The Great Global Warming Swindle

This film by the documentary-maker Martin Durkin presents the arguments of scientists and commentators who don’t believe that CO2 produced by human activity is the main cause of climate change.

It’s a controversial film that was roundly attacked by some scientists and enthusiastically received by others, and the arguments it contains are an important part of the wider debate on the causes of climate change.

The film was shortlisted for the Best Documentary award at the 2008 Broadcast Awards.

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  • anybody who knows anything about propaganda and film editing can see through this ‘documentary’. this is probably finansed by people with intrest in automobil or oil industry, riding on the wave of internet grassroots organistaions.
    no doubt that politicians will use global wraming as a scare, but that doesnt mean its true. alot of of goverments did not want to deal with this issue at first and global warming has been known for years without beeing used as a threat but rather ignored by politicians.

  • Rocketbanana 8 years ago

    OKEY! So all he global warming mumbo’ came of the need to centeralize the gouvernments ability to control energy, ofc. I wonder if this idiotic show of activism ever will end. It’s really sad to see all these well meaning people signing up fer a bummed out cause, hope they wont be too desillisionized to stand up to the real danger, the ever increasing gouvernment expantion we’ve blindly ignoring since the last days of WW2. We need to be what we were born to be, free and independant, not cells in the plutocratic organism. I want my cells working for me for my own bloody enjoyment, not for billiondollar slaveowners who noobs look up to. Hasta la vista! fred

  • Joseph 8 years ago

    This makes much more sense than global warming. Al Gore always worried me when he used the correlation between CO2 and temperature, even though he had it backwards. Wonderful documentary.

  • Kris

    Please stop watching Al Gore moved the dates on his CO2 and global temperature chart by 400 years. Global Temperature always leads an increase in CO2. Its the temperature that causes the increase in CO2 not the other way around.