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Thrive is an unconventional documentary film that lifts the veil on what’s really going on in our world by following the money upstream uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

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  • This video/doc stops playing at this point 1:52:51. Just wanted to give a heads up, and I would’ve enjoyed watching it in it’s entirety.

    I’ll check back again soon, thanks

  • disregard the last comment

  • Alexzander 5 years ago

    One of the best films ive ever seen. Shed’s a light over a lot of things. SO WHY IS IT REMOVED!?
    F-ing disgrace!

    PLEASE upload it again. All need to see. All is one. All is Love.

  • jacob 5 years ago

    this movie is in its entirety on youtube. just search thrive or thrive movement


    Thats the full movie. looks like someone took the one posted here down.

  • i’ve started to watch it twice on two separate youtube accounts and over the past two days, both have been taken down. its definitely worth downloading the torrent though. great doc!

  • Viola 5 years ago

    Fixed, for now.

  • onevoice 5 years ago

    This is an amazing doc. One of the best Ive ever seen.

  • Alexandre Santos 5 years ago

    GREAT GREAT doc. the best so far ive ever seen…congratulations

  • Jonas 5 years ago

    This is A Amaizing video, it got all what all people must know, but people are sceard of what can happen. i think everybody must grow his own food and grow some animals and everything would be Ok.. :)

  • Michele 5 years ago

    two thumbs up. I believe we can be free again. Just do not comply. I feel very hopeful.

  • samadhi 5 years ago

    What’s with the all-seeing eye on the movie cover?

  • movie is offline again!!

  • There is an all seeing eye on the cover and the director Foster Gamble is the heir to a fortune 500 company. Be wary comrades

  • bull shit 5 years ago

    this movie is bull shit

  • Micheline 5 years ago

    Wow, well no wonder, the guy took the video off this site and then youtube, just wants to make money off other people that is my take on it now. If these people really wanted us to thrive then they would find a way to share it with others for free.

  • ya real bullshit

    thats why this video is confirmed in over 50 other videos from this site

    i done my research and mr bullshit you are david rockfello pissing ya pants the the truth is there

    go grow a brain and wake up to the truth this video exposes

  • bull shit 5 years ago

    they want to sell the video its bull shit

  • Mental 5 years ago

    Have not watched this, but already been tired of all conspiracy movies.. don’t you feel double-crossed ? I do.

    There is nothing mysterious in life, you live or you die..


  • Viola 5 years ago

    Video fixed.

  • the is a reply to samadhi: the all seeing eye is on the cover because they are the ones that produced this new aged, new religion, new world documentary…

  • Viola 5 years ago

    Works again.

  • onelovincriminal 5 years ago

    Time to reclaim the all seeing eye back from the all capitalist blind men

  • Micheline 5 years ago

    Well, I am happy that was I able to see it. There is no reason not to believe in the sincerity of the message of this film or in the sincerity of the people who made it. We do still live under a particular socio-economic system that requires us to be able to buy food to eat..ect…. My problem is that it seems a bit out there and I do not think we need to deal with the idea of money anymore to thrive. We need to get rid of this economic system all together but I do not think we are ready for it yet. I do think we do have the power of the people. But that is only if we actually sit down together and dialogue it out and work together.
    I think he has some good ideas. We do not have to go his website to start our own dialogues. We can start our own groups.

    We do have to come together to make the changes. Lets not wait until it is too late. There must be a way that we can systematically take back our lives.

    that is all for now from me

    I need to sleep and have music to work on tomorrow.

    peace to ya all now

  • snake-oil salesmen abound, and a sucker is born every minute. Well done Foster Gamble, bravo.

  • If you love what they say, even though they arent telling you anything you didnt already know–you are victim to an old propaganda technique developed by Edward Bernays–and a 2000 year old mind control technique known as an Appeal to Emotion.

    Of course we like Thrive. The makers of this programming know what we like better than we do.

    Please google Project Bluebeam.

  • bull shit 5 years ago

    thrive is full of shit donot waste 2 hours of your life

  • Marnie 5 years ago

    Good documentary but I have to argue against the idea of a utopian world. How is all this going to be possible if there’s no rulers? Who is implementing all these fair societies all around the world?

    You need to have someone in power, and you need to appoint representatives of that power across the world to reinforce that. Doesn’t matter how good someone is, the power will ultimate win over them.

    It’s too much of a cheesey idea to think that getting rid of the TNCs and Illuminati families that there will be peace and love on Earth. There’s good people and bad people. There’s always going to be suffering to some degree all over the world.

    Look at the social theory or Marx, Haberman and Foucault regarding power. I WANT to believe in a utopia, but regardless, I know it’s something that will never happen. Even if you look at socialism in Cuba with Fidel Castro – the ideas are great but there’s still a level of power that he has and abuses…

  • Marnie 5 years ago


  • movie is dead ………

  • Viola 5 years ago


  • Marnie: Knowing that utopia is never going to happen doesn’t, in my opinion, sound like a goal in believing in it. I believe that to be able to reach such a utopia we must not only look at the history of human nature, but how we’ve evolved. There is truth in that growing up most need parenting, but I do not believe it should be forever. After a while logic and/or nature takes over.

    The only impossibility I am certain of is knowing what really is impossible.

  • Dusan 3 years ago

    im confirming now this is mynd control, dont waste your time, this is bullshit propaganda