Relation of dreams and our lives

Seeing a dream is definitely not a new thing for anyone. Every one often sees dreams at bedtime. Some dreams make you happy while some fill you with disappointment. It will make you shocked to know that some of these dreams may have great value in your life. Sometimes whatever a person sees in his dream can have a great influence in his life.
A dream can be defined as a vision created by the special state of mind, in which the reality appears. We don’t see dreams in the sleep or in our awakened state, we see dreams in the state between the sleep and the awakened state. That’s why dreams seen in the morning have a great potential to become the truth as at that time neither we are in the sleep nor we are fully awake. A big role is played by Food and Diseases in the coming of dreams. Our zodiac signs are also responsible for the kind of dreams we see. Some of the dreams have great meanings associated with them while some dreams don’t deserve any kind of attention from us.

Dream affecting our lives
Our mind or the thoughts of our mind give birth to most of our dreams. Or present or future does not get affected by these kinds of dreams or we can say that these dreams have very less effect on our present or the future.

But there is some kind of dreams which are full of information’s which makes them very important. These dreams are closely associated with our lives and by decoding these dreams we can get a rough idea about what is happening and what can happen in our lives. These kinds of dreams are the sign of alerting alarm for the events going to happen in the future.
Meaning of some dreams

Seeing death in a dream
Seeing death in a dream is a horrifying experience and people usually believe it as a wrong symbol. But the seeing death in a dream has a different significance. Actually, this kind of dream tells you about a change. It tells you that you are going to experience a change in your life. That change can be anything. For example, you can switch your current job to some better job, you can start your business, you can shift to a new place etc.

Seeing yourself in the mirror
Seeing yourself in the mirror is a sign of love. It means whether you have recently fallen in love or you are going to fall in love soon.
Seeing celebration
Seeing the celebration should not be considered as a good symbol. It is an indication that you can get sick soon. So if you see such kind of dream, then you should take care of yourself and should consume a good diet.

Snake in the dream
Seeing a snake in the dream means that soon you can be in big trouble because of your negligence towards your environment. The trouble can be experienced at the workplace, at home in your relationship or at walking on the streets. This dream suggests you be more attentive towards your environment.

Post Author: Terry J. Key