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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, by director Peter Joseph, is a feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society.

This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical “life ground” attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a “Resource-Based Economy”.

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  • I bet this Joseph just guy loves Marx and Engels! :/
    I agree, he addresses real problems and does it rather well but communism as a solution?
    Thanks for your effort but I’ll pass!

  • @NC: I’m sorry but if you had watched the movie, you should have realized that this has absolutely nothing to do with communism.

  • @WT
    I was born and raised in communist-socialist society (Soviet Union) – I know communism when i see one! Abolition of private property and planned economy are ideas straight out of The Communist Manifesto (read it if you don’t believe me). One other thing. In this kind of society one has no rights because ALL rights (and responsibilities) derive from property. The correct term of this social order, this film proposes is anarcho-communism, which means stateless communism.

  • I also was raised in a communist country but actually it doesn’t matter if an economy is called communism or not. It’s the way it’s implemented and how it serves the people. And as you say, because in our society all rights derive from property, people with more property have more rights. That’s not really a society with equal rights, isn’t it?

  • More property doesn’t mean more rights!
    For example: If i have one car and my neighbor have two, does this mean he has more rights? Does he have a right to drive my car? I don’t think so! He only has a right to drive with his cars not mine.
    Equal society is where everybody’s rights are equally protected.

    If you want to know more about property, rights, responsibilities, how they tie together and why are they important, I strongly recommend to listen Michael Badnarik’s Constitution Class.

    As I said before, this movie addresses real problems.
    Problems of inequality are created by fiat (debt based) monetary system. We have to get rid of that and return to commodity based money (gold, silver) which is inflation free doesn’t create debt.

  • The more money you have the more property and more rights you can buy. And the more property you have the more money you can get and the more power you have. And the more power you have the more laws have to be set. And the more laws we have the more restricted we are.

    The big problem here is, that property is bound to money and not only to responsibilities. If property was only bound to responsibilities we wouldn’t need money at all.

  • I hear the conspiracists, immediately indulging themselves in what they’ve been admonished to abandon, both in this film, and by their handlers on the extreme right, (Alex Jones et al). That is, they respond to certain keywords, like hypnotically programmed parrots, indulging in the old, “Left Right Paradigm.” No one in this film suggested the abolition of private property or liberty. They are simply pointing out, that an advanced understanding of “ownership” that includes an expanded sense of community and responsibility, could address these potentially apocalyptic problems. Who owns the oceans? Who owns the air? Who owns the water, the mineral wealth, the vast forests, the fish? Ownership of all this has been consigned to an ever decreasing number of elites, that achieved their material wealth in a gamed, corrupted political system, in a gamed, corrupted monetary system. So they won the monopoly game and in terms of the future, they only care about their own. “It’s a big club, and YOU, are not a member.” George Carlin – This plan has no hope of global acceptance. But it’s chief virtue is that we could try it. We could try it on a small scale first, and create a model that could be duplicated. If it can be duplicated and it works, then consider this… NO ONE IS OFFERING A WORKABLE ALTERNATIVE. I say, PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

  • By the way: Those renegade academics, leading the movie’s narrative, were some fascinating and smart people.

  • Samadhi 6 years ago

    I love this movie’s clarity and logic. One question is-why does he say that a “secret cabal” is not to blame for the state of the world? It seems contradicting with the other things he says about those in power wanting to hold onto power. I understand the monetary/market system is the biggest culprit of the state of the world, but wasn’t it designed for that intention? It certainly didn’t happen accidentally or fall from the sky. Someone designed it.

  • Wow, this was inspiring. Brilliant work, I’ll be recommending this to friends!

  • Izzle 6 years ago

    Dan you said “NO ONE IS OFFERING A WORKABLE ALTERNATIVE. I say, PUT UP OR SHUT UP.” Actually, the Needs & Resources model proposed by the pioneers os the Human Givens Approach addresses the need for a paradigm shift which doesn’t require people to let go of their ideological commitments – to religion, politics and such like. The idea that getting rid of currency will solve our problems ignores the fact that underlying it is the transaction mentality, and the zeitgeist people don’t have the knowledge to overcome this factor – people on the whole are not ready to lead selfless lives and we have 2/3 centuries tops before we die out, if we continue with our current lifestyle.

  • Dan, nicely said! Fox News is like the station in They Live sending out their single to brainwash these noobs.

  • I agree with some of the previous comments; real problems are addressed, but the solutions looked at will not work, and are too authoritarian.

