledge, then he should not use it. Some people see this teaching as a sign of disbelief, but there is no doubt that tarot card knowledge can be used to know the future.

There are three wheels in this card, which tell the mental, the physical and spiritual ability of any person. Life is changing every day. This card points to change. The meaning of this card is considered as it will change in what appears. This card is also considered as a life cycle. This cycle is considered a good starting point for something happening. It indicates the person’s destiny, change, good luck, and new directions.

If you are passing through any kind of struggle and at that time the card comes in front of you then you should understand that your bad times are going to come and you will get some solution to your problems. If you sit quietly with a big perspective See everything and understand. This wheel of fortune also represents unexpected events and also tells the sudden folds in fate. You can never predict it completely, you can only be cautious when you feel that something around you is going to happen.

In reality, this card tells that the wheel continues to run frequently, so it is advisable that you take action like the wheel, make changes in the direction, repeat the cycles and learn how to speed up, that is to stay in motion. When the energy of this cycle reaches you, you will feel that your life has become very fast. You are like a person stranded in the cyclone who keeps roaming in it. It can put you anywhere in the form of heritage. It keeps roaming and keeps roaming; no one knows where it is going to stop.


Your deeds in the past have been the key to your success in the future. You will get the same kind of work you will get in the future. If you want to progress and advance, to move forward in life then you must take the changes that you have to make.


This card comes to you, then there are changes in life which will lead you to profit, but you should also keep in mind that your destiny is not in the state of control at this time. Learn how to use what fortune is giving you. There is a possibility of miraculously changing some things before you.


The coming of this card means that the future will bring something for you, something that will change your path towards personal advancement and happiness. It is important for you to be ready to change the scope of your thinking because whether you want or not, the actions you have done will bring success and it represents a beneficial change.

Yes / No Interpretation

This card shows destiny, shows changes and tells about a new direction of your life. This card also shows fluctuation while being seen roughly; overall it is a positive card which is indicating time to change in good and strong destiny. Whatever question you have for yourself is yours. Want to know the answer; its answer is “yes”.

Post Author: Terry J. Key