Most Intriguing Unsolved Crimes:

When crimes are not solved, it seems like the victims are never offered justice. It is hard for the loved ones to get any closure and let go of what happened. The fact that something terrible happened to their loved ones traumatises and haunts them. There are cases which go unsolved, and even the top detectives cannot solve certain crimes. It might be due to a well planned and executed crime or it might be due to some natural cause which destroyed the evidence; whatever it is, unsolved crimes always brings us the chills and the following are some such unsolved cases:

ntriguing Unsolved Crimes

Beaumont children disappearance:

In the year 1966, three children in Australia went missing. It is said that the kids went to Glenelg Beach and they never returned home after that. Many witnesses say that they saw the kids with a tall blond man and the kids were seen to be buying meat pie and other bites for which they did not have the money when they left home. A mailman said that he later saw the kids walking towards their house later that day, but they never reached home. The police were never able to find the kids nor did they get any details about the tall blond man. After this case, many parents in Australia became very protective of their children.

Michael Rockefeller disappearance:

Michael is a 23-year-old Harvard grad student who disappeared in the year 1961. He happened to be the son of the New York State governor, and it is said that he disappeared while he went to collect indigenous art among the tribes in New Guinea. It is believed that the tribes over there are head-hunters and cannibals, and Michael might have been a victim to that. But there are many contradictions to his death as he is the son of the Governor of New York.

Stalker of Dorothy Scott:

Dorothy Scott was a single mother, and she was said to learn karate and buy a handgun recently before her disappearance as she was continually being stalked. The stalker gave her anonymous calls and threatened her. He claimed to love her but also said how much he wanted to hurt her violently. He told her about everything single thing she did each day. On one evening in the year 1980, Dorothy’s co-workers said that they saw her car sped away without stopping. Later she was reported missing. After a week, Dorothy’s mother got a call asking if she was related to Dorothy and that he has her. He even called the local radio and said that he killed Dorothy and that she was his love. Four years after this incident the remains of Dorothy’s body was found by a bush, and her mother received a call asking if Dorothy was home.


Post Author: Terry J. Key