Archangel for healing

Archangels are considered to be the closest to the gods. A lots of religious beliefs are associated with these holy guardians. Birth angels are also Archangels. Every Archangel has a responsibility distinctive of their powers. These holy guardians are the real guides, they open up the new ways and fills you with positivity. They do not take away all the challenges but fills you with energy that makes you conquer them. They guide you with various ways and it is you who makes a choice. Archangels spread love and peace, and they make everybody realise that everyone has love resided within them. Various different Archangels with their metier are described below. You will find a lot of information on the subject on

Archangel Chamuel– Chamuel is the one with power to spread love. If you are in a trouble with your love life, relationship and career, then calling for chamuel helps. He helps you end the devastating relations. He teaches you how to love yourself and others. Chamuel means “ He who sees the God”.

Archangel Zadkiel– Zadkiel helps you develop your spirituality. He is holy guardian of mercy. If you are facing problem in forgiving yourself or others, then call for Zadkiel and he will ease the way for you.  He helps you to come out of an abusive relationship. Zadkiel means “Righteousness of God”. He gives peace to your mind and helps come out of all the miseries and setbacks.

Archangel Raphael–  Raphael means “ Healing power of God”. If you are going through a phase of your life wherein you find yourself negatively affected, then call for Raphael to assist. He heals mind, body and soul. He also secures your belongings, so, if you are planning to travel then calling him would be a secured approach.

Archangel Michael– Michael is known as the leader of all the Holy Guardians. Call for Michael if you seek assistance in career and aspirations. He will make you win all the challenges. He makes one courageous enough to take some strong stands and provides security to your family, love and property. Michael means “ He who is like God”.

Archangel Uriel– Uriel means “God is light”. Uriel takes one away from destructive energies and saves the relation. When you feel confused and stuck somewhere then you can  call for Uriel, He will give you clarity. He opens up new ways in your life , enhancing your novelty and wisdom.

Archangel Ariel–  Ariel is a protector and a healer. She protects the living things existing in nature along with the elements like water, air, earth and fire. You can call for Ariel if you want to get your animals healed. Ariel means “ lion of God”.

Archangel Gabriel–  Gabriel means “ Strength from God”.  Communication is the speciality of Gabriel. He is also known as  the “ Messenger Angel”. He showers strength and courage to those who are looking forward to adopt or have a child. Gabriel helps to receive perspicuous divine messages.

Post Author: Terry J. Key