Psychic Abilities and How They Work

Over thousands of years, the idea of higher dimensions continues to evolve. Humans are obsessed with finding ways to touch the Divine. History has recorded a plethora of gifted people who claimed the ability to see into the future. They created various divination tools that could be used in conjunction with their gifts. While there […]

Get money advice from a psychic

Tips to Getting Great Financial Advice from Psychics If you’re looking for financial advice, fortune telling online may not be the first thing to come to mind. Even for believers, it can be a hard idea to process. Leaving your financial future in the hands of some online medium? Seems a little crazy, huh? I’m […]

How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

WHAT IS SPIRITUAL HEALING? Spiritual healing is a complement to the traditional treatment you would receive from a medical doctor. It is a natural healing energy therapy that treats your spirit along with your body. Whether you need to cleanse your aura and get imbalance with the universe or you have a specific illness or […]

The Mystic Art Of Reading A Crystal Ball

When most people hear the word “fortune-telling”, they automatically visualize a bedazzled Gypsy crone rubbing over a crystal ball. Before the crystal ball, ancient wise people used bowls of water, glass, and shiny metal to divine mystic symbols. It is called the art of scrying. While many gifted psychics still use crystal balls, it is […]

Birth Angels

It will amaze everybody that we are being seen by the holy guardians everytime. Birth angels are considered to the the closest to the gods. An Archangel is connected to a day of week. Different people who have taken birth on different days are taken care of by different birth angels. This connection between archangels […]

Rune Guide

Introduction – Before understanding the runic divination let’s first try to understand rune. Rune are letters of the set of alphabets known as runic alphabets, widely used in Germanic languages before the introduction of Latin alphabets. The branch associated with the study of runic alphabets is known as Runology. In terms of divination, runes are […]

Dream Interpretation

Every dream says something. Some dreams give disappointment, some give life in a wave of happiness. Dreams are related to the soul. When a person is in sleep, then his body is separated from the soul, because the soul never sleeps. In sleep, our five senses and mind stops doing its own actions and our […]

Tarot cards getting upset

Tarot cards, the divine tool of this world, help us in many ways and give us the most accurate path to walk on. There is a relation between the tarot cards and the tarot card reader. The reader can hear the voice of the tarot cards. But sometimes it feels like that the tarot cards […]

What Does Happiness Actually Mean?

Happiness is really a state of being happy and contented. Many philosophers have given different ideas on this subject, though the most influential fact is that happiness can be felt from within and it should not be invented in the outer world. It is a sad fact that people seek out happiness. Many people collect […]

Get Proper Guidance for Your Career With Tarot!

Many times in our careers, we get sufficient opportunities and chances to prove ourselves. But, due to some unfavourable circumstances, we could not reach the point where our career can get boosted up rapidly. We look at the front side of the opportunities rather than looking at the backside as well. We think that we […]