The Mysterious Invisible Eye

The hidden eye is a mysterious and imaginary eye. We need it, when we get curious about to know the things which are going to happen in future. The hidden eye is also known as the third eye or the inner eye. This eye has no physical identity. It’s a sense which is connected with the Chakras (as per mentioned in Hindu Religion). We can use this sense or the third eye. But we have to focus a lot. We have to concentrate on the chakras in us. We need too much meditation to feel or sense the inner eye. It shows the inner skills of us. It’s a relation between Theosophy and spirituality. There are lot of people who claims that they went to that stage of their mind where their third eye or the hidden eye showed them the glimpses of their future.

Many of them were Hindus. Hindu religion has so many things to believe. They believe that they can easily use their inner eye to see or sense those activities which is going to happen very soon.

Many Countries have their own kind of training or skills development classes, where people used to go to improve their ability to focus on their third or hidden eye. Like in India, Indian spiritual Gurus use meditation to get focused on their body Chakras. They do believe that meditation and concentration will help to get your Chakras under your control. Once you’ll know, How to control your Chakras? You’ll surely be able to use your inner eye in the way to sense or see the glimpses of the future.

In China the third eye or the inner eye is a concept found in many meditation schools, art schools as Yoga, Aikido etc. They teach, How to focus and concentrate on the point between eyebrows with closed eyes. Their main motive is to make their students reach the next level of meditations. They want their students to reach the highest level of meditations to know more and more about the universe and its hidden facts and reveal them. This will help them to sense their hidden eye.

Basically the thing is that we just need to believe that we can do anything, we can achieve anything. Either it’s about meditation or senses the inner eye. A small believe can make big changes.

Post Author: Terry J. Key