Tarot cards getting upset

Tarot cards, the divine tool of this world, help us in many ways and give us the most accurate path to walk on. There is a relation between the tarot cards and the tarot card reader. The reader can hear the voice of the tarot cards. But sometimes it feels like that the tarot cards have stopped speaking. This can become a frustrating situation as if a friend is lost somewhere. This, usually happen in the beginning when we start learning to operate tarot cards. Tarot cards can tell you about the problems in your life which are unknown to you and provide you with solutions you didn’t think of. But all the things come to a halt when they stop talking to you. In this condition, most of the people say that tarot cards have become sad of the reader. Tarot cards are not living things, so obviously they can’t be sad because of no emotions. But they need to be respected. The interruption in communication can be seen as an indication that you have to be more serious about your relationship with the tarot cards.

When you are not using the tarot cards for the reading, then you should keep them in a neat and clean place. It will assure you with the minimum damage. The place should be isolated so that the chances of losing any of the cards from the deck will be less. Also, they will remain unaffected by any of the negative energies when kept at an isolated place.

Cleansing the deck is a great way of giving respect to the tarot cards. Some of the tarot card readers cleanse their deck according to the phases of the moon. I personally cleanse my tarot card deck each time before performing the reading. The cleansing can be done by bathing the cards in the moonlight, by placing the deck under a purifying stone, bypassing cleansing smoke through the deck etc. If not cleaned for a long time, the messages of the card will become confusing.

During a tarot reading session, there are three energies involved in that process, the tarot card reader, the client, and the tarot cards. The discussion will not be satisfying if any of these energies drops the ball. Tarot cards are always right from their side, but if the questions put by the client are not specific and genuine, then the reader cannot provide a meaningful answer to the client. In this case, it’s the client’s fault but the blame goes to the reader or tarot cards.

If you are a tarot card reader by profession and you have only one deck to perform readings for your clients as well as for yourself, then on performing a self-reading, the energy vibrations of your clients can confuse the tarot deck. So, for a self-reading with the help of tarot cards, I recommend having an additional deck of tarot cards for you. It will make your relationship with the tarot cards more sacred and untouched.

So, do give the tarot cards the amount of respect they deserve and not make them upset.

Post Author: Terry J. Key