Loved or Cursed?

We all believe in fate sometimes. But you cannot think about it all the times on daily basis. It is noticeable only when something extraordinarily wonderful or terrible happens. We feel cared for when the felt fated event is joyful and makes us feel lonely when the outcome is devastating.

To be loved or cursed?
Sometimes I think why only with me the terrible things are happening? We say this or think frequently. Something is not right in the world when we choose to be honourable. Fate can then make us feel targeted. What makes us think something was fated to happen, aside from good luck or bad. There is a small window of timing for the wondrous events to take place. And it is because we dreamed of the happening beforehand. It does not matter what we do, the outcome is either positive or negative? And if everything is fated to be in our lives then why do we need to make any effort at all?

Being somewhere at the Right Time is everything?
“Who or what controls our destiny?” We’ve all met someone we’ve felt a special connection to and noticed the timing was off. If it is my fate to meet you, then we shared a thread of common fate which has led us to this point of joining. Of course, that was our fate but that won’t stop us from groaning, “Why now?” Being at the right place at the right time is everything. Can that be arranged? Fate drives us to reach more deeply into our emotional core. Tons of books are available in the market that promises that if you do the right thing then visioning a beautiful and abundant future, it will come to you. The truth is that terrible things do happen to good people and opposite to this, wonderful things do happen to selfish bastards.

The Wheel of Fortune
Are there ways we can glimpse into our fated future? I’m a specialist in this regard since many do consult me as an oracle to glimpse their fate. Being placed in the occasionally, unfortunate position to describe a less than desirable fated future is a challenge. I couldn’t count how many people have come to me for a reading exclaiming that they had just spoken with another psychic who promised a rosier future. Many psychics find it too unpleasant to relate an ill begotten fate, so they opt for the happy ending narrative.

There is a Tarot card with the concept of fate and it is called “The Wheel of Fortune”. Fate does take a hand in your affairs when you draw the wheel; you are approaching one of those moments in life. Coincidences, strange things, fortunate meetings, and lucky breaks all happens at this stage and show your destiny. You will think that someone else is controlling your life. Wheel of Fortune shows the changes which are coming in our life for the better. It might work best for us if we suffer now and hope for better in future. Who wants to embrace misery until the good makes its welcome appearance?

The best description of fate I ever heard was that it represents an opportunity and character. Being prepared is character, being in the right place at the right time is opportunity. Knowing your fate beforehand is an integral part of your fated future. We might not be able to alter our fate but it can help us to know when we will be prepared.

Post Author: Terry J. Key