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Spirit science is a series of animated informational videos about a wide range of interesting topics by Jordan Duchnycz. A proper presentation from the author himself can be read below. New videos in the series will be added as they are released. This series is one of my personal favorites.

“Hey there, my name is Jordan.

In the last semester of college, I had an awakening moment. A great realization and remembering about what I came here to do. So I started learning, and reconnecting with myself, and learning more about the universe. All of the right books and tools were handed to me as i went along, I didn’t have to look too far for answers, they just fell into my lap through synchronicity.

Eventually, I came to the point where I was trying to figure out how to teach this stuff, as I knew that was my next step. I had begun writing a book, but it wasn’t going so well though I had proven to myself that I understood the material. Something wasn’t clicking. Then I realized again the answer was right in front of me. I had spent 8 years of my life learning how to animate 2D cartoons on the computer, and I knew that this was my answer. I spent a few weeks thinking about the series, and then eventually wrote my first lesson “Thoughts”. Now I’ve kept making them, and haven’t looked back. Every day I’m continually finding more and more incredible information and insights that are helping me to teach this stuff, and everyone’s support has been fantastic so far, very uplifting!

I want to thank everyone again for being supportive and continuing to help spread the information as much as they can. There is a colossal change on its way, and we don’t want to miss it!

Love and Light
Jordan Duchnycz”


Episode 1: Thoughts

In Lesson 1, Patchman begins your journey into the unknown with the basics. Thoughts, Emotions, and the power that they bestow upon you.

Episode 2: Chakras

In this lesson, we take a look at Chakras, and how your body picks up energy on a vibratory level. Last week, a few people didn’t understand HOW thoughts affected you, but did you know that your body has a system for doing so?

Episode 3: Channeling

In this lesson, we talk about one of the methods to communicating with beings of consciousness both higher, and lower than ourselves. We also talk about animal communication and how you yourself can also do it.

Episode 4: Male Female

In this episode we talk about two parts of an incredible whole, Male and Female. No, not gender, but energy.

Episode 5: Keys of our past

In this lesson, we cover 3 topics, ranging from alien life, all the way to the precession of the Equinox. Human history is more than we know.

Episode 6: Flower of life

Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its secret, The Masons for example have done just that. What are we talking about? It’s the ancient secret of the Flower of Life.

Episode 7: Dimensions

In this episode Patchman takes you on a quest to understand the dimensional levels, and where we are on that scale. We also take a look at some Particle Physics, and touch upon Leonardo Da Vinci.

Episode 8: Meditation

This time, lets get Meditational!

Episode 9: Astral projection

Now we look at the phenomenon known as Astral Projection, and also other out of body states, dimensions, and even life and death!

Episode 10: Math of god

In this episode, we dive back into the Sacred Geometry pool to talk about spirals and sequences that all life strives towards, and at the end we look at the 2nd informational unraveling of the Fruit of Life.

Episode 11: Evolution

Here we look at the aspect that Consciousness plays in the role of Evolution, and the evolution that’s happening to us right now as a species on planet earth.

Episode 12 part 1: The rise of Atlantis

This time, we start part 1 of the epic saga that is our own Human History. This story has been told to us from many ancient sources, such as the Sumerian Records, Thoth has also provided this story to us through Drunvalo Melchizidek, and many other channelings including Adamus on Crimson Circle has also provided information about our history to us.

Episode 12 part 2: Atlantean catastrophe

Part 2 of the “Human History” story. What happened when the Martians arrived on Earth? Well, it changed things for us. Everything in our modern world and everything that’s happened over the last 13,000 years was a direct result of what happened on Earth 60,000 years ago, when the Martians first arrived.

Episode 12 part 3: The solution

After the Martians collapsed the Atlantean way of life, the Naacals didn’t know what to do. They asked for help from the highest conscious beings in our universe, and they received a potential solution. If it could pull it off, we would become something incredibly new and different in the universe. If we did not, we would not survive. Our entire planet was walking a very thin line.

Episode 12 part 4: The fall

The human history story reaches a climax as consciousness plummets and we return to our primal beginnings. What happens next? Well, after a 6,500 year period of time, our story begins to merge with what historians currently know about our own history.

Episode 12 part 5: The new beginning

In the conclusion to the human history story, we look at the events of Ancient Egypt, leading through to Akhenaten and his pivotal role in the Essene Brotherhood, and ultimately Jesus Christ. We also tie up some loose ends about the Mayans and what happened to the Martian Bloodline. This is the finale to Spirit Science Season 1!

Episode 13: The crystal movie

A very comprehensive look at the science, spiritual use and sheer magic of crystals.

Episode 14: Insights of ascension

This episode goes into the insights of ascension from the book The Celestine Prophecy, Jordan highly recommend reading this book for those of you beginning your path or wanting new information, however in the mean time, here is the abridged version of strictly insights on the process of waking up, clearing your negative habits, and releasing them to the universe to vibrate higher and changing frequencies of time, space, and matter itself.

