Birth Angels

It will amaze everybody that we are being seen by the holy guardians everytime. Birth angels are considered to the the closest to the gods. An Archangel is connected to a day of week. Different people who have taken birth on different days are taken care of by different birth angels. This connection between archangels and the days of the week are listed below. Visit for more information.

Monday – People who were born on monday, Gabriel meaning “God is my strength” is their archangel. Gabriel opens new ways and opportunities. It adds order and discipline in one’s life. It helps to adopt or conceive a child. It fills energy in the life. White color is associated with this birth angel.

Tuesday – Chamuel meaning “He who sees God” is the holy guardian of those who were born on tuesday. People who are dealing with low self esteem, selfishness and low confidence , calling on chamuel really helps. Chamuel takes away all the negative forces and helps fighting evil within us.Chamuel also helps in finding the lost items. Pink color is associated to those who were tuesday born.

Wednesday – Those who were born on wednesday , have Raphael as their special angel , meaning “the healing power of god”. Raphael heals the mind, body and soul. Raphael gives inspiration for music , mathematics and science. It helps to know whether somebody is lying or not. People seeking food, shelter and clothes , should call Raphael for help. When you feel low and negative, calling for Raphael fills you with new energy and takes away the negativity. Green color is associated with those who were born on wednesday.

Thursday – Metatron is the archangel for those born on thursday , meaning “ one who serves behind the throne”.There was time, metatron was a human , so it helps to evolve as a higher self of us. Metatron keeps the mind free from jumbles, giving clarity and let the peace reside, giving more space to inhabitat positivity and truth. Violet color is associated with the people who came in this world on thursday.

Friday – people who were born on friday have their special angel as Uriel, meaning “The flame of God”. When you go through troubles and difficulties in your life, ask Uriel for restoring your individual peace or the peace of the world . Uriel enhances your potential and novelty. He will direct your life from miseries to happiness , darkness to light and showers the inner peace. He will look after you and for your growth. Purple color is associated with the people born on this very day.

Saturday – Those who were born on saturday have Cassiel as their holy guardian, meaning “The unity of God”. Cassiel takes you to new spiritual places and increases your superiority on spiritual planes. Cassiel helps you to manifest your dream but putting in effort is a must. It takes away all the negativity. Color associated with those who were born on saturday is Maroon.

Sunday – Michael is the special angel for those who were born on sunday, meaning “ He who is like God”. One who seeks protection spiritually and physically from accidents and mishappenings should ask Michael. Michael showers love, inner peace and beauty. He gives strength and energy to eliminate all the challenges. Blue color is associated with those born who were born on this day.

Post Author: Terry J. Key