Who are the Illuminati and what does it control?

The word “Illuminati” means to be enlightened. The name is given to a group of people whose primary objective was to oppose the influence of religion on people life. Initially, the group were known as the Bavarian Illuminati which was a secret society that was founded in the year 1776. They believed in controlling injustice without having to dominate over people.  Charles Theodore later outlawed many other secret society groups such as the Freemasonry, and the Roman Catholic Churches supported him. However the secret societies were operating underground, and people say that it was the main reason for the French revolution.

To avoid any identification, these groups started to use symbols and pseudonyms, and they also had ranks to classify them. They believed in self-rule and were keen in upsetting the monarch. It is believed these groups have people who are sent to work in governmental organisations and other influential organisations to gain power and have an influence on them.


There are many doubtful theories about the landing on the moon, the assignation of John F. Kennedy, AIDS, Area 51, etc. We continuously try to relate many things that have happened in this world to Illuminati and believe that they must have done it. People have conspiracies that 9/11 was a planned attack by the Illuminati and many famous people were assassinated as they opposed the Illuminati. There are also many theories that many diseases are purposely not cured as they want to study or control the population growth of people.

People believed that Illuminati had been there in the ancient times but now it has been destroyed but the secret society is still there and it is influencing us in a significant way. You can see many celebrities who are a part of the group, and they indirectly promote the symbols of Illuminati through their videos and their actions.

New World order:

The modern Illuminati want to establish the new world order where there would be a single government or an organisation which would rule the entire world. It is said that the secret society has their members in the film industry, music industry and even in banks and governments to establish strong influence over people. Christianity claims that the New World order is the rise of the antichrist who will take over the world before the second coming of Christ.

In the bible, it has been recorded that people will have to accept the sign of the beast, i.e. the 666 mark to make any purchases or to lead a sound life. We can see that the world is slowly changing that way where we have to have an identity to make any purchases to live a normal life. It is believed that the Illuminati is indirectly making the people comfortable to receive the mark of the beast in the future so that they can control them. Know More

Post Author: Terry J. Key