Episode 15: The power of the heart

As science looks more and more at the human body with greater technology, we have begun to come full circle in understanding what the ancients knew about the heart, the brain, and divine consciousness. What is the heart? Is it more than just a pump for blood? Or could the truth about its power be related to the essence of your entire being, and have a field of energy so great that it can transform not just your own being into that of light, love and happiness, but even those around you. What is the shining light of the heart, and how can you access it and gain the inner knowing of who you are and why you are here?

Episode 16: The shift of ages

One of the most frequently asked questions Jasohn and his companions get asked is “What do you think will happen with 2012?”. They thought the best way to shed light on the situation was simply to make a video about it!

Episode 17: Universal geometry

In this episode we take a step forward to basics and look at the Universal Geometry behind all things, an expansion episode from Lesson 6 – The Flower of Life. From here, we’ll be able to dive into topics such as the four elements, and connect some other discussions that we have previously discussed before as well.

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  • X_T_A_N_G_E_N_T 6 years ago

    Do you have a list of sources somewhere? If this was your last simester of college, you should realize that that’s the most important thing already. I would love to watch these, but don’t see any reason to take it as credible.
    Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many of the videos on this website are long, and don’t have sources, It’s time to complain and ask where all of these opinions are actually coming from.

    Thanks! :)

  • Andrew 6 years ago

    I agree that sources would be very beneficial, at least somewhere listed on the site. From what I have seen so far though, I have been pleasantly amazed at how succinctly you can change old paradigms so convincingly. Everything that I have watched so far resonates with me and makes me feel as though Ive known it for a very long time..even though I have done much reading, research, and have been guided by synchronicity and prayer. Good luck to you jordan, you are a true Jedi!

  • Flickster 6 years ago

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve studied all of these topics (including intense calculus in college on sequences) over a span of at least ten years…and this blows everything away. Not to mention, it ties together everything my boyfriend and I have been discussing these past two weeks (even past two years!)…and then magically here it is for us to see pulling it all together. :) Would be really great to try to get the word out more somehow…we live in LA and work in film/marketing – we should find other like minded folks & spread the word!! I will probably try to email you, too.


  • Megan Judge 6 years ago

    Jordan. You are so amazing. Thankyou so much. Sometimes, all you need is a little more time. Thankyou for giving me direction.

  • Many of his sources can be found on youtube where he originally posted theses videos. There is also a 12-4 out now

  • Flickster 6 years ago

    Does anyone know how to get to his facebook page? For some reason it keeps leading me back here…

  • Viola 6 years ago

    The new one had been added, you can reach his facebook page here:

  • this is real deceiving. and just to inform you, the muslims doesnt believe that creation began for six thousand years ago. it happend in “six days”. one meaning of the arabic word “nawm” is timeperiod. and this is the interpretation of the word. so it means six for mankind unknown periods.

    and since in the quran there says; “”Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing”, we can easily take it as a much longer time than 6000 years.

    and since in the quran there says; “”Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing”, we can easily take it as a much longer time than 6000 years.

  • And it is really interesting to know that the Big Bang Theory suggests that the Universe is still expanding until today, because this is EXACTLY what Allah Almighty also claimed in the Noble Quran: “And the firmament, We constructed with power and skill and verily We are expanding it

  • zacula 6 years ago

    Excellent! Truly helped me fill in some empty spots I’ve been curious about<3 thank you so much. Incredible animation as well. It would be wonderful to see a video on deities and demi-gods and how they fit in to the gnostic puzzle. :) keep it up!

  • Mental 6 years ago

    Good work.

  • Wow! The amount of knowledge and information that you have on such a wide range of subject is amazing.
    Thank you

  • Pavani Jella 6 years ago

    Hi Jordan,
    On video 5, the mayan picture of yugas and zosiac signs, the picture shows we are at virgo kaliyuga, and are jumping to satya yuga this like a polarity shift?
    Cannot understand the non-linearity.

    Please explain.


  • toxic 6 years ago

    studied almost everything you where talking about there, and you got it together really well. nice job. animated movies can really make it interesting to watch.
    great information movie for the public…
    :) :)

  • Just curious 6 years ago

    Can i tell you guys whats wrong with us? Why all these esoteric spiritual fart movies dont matter? Because anyone who watches this stuff for the most part already gets it or is starting to.. Its not from lack of info but lack of promotion. We get it guys we are the philosophers of today.. But lets not forget that once we start thinking we have it figured out than were screwed.. Honestly no matter wgat u think spirituality is you are probably wrong. society is rotten and we see it.. people need to start coming together and doing things big. and not for money or recognition but for free thinking and getting our priorities straight..

  • Just curious 6 years ago

    Promotion everywhere for everything except what matters.were killing ourselves and everyone is cool with it.. videos are nice but what we need to do is find peaceful creative means of the basic underlining message which is behind mostly all this..greater awareness

  • These videos are a delight, thank you very much for your contribution. I have seen a great deal of research on the grid system, but have never been able to find a completed map of the grid. Do you, or anyone reading for that matter, know of where a map like this can be found?
    Thank you very much for your sharing. Presentation like this is very important, I began studying these subjects years ago and the amount of raw information available was overwhelming and put me off for a long time. I think this sort of presentation is condensed and informative enough to get a reasonably big picture into the minds of the viewers enough that they feel they have a ‘heads up’, as it were, to do more research and begin exploring their own worlds.


