Rune Guide

Introduction – Before understanding the runic divination let’s first try to understand rune. Rune are letters of the set of alphabets known as runic alphabets, widely used in Germanic languages before the introduction of Latin alphabets. The branch associated with the study of runic alphabets is known as Runology.

In terms of divination, runes are considered and used by those seeking advice. It is still used in today’s society with some or little change in method and form used for rune  reading.

Rune in Divinatory Use

Literal meaning of rune is secret, or mystery. Thus making it more clear that rune reading is closely associated to divination or future forecasting. Rune reading is not exactly used for telling future or telling the exact answers of your question. But it is more likely to be used as guide focussing on what is likely to happen.

Runes, hint towards answer of the questions but leaving you the scope of change in the future.

Who can Use rune?

Like the other form of divination, Rune Reading also requires lot of practice to become the master in this art. If you are interested to learn this art, and ready to practice then you can learn rune reading and there symbol representation from various guides and books available for learning rune. Exploring this field of divination is fun and regular practice will bring more accuracy in solutions of questions and issues.

Where to use Runes

Runes can be used where there is less information to take the decision. Or need help in analysing the outcome of an action. There are so many other possible uses. Like taking the right path for career, Finding the possible answers or solutions of the questions. While using runes, it is important to remember that future is not fixed and individual can choose their own path and can change their future. Thus if you think there is something you don’t like in rune reading then you should remember that you have the option to make future as per your desires.

Different method of Rune Reading

There are some of the well defined method of rune reading. Though all the method serve same reasons of using Runes. They are different in terms of their usages and number of runes are involved.Methods of rune casting include

  1. The three rune layout
  2. The Five rune layout
  3. The Nine Rune Cast.

Types of Runes

Runes can be made up of different materials based on the ones personal choice. There can be number of option in choosing runes material. Runes can be made up from wood, stone, pebbles, crystals, or even metal. When you buy runes, they come with instruction manual that explain everything related to runes starting from symbol of each runes to their interpretation. There are different type of runic alphabets among them the oldest is “Elder Futhark”. The elder Futhark consist of 24 runes.

How to Store Runes

Runes are stored safely in the specific pouch available in the market for storing the runes alphabets. As if not kept safely there are chances of misplacing some of the alphabets. Apart from the pouches box can also be used to keeping runes.

Post Author: Terry J. Key