The Story of Donald Trump:

Donald Trump was a famous billionaire even before becoming the President of America. From a real estate developer and a TV star, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of America. He started out his career by working for his father’s business and later he took the lead and started to acquire many hotels, office towers, golf courses, casinos etc. Trump was one of the first Presidents of America to be elected without prior military or government experience.

The Story of Donald Trump

Education and Early life:

Donald Trump was the son of a real estate developer. His mother was a Scottish immigrant, and he was the second youngest of five children. Donald Trump studied in private school in New York, and later he enrolled in the Military Academy through his school in 8th grade. He got his undergraduate degree in the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance and Commerce in the year 1968. Trump took his father’s business to extraordinary levels, and he always said that his father was his inspiration.

Personal life:

Trump has been married for about three times, and his first wife Ivana Zelnickova was a Czech model and athlete. He had three children with her, and they were Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric. The couple filed a divorce in the year 1990, and later he married an actress named Marla Maples and had a daughter named Tiffany, and they got divorced in the year 1999. Then he married Melania Knauss who was a model, and they have a son named Barron William Trump. Trump’s children from the first marriage still help him out to run the Trump organisation.

Business career:

After finishing his college in the year 1974, he started to develop apartments for the middle class in New York, Trump became the president of his father’s firm, and later he got himself involved with the real estate projects in Manhattan. He started to build high profile projects such as the Grand Hyatt New York hotel and Trump Tower. He later began to acquire many things such as the casino, Plaza Hotel, Mar-a-Lago estate etc. He also briefly owned an airline and a football team. Trump hired a writer and made him write his biography, “The Art of the Deal”. However, Trump had to face many pitfalls in the 1990s due to the economic downturn. He is in debt and faced many bankruptcies.

Trump as a President:

Trump had to face many controversies during his campaign, but he told his supporters that he would strike against the political establishment in the country. He won the 45th presidential election, and he was the first US president who does not have any government or military experience. Later Trump dealt with many issues like immigration, environmental protection, taxes, job creations, foreign policies, refugees, child care, law and order etc.

Post Author: Terry J. Key