    Not to mention, the examples given give no solution to the transition state. I don’t see what the point of examining the ideal scenario of having a brand new planet ready for us to inhabit is. The fact of the matter is, the cities we live in are already built, and we can’t just start from scratch, so an analysis of what we could do if this wasn’t the case, is just a waste of time.

  • Mental 6 years ago

    Well, a lot to discuss here..

    Agreed about “not blaming the secret socities now”, why they blamed them before and not now.. Mystical ? They got wiser ?

    It’s clear that a capitalism system will die eventually, I guess now it is the time.

    All I can say is… prepare for the worst, it will not be so fluffy and dreamy as the movie shows.

    There will be a new world disorder.. and don’t forget about fancy 2012 prophecy, it is still 2011.

  • Bashir 6 years ago

    There are no political solution for a spiritual problem. Zeitgeist proposes that we forget politics, and start sharing and co-operating. All politics and religions are formed for control, by the same type of people. Soo, we can’t make things better with a system of corruption (politics). Human race will die with competition and thrive with co-operation. No books or norms are needed for this way of living, only that everyone take their personal respoinsibilty and start to think for them selves and stop complainimng about the surroundings, when in fact, we are the enviroment. We have to start wth ourselves, and change the only thing that we have the power to change, on an individual level. It’s stupid to complain about a system that we are all totally dependent upon. Start loving yourself, and then the step to loving others is within your grasp. Because one have to realize that everything exist in relation with everything else. Love the high frequency emotion that will litterally fix us ;)) good luck with that

  • Freshkryp69 6 years ago

    all you get of your “what if high horse” and think about the
    bigger picture! (FORGET THE PRACTICE OF GOVERNMENT AS WE KNOW IT) the phrase “can’t we just all get along” has been out for some time now people, as well as the,(AID’S) patent #5676977..cancer etc..a true revolution would first unleash
    the good for man kind potential by opening the doors to the dam patent office’s and lab’s of the world to create whatever (energy,food,medicine) is needed for the better of man kind with no profit or gain involved in the process of the said idea’s. that and with the (just an layout idea) “future” prototype idea’s this film suggest’s inline with only positive thinking/communication will we all maybe (?) just survive as long just as some of the other species out there that are now at this time being hidden from you.
    wrapping up, if we don’t change our way’s human species wont last much longer going in the direction we are.

    I and my family would (OP-OUT) of this crazy out of control way of life for a more humanly benefiting as a whole way of life any day!

    I’m ready, are you?

    P.S the throwing the money in front of the banks saying (“take it back) was great, and just might happen oneday..hopefully in my lifetime!

  • FRANKLIN 6 years ago

    You want to take a closer look at the people behind these documentaries. Peter Joseph (not his real name), after playing into the mood of the time, with his first documentary, heavily used Masonic symbolism in his second feature and pandered to the Masonic/NWO views of Jacques Fresco. Note: The Venus Project, which they wide-eyed and innocently tell you is named so because of where it is built, is actually a clever play on The Lucifer Project from Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssesy books. Venus/Lucifer are the same thing. A little bit like Hollywood with the wood of the holly tree being the only type of wood used in traditional wands for hypnosis rituals, just happening to be the place where the film industry, the original tool of mass hypnosis is based. I don’t trust the people behind these documentaries.

    Are you aware that Max Dean, the problem page writer and author of ‘WTF? Sex Secrets’ was the first person to be banned from the Zeitgeist Movement, because the makers couldn’t successfully debate him on his logic that, if you remove property and money from the scenarion, looks and sex become the new status symbols. Meaning, we may all be equal financially, but looks-wise some may be better looking than others. Thus jealousy switches from how much money another person has got to how good-looking his wife or girlfriend is. Sex has always been the ultimate force in the universe, not money. Of course, I’m not explaining this or arguing it quite as convincingly as Max Dean did. I’m just touching on the theme.

  • Frankie Cocozza 6 years ago

    Generic weed smoking idiot comment, listen to me i know everything but refuse too get a job because im a socially useless prick

  • Felinefree 5 years ago

    People bitch and moan about the corrupt and unfair system we live in and then others bitch and moan and pick holes in an idea for a new system that seeks to create a more sustainable future. Its pointless trying to flaw a system we havnt implemented yet, how do you know it wouldnt work?! Futhermore, id bet my best underwear it would be BETTER than our current system for pretty much everyone. Not perfect, but definately better… Change is unavoidable, we are over populating and running out of our natural resources, Adapt or Die. Its our choice. peace.