The Creepiest Unsolved Crimes in the world

We live in a world where crimes happen every day. The police are equipped with many tools and data which help them to find the reason and the intention behind most of the crimes. But yet some brilliant criminals have planned their crime in a way that no one knows what truly happened and some of these crimes get so creepy that you will find no relation to any of the incidents which have occurred in the crime scene.

The following are some of the creepiest unsolved crimes in the world:

Murder of Alan Jeal:

In the year 2014, a 64-year-old man named Alan Jeal was found dead by the shore, and he had injuries on his head, hands and chest. The police found his body completely nude, and he had a sock and earphones which were shoved into his mouth. He was caught in cameras where he was walking through a bus station before his body was found. Some believe that it might have been a robbery while others say that it must have been suicide as he had earlier purchased ankle weights and vests, but these were never found attached to his body.

The death of De Ligonnes family:

The entire family was found to be buried in their backyard in the year 2011. The family’s dogs were also buried along with them, and no one could find out the reason behind this brutal crime. One of the sons who were killed had earlier received a text message saying that his mother had been in an accident and he has to go home immediately. Later when one of the boy’s friend texted him to ask how his mother’s heath was, he received a text message, and he said that it did not sound like his friend and later when he tried to call his friend, none of his calls was returned. Then the police found their bodies buried in the backyard and the case was never solved.

The disappearance of Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible:

It was the year 1999, and it was Ashley’s 16th birthday. Both the girls had sleepovers at Ashley’s mobile home. The next day, police found that both the parents of Ashley were shot in the head and the girls seem to have disappeared. Police have never been able to find who had shot her parents and the two girls were never found.

The disappearance of Brian Shaffer:

Brian had gone out with a group of friends to celebrate his spring break, and the group ended the night at the bar, and it is known that Brain said his goodbyes to a group of girls, and he was never found again. His younger brother and mother had just passed away a month earlier due to cancer, and his dad later met with a car accident and died two years after this incident.

Post Author: Terry J. Key