Psychic Abilities and How They Work

Over thousands of years, the idea of higher dimensions continues to evolve. Humans are obsessed with finding ways to touch the Divine. History has recorded a plethora of gifted people who claimed the ability to see into the future. They created various divination tools that could be used in conjunction with their gifts. While there have been many fakes, there have also been records of those whose gifts have been too accurate to ignore.

If you are interested in probing your psychic abilities, it is helpful to learn more about them. The main gifts are called intuitive, because they work within the mind. You will notice that they start with the prefix clair-, which is French for “clear”. When these psychic gifts are added to your natural senses, you are aware of certain things that are not in your presence. Here are the main intuitive gifts:

• Clairvoyant-see clearly:

Perhaps this is the gift with which most people are familiar. When psychics are clairvoyant such as the mediums at are, they can see things with their mind’s eye (often called the third eye). It can be an object or event in the past or in the future.

These psychics might also see visions that are symbolic, and are not meant to be interpreted literally. Because interpretation is subjective to the clairvoyant, it is possible to get mixed messages. An experienced clairvoyant psychic is often better equipped for symbolic interpretation.

• Clairaudient-hear clearly:

These psychics can hear things in the spirit world that others cannot. It is not the same as a disembodied voice (from a spirit). These are soundless messages that appear in the psychic’s mind. If they have mediumship abilities, this gift helps them relay messages from passed loved ones. Clairaudients can often hear conversations in past, present, or the future.

• Clairsentient-clear feeling:

This is a gift that many people have, and do not realize it. For example, say your sister lives across the country and you suddenly feel sad for her. It is almost as if you are in her body, and experiencing the emotion. When you call her later that evening, you find out that she lost her job today. You were having a clairsentient moment—when your mind intuited her feelings without knowing what was happening. Clairsentients can feel any type of emotion. Psychic mediums use clairsentience when they are channeling emotional spirits.

• Claircognizant-clear knowing:

Sometimes, psychics do not get any clues from their minds’ senses. They just “know” that something is happening, whether in the past, present, or future. Those times that you just picked up the phone to see what was wrong with your adult child? Your heart “knew” the situation. Claircognizance is a valuable psychic tool.

• Clairalience-clear-smelling:

This is one of the intuitive gifts that is not common. Clairalient psychics can smell things that other people in the room do not notice. They enter a building and smell smoke, only to learn that the building was rebuilt after a fire that occurred years ago. Channeling mediums can often smell perfume or cigar smoke from a deceased person.

• Clairgustance-clear-tasting:

Here is an even rarer psychic gift. Imagine being able to taste a cake from a bakery that is no longer in business. Maybe a medium who was helping in a homicide investigation suddenly tasted poison. Her intuition may have concluded the cause of death before the autopsy. Again, this gift is not often seen.

You will notice that clair- does not mean perfect. In those cases, the prefix would be omni-, which means all, or completely. No human being is all-seeing or all-anything. In this life, we only get a glimpse into other dimensions. True psychics must learn how to interpret what little information they intuit.

Other Psychic Gifts

• Mediumship:

All mediums are psychic; however, not all psychics are mediums. A medium has the ability to communicate with the dead (also known as necromancy). Mediums may use the whole gambit of intuitive gifts to talk with departed loved ones and to receive their messages. They may also employ automatic writing, a gift of writing messages from the dead.

• Divination:

There are literally hundreds of divination types. Throughout history, just about every culture had its own preferred method. Psychics can use such tools as Tarot cards, crystals, or runes. These tools are not a definitive reading for the future; rather, they offer clues and options for the questioning client. Whatever road they choose is up to them.

The psychic realm is a fascinating place to explore. If you want to know more about your life or your psychic abilities, call us today yopu find our number and more info on our mediums here Our kind, experienced psychics will be happy to show you the tools for creating your own destiny

Post Author: Terry J. Key