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Populist lawyer, Gary Fielder, presents “The Gig Is Up: Money, the Federal Reserve and You. Live from Wolfe Hall at The University of Colorado School of Law, on December 4, 2008, Mr. Fielder, a criminal and constitutional lawyer from Denver, Colorado, presents a powerpoint and video presentation on the creation of money with an historical analysis of our current banking system. With quotes from Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and many others, Fielder makes his case to abolish the Federal Reserve and return to a sound and honest money system. Fractional Reserve Banking. Currency. Amero. World Government. International Banking. Produced by Jack Creamer, Side 3 Studios, Denver, Colorado. Video edits by Jonathan Ellinoff. Technical Assistant, Rye Miller. This video is for educational purposes only.

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  • Sean H 6 years ago

    Close Down the federal reserve!
    America needs to operate an Honest Money System!
    This needs to be on Prime Time American Tv
    Fantasic Lecture
    this is Up there With Zeitgeist 2 Addendum!

  • option zer0 5 years ago

    this is a great lecture indeed. lots of information and resources. highly 😉 recommeded

  • cat_1012000 4 years ago

    Great lecture… every one should watch the video to the very end. You are the first video to discuss credit derivatives and violation of Bucket Laws (at 50 min).

  • Chris 4 years ago

    Ron Paul 2012!