Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th should be considered auspicious or not is a prominent question. As some people believe Friday to be an unlucky day because it is associated with bad events from the history such as Jesus crucifixion and Adam – Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden. On the contrary astrology considered Friday to be associated with all the pleasant things of life such as friendship and love as it governed by the planet Venus.

Similarly, the number “13” also holds a mix bag of good and bad connections. Mythologies suggest that the number “13” had been associated with bad events. Hindus believes a gathering of 13 people brings bad luck and even the Vikings hold an ancient myth that the entry of 13th God turned a happy dinner to a disastrous one. According to the astrology, the number is associated with endings and transitions, which could be summed up as good as an event comes to an end. In the bad context, astrology refers to 13 moons a year as an unlucky event.

So the question arises as to what we should believe history or astrology. Actually we are still not sure as to what happened in the past or what astrology is behind the holiday but one thing is sure that the day was full of anxiety which could actually lead to more accidents than usual.

The best way to combat the fear of Friday the 13th is just a little change in the perspective and finding all the positives that happened throughout that day.

Post Author: Terry J. Key