Top Health Concerns for Women:

Women’s health is significantly affected in today’s world. More women are becoming prone to many deadly diseases and find it hard to deal with many health issues. The change in lifestyle has reduced the ability of our body to fight against life-threatening health issues. Most of us avoid quality life as we are stacked with so much pressure that we hardly get any time to take care of ourselves. Women and men have different health issues, and the following are some of the most prominent health challenges that are faced by women.

Health Concerns for Women

 Heart diseases:

We often think that men are more prone to cardiovascular diseases, but it is actually one of the number one causes of deaths for women.  Poor lifestyles are one of the main reasons for such cardiovascular disorders. These days women have to take care of their families and go to work and earn a living. When so many things are there in their buckets, they tend to forget to take care of them. They hardly have time to eat healthily or workout. These habits can significantly affect them in a lot of ways.


Lung cancer is the leading threat that takes the lives of many women. Due to unhealthy habits such as smoking many lives are lost. Breast cancer stands in the second position when it comes to leading threats of cancer in women. Breast cancer usually originates in the lining of the milk duct, and later it spreads to all parts of the body. Ovarian and cervical cancer both cause similar pain and discharges and it is also another disease which affects women.

Pregnancy and Childbirth:

Many women die due to compilations in their pregnancy. These complications happen mostly in developing countries where there is no proper medical care or support to pregnant women. Sometimes pre-existing health issues may harm the mother and the baby when she is pregnant. Things like asthma, diabetes and even depression can harm a mother and her baby.


Diabetes is yet another issue that affects women on a large scale. Low physical activity increases the chances of becoming obese. When you have poor eating habits and low physical activity you tend to have a higher risk of beginning affected by diabetes.

Mental Health:

Most of the women’s health goes untreated, and they have severe consequences. Studies have shown that women tend to exhibit mental disorders and depression more than men. There are many events in this world which would trigger such mental depressions in women. Hormonal imbalances in the body can also be one of the reasons for the mental health being affected among women.


Women’s bones tend to become weak after a particular age thus maintaining the weight and taking adequate calcium is very much needed to prevent the bones from becoming too weak. When sufficient calcium is taken, it starts to repair the damaged bones in the body.

Post Author: Terry J. Key