  • Micheline 6 years ago

    Awesomeness. thanks Jordan. You are one lovely person. I just bought a whole bunch of Drunvalo’s books. I finished the Serpent of Light which made me cry with joy at what he has been doing and all those lovely people.
    Now I am, almost finished volume one of The Ancient Secret of The Flower of life. Way out there but my mind is wide open and I am going to do my own investigating. But its super amazingly fascinating. One person put one of your vids up on facebook and then I could not stop watching all your vids and then this led me to this discovery and deeper insight and discovery. So, I just want to thank you. I have been searching for ways to connect what was going on inside of me as a person and I feel that I have found quite a bit of the puzzle pieces but there is more and well I never want to stop learning.

  • Harkadenn 6 years ago

    Jordan, I have a so many words to say to you that not even a book will fill it.

    In short… thank you so much for these videos.

  • When is the next episode comming? =(

  • I could watch all of these .. if it wasn’t all coming from a munchkin.

  • Anuhazi-Owl 6 years ago

    You are being deceived by Thoth. Seek the Christos.

  • Johnny Maldonado 6 years ago

    Everything you discussed here I thought of when I was a senior in high school (6 years ago). I abandoned the ideas though because no one would listen or pay any mind to my ideas because there was no real concrete source behind it. These videos make me happy to know that great minds certainly think alike.

  • The Burning Naked Samurai 6 years ago

    @ MIMI: Here’s episode 12_5: []

    also, here’s the spirit science facebook page if anyone wants to keep up to date with it… dood:

  • Viola 6 years ago

    New episode added.

  • Dennis Parle 6 years ago

    Keep going.

  • Gardo 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for doing this videos, they are the best explained I have seen. Also very cool art!

  • I think this means its time to be happy until faced with a negative situation. See the situation accept it and go with it thus turning the energy into you, or your light and send it back out into the world without hesitation.The human life is hard. I think this means its time to learn.Wake up and obtain as much knowledge as possible. I also think this means its time party the fuck down people.Lets relax finally, for the first time in forever. Feel it. Breathe.

    woot woot season two!

  • PS by relaxing / partying down i mean BEING HAPPY in general. It feels genuine to be excited.

  • Brooks 6 years ago

    the source “the ancient secret of the flower of life.” at least from what i can tell
    (and its semester)

  • Robert 5 years ago

    I think there should be a study of how the primitive, animalistic mechanism of fear has played a part in where we are since the last “dark” or “sleepy” period. It seems that most decisions made today by most people are highly influenced by fear. It seems ironic that we are having a “war against terror” when it is terror that is the basis for most wars (including this one).

    You have a knack for taking “crazy, pseudo-science” ideas and weaving them together in a somewhat logical fashion. This keeps me captivated logically. It also makes me feel more hopeful emotionally. A mixing of the two sides of humanness I thought could never mix… kudos. As Johnny-Five once exclaimed: “NEED MORE INPUT”

  • This Video is absolute garbage. Being ill is a result of mindset? by the sound of it this guy just cured cancer. Positive thinking is important but this is nonesense. This author clearly has a ”Neo complex” (coined that myself….sweet) and smokes to much green.

  • @ Andy i’d suggest you look at bruce liptons biology of belief(book) or his where mind meets matter lecture he kindly put up for free instead of forcing you to enrol and pay fees at an institution and then who knows from there as for the videos..they’re awesome based on all the knowledge i’ve tried to accumulate over time alot of this is almost smack bang onto it..however i am aware that by sharing the same opinions as jordan it does not necessarily validify these ideas but he mentions it at the start..dont take these as literal truths just take the info in and do what you want with it..

  • Johan 5 years ago

    Right on Robert. =)

  • A friend of mine introduced me to these videos over the weekend. I really don’t know what to say. Much of the information presented in this video lines up with theories I’ve heard and have followed over the years. All I can really say is that I am looking forward to the future now more than ever.

  • pete bud 5 years ago

    great series!

  • I love the videos and the clarity of the information.

  • bull shit 5 years ago

    for those of you complaining about sources. he does list them under the youtube videos

  • Incredible Jordan. Thank you for the simplicity of it all. I have followed a very similar path as I am sure many who are here have. Jordan has left a pretty flawless path, all sources are there and legit. I’ll be referencing anyone who shows interest into the truth of spirituality to here!

  • JamesEddy 5 years ago

    Jordan great job, to the people do the research before you criticise. Peace and Awareness

  • Brandon D 5 years ago

    Do you have a bibliography or references? id love to look at your sources

  • Rondell A 5 years ago

    the main reference form what i can tell is the flower of life

  • Jordan, thank you for sharing. This is really incredible. I have been researching this for a while and your explanation is the most complete and concise I have found. What I like the most is that is simple and the easiest to understand that I have found so far, although to be honest, I still can’t get my head round all of it, but on some level it just makes sense. It just clicks. Thank you.

  • Brotha Bluu 5 years ago

    Good one :)

  • Amilius 5 years ago

    I envy capacity for making this information accessible and entertaining. