Mars in Astrology

Mars is one of the most talked about planet of our solar system.A number of attempts have been made in figuring out the possibilities of finding life on this planet. Scientists are trying their best to make the mars as the second home in this universe. Number of satellites have been sent on this red planet to research more details of this planet.

Apart from scientific importance, this red planet has a great significance in astrological world. This planet is called as red planet and is the symbol of war and courage.

Influence of Mars

When any one is influenced with the mars, he has a desire to fight and win. He would like to be a winner every time he fights for a cause. It is the effect of both moon and mars which decides the human behaviour of an individual. If both mars and moon are in harmony then mars will help an individual to take a responsible fight. He will fight or take up war for a more important reason that will benefit him as well as society. But if moon is weak and mars is strong the the energy of mars will lead to self destruction. Mars will not judge between right and wrong, he will just fight for no reasons. Influence of mars will make one so aggressive that he can start in conflicts and war for no reason.

Understanding mars

As we try to understand mars and its effect on human, we find that all the red energy is associated with mars. In human, mars govern our muscles, red blood and heat. This also makes us feel strong and active.

Mars is responsible to make us feel satisfied with winning any battle or any competition. It is because of mars that we fight to win.


Mars is a good planet full of energy and courage, it is the joint effect of moon and mars that creates a difference. If both mars and moon work in harmony they can create heroes from individuals, like army personnel, good sport player,wrestler etc. But if they are not working in harmony and mars is at strong place that can lead to destruction in the society by bringing more of criminals and killers. Though every planet has its own effect but being a human being we can combat the adverse effects of these planets and make ourselves more controlled. We can choose a number of options to take charge of ourselves like practicing meditation to control our emotions, or doing yoga for balancing our physical energy and even practicing spiritual methods of controlling and managing all the negative energy and their effects.

Post Author: Terry J. Key