5 Things about Islam you should know

Islam has taken a massive beating, and people blame the religion for the violence that is caused in the world. Unfortunately, it is not the case, and we need to understand and respect the choices of faith made by others. We cannot blame the religion for the mistakes the community creates, and we need to learn to imbibe the concept of living and let live.

The following are some of the things about Islam you should know:

Women and men enjoy the same rights spiritually:

We think that we women are suppressed in the Muslim community but in Quran, it is said that men and women are equal. The gender inequalities are due to cultural practices and not from religious traditions. Men and women enjoy the same rights both spiritually and socially. We might not be aware of it, but many Islamic states and countries have had female leaders. Some of those countries include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Indonesia.

The religion of peace:

Islam is a religion of peace; violence and suicide missions are un-Islamic. We often see lots of news and have the feeling that muslins are violent. But just because a community does a particular thing, it does not mean that the entire religion is filled with violent natured people. They believe that God does not like any sorts of disturbances to peace and they describe it as the paths of peace. Quarn states that God does not love aggressors and people who cause disturbances.

Muslims worship Allah and not Prophet Muhammad:

As per Islamic belief, Prophet Muhammad was the last Messenger of God. Many believe that Muslims worship Muhammad and many refer to them as Mohammedans. The prophet preached about worshipping God Almighty and emphasized humanity, and he asked people to see to him as the messenger of God and his slave. He was chosen to be God’s last messenger, to communicate the message in words and as a living example. People loved and respected him as he had a great moral character and he told the truth about God.

Islam has a deep commitment to Social Justice:

Ramadan is a practice which all Muslims follow to understand how poor people feel when they are hungry. It is one of the five pillars of Islam to help the poor by donation of Zakat which means purification. They must give away 2.5% of their savings to the poor. Muslims tend to focus on their inner spiritual journey and believe that fasting is an excellent teacher of compassion.

Pillars of Islam:

Quran states that all Muslims need to accept and follow the pillars of Islam. These pillars represent the core denominator that brings all the Muslims together and distinguishes it from other religions. One has to have the dedication and when people meet the obligations reinforces an ongoing presence of God.

Post Author: Terry J. Key