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This is a 3 1/2 hour non-fiction, historical documentary that traces the origins of the political power structure. The modern political power structure has its roots in the hidden manipulation and accumulation of gold and other forms of money.

The development of fractional reserve banking practices in the 17th century brought to a cunning sophistication the secret techniques initially used by goldsmiths fraudulently to accumulate wealth. With the formation of the privately-owned Bank of England in 1694, the yoke of economic slavery to a privately-owned “central” bank was first forced upon the backs of an entire nation, not removed but only made heavier with the passing of the three centuries to our day. Nation after nation has fallen prey to this cabal of international central bankers.

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  • Olle A 7 years ago

    Gr8 film!! Everybody on the planet should watch this…

  • steve 6 years ago

    brilliant film, also watch terrorstorm and Zeitgeist part 2.

    thanks for putting this up for free viewing.

  • onevoice 6 years ago

    Excellent excellent excellent. Very informative. Dont let the long run time scare you off. Goes through the entire history of the bankers. This film was made in 1996 and ALL of the predictions have come to pass in current events. Thank you esoterictube for sharing this info

  • Phil E. Drifter 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for making and posting this movie for free viewing on the internet!

    I just created a petition at urging Obama/Congress to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and it needs 25,000 signatures (in one month) in order to be ‘considered.’

    Here’s the short link to my petition: