Death Is The New Beginning!

When someone dies, we think it’s all over. But there is a beginning after death which we use to call after-life. After death the life ends at earth. But a new life begins in a different dimension. The best part of death is that everybody will die after a while even he is poor one or the rich one. No one carry his money, stardom, status, etc. over there. The things they can carry over there is only our Good deeds and Bad deeds. Whatever amount of money or stardom we’ll earn in earth is waste. And we feel it when we die to live our after-life.
The dimension we enter to live our after life is like same the older world we used to live before after life. It’s almost same to older one, but much better. It is more peaceful, shiny, satisfying and more beautiful too. When you’ll sleep there you’ll feel like sleeping in your mom’s lap. You’ll feel the same comfort.

There are spaces to live in the new world. One is called Heaven and the other one is known as Hell. Heaven is for those who have done lots of good works, charities etc. in their life. And the Hell is for the bad ones who never helped anyone, never thought for anyone’s betterment except himself. The people who never did good deeds in their life except the bad deeds are those who deserve Hell. Heaven is a peaceful, satisfying space for pure and good souls. Hell is so ugly, noisy, haunted space. It depends on us that which space we want to live our after-life.

After-life is not the end. Actually it’s a kind of chain or life cycle. We born live as a kid then as a teenager, then as an old guy and then we die. Then we enter in the other dimension and start living in one of both spaces either its Heaven or either it’s Hell it depends on our deeds. If the number of good deeds were more than the bad deeds then we’ll get Heaven to live and if bad deeds are more than the good deeds then we’ll get into the Hell. After sometime our souls will reborn again somewhere on earth may be as human beings or animals or something else, it’s all in God’s hand whatever he’ll make us we have to live as, without any complains.

This makes us know that being human or animal or something else is not in our control, but being a good soul or a bad soul is in our hands.

Post Author: Terry J. Key