Aura Cleansing

Every person has an Aura, which extends to three feet and has oval shape. The Aura leads to the building of personality. Aura contains different layers of energies. We, being humans tend to attract or get attracted towards others Aura, knowingly or unknowingly . Unbalanced Aura leads to mood swings and is often called as Aura Invasion. Once this happen you need to cleanse your aura in order to achieve the authenticity and the purity of the energy again. Best way to clean your aura and balance the energies is meditation , wherein Chakras help a lot. Close your eyes and think of grounding chakra at the base of your spine as a red colored spot, similarly other chakras with violet , golden colors etc . When you are free, envision a white colored energy surrounding you, giving you extra protection from breaching when outside .This color energy replenishes the entire Aura with full of positive energy. This process may take some time, so practicing regularly improves the efficiency. If you feel it is very difficult , then take advice from specialized Psychics involved in aura cleansing. For more on Auras, please check out the blog

Post Author: Terry J. Key