Islam: A big religion to understand well

Islam is a big religion, based on the teachings of the Qur’an, according to its followers, the last divine book, Allah’s final Rasool and prophet, Muhammad, was delivered to humans. The Qur’an is in Arabic, and in this language, 25% of the world’s population read by approximately 1.6 to 1.8 billion people of these (according to the sources) this is the mother tongue of about 20 to 30 million people. Shariat, the book written by Hazrat Muhammad Saheb, and the instruction to follow the book, is the only two such resources that are given the correct information to the information source of Islam.

Allah: The God of Islam

Muslims believe in one God, whom they call Allah. Monotheism is called Tauhid in Arabic, which comes from Wahid, which means one. In Islam, God is beyond human understanding. Instead of imagining God, Muslims have been asked to pray and cheer. According to Muslims, God is unique – nobody else is like him. Islam has emphasised a unique concept of God and believed that its complete description is beyond human beings.

Mediums of Allah: Prophets and Messengers

According to Islam, God has made some person his messenger from time to time to guide human beings on earth. Around 124,000 Prophets were sent to give a message to worship God. This messenger was also among the people and used to call people towards God. God communicated with these messengers with various forms. These are called Prophets in Islam. The Prophets who gave themselves books, scriptures or religious books are called Rasool. Muhammad Sahib was also a part of this episode. The name of the religious text that sent to them is the Qur’an. In Qur’an, there are 25 other Prophets of Allah is mentioned. According to the Qur’an itself, in addition to these Prophets, God has sent many other Prophets on the earth whose description is not in the Qur’an. All Muslims accept the validity of all the Prophets sent by God and the Muslims consider Muhammad as the last prophet of God.

Religious books

All religious books given to the messengers of Allah are valid for Muslims. According to the Muslims, the Quran is the last holy book given to man by God. There are four more books mentioned in the Quran

Sauf A Ibrahimi, which sent upon to Hazrat Ibrahim. It is now extinct.

Tauraat (Torah), which sent upon to Hazrat Musa

Zaboor, which sent upon to Hazrat Dawood.

Injeel (The Bible) which sent upon to Hazrat Isa.

Day of Reckoning

In Islam similar to other religions of Central Asia (Christian and Jewish), the end of the universe is considered by the Day of Judgment. According to this God will end the world one day. When this day comes, its accurate information is only to God. According to Islam, all dead people will resurrect that day, and those who live their life as per Allah’s command will send to heaven, and those who refuse to obey their orders will burn in Hell.


Muslims believe in destiny. The meaning of fate is for them that God knows all about the past, present, and future. No incident can happen without its permission. Humans have the freedom to live their desires, but this permission is given to them by God. According to Islam, man is responsible for his misdeeds, because he decides to do or not to do. His evil deeds are also pre-knowledge to God.

Post Author: Terry J. Key