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Dr. Stanley Monteith goes over the history of fluoride, its use, its dangers and its promotion over time. Why something that is rejected by so many nations is promoted here in the USA. Learn about the Hidden Agenda behind the use of Fluoride, who’s behind it and the real purpose behind its use.

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  • Fascinating lecture, even though it’s a bit boring.

  • Shawn Wild 4 years ago

    I say we as people stand up and take our world back by some force, but not murdering others, i.e the government officials to et there. We need to convince the army,navy and the air force to get on the Free Peoples Side and get rid of a one world government idea and live in a free world of tranquil,equilibrium!!! We as people can take care of ourselves and don’t need the governments mind control, propaganda BULLSHIT!!!!!

  • Excellent video. Took me three hours to watch as I paused it and checked lots of those names and references mentioned for credibility. It all checks out. Thanks for a new view of the world, based on facts rather than propaganda. Much more to think about here than just fluoride. Thank you.

  • Ignorance is bliss. I am slowly unlearning the “facts” I learned previously and its amazing how much I don’t know about life, the universe, and human history. Thank you for the truth.