It is said that the world is on the hope but has anybody ever told that what is the hope?
Hope! A word just a small word which is enough to fill hope in the life of any hopeless person.

When a person is frustrated and struggling with problems and wants to get rid of those problems, the desire to get rid of that is a “Hope”.
When an old mother sends her son to serve the country to the border and thinks that her son will come back, in the same manner, she is sending him, this thinking of her is called a “Hope”.
When a scientist is searching for a new invention and trying to succeed, even though he is failing again and again, but still he trying and that attempt is called a “Hope”.

Hope is not a product we can buy from a store or we can order online, it is an emotion, it is a sentiment, and it is a faith. Hope is a faith which helps us to recover from any situation hope is the ray of light which shines very bright when life gets darker. Hope is the biggest weapon, hope is the biggest support and hope is the biggest victory in itself.

There is a saying that no one can beat anybody until his expectation is defeated because, with a ray of hope, a man can change his fate and make history. Whoever has faith in God, spirituality, devotion, and positivity he does believe in hope because the existence of God is a hope! No one saw God but he does exist and in same manner hope also do exist. In simple words, hope is ray which comes to us through all the clouds out over in the sky.

Never losing hope is the proof that your soul is alive and you are willing to live again you are willing to stand up again and run again in the journey of life full of hurdles and blocks. When you will start your journey again with a hope to live happily and to live a better life you were living yet then you will realize that those things which seemed like impossible are possible now and that is just because of one thing “Hope”. So, never give up to life, to situations, and to the circumstances because you have hope in your team which can let you win when you will almost lose the things.

Post Author: Terry J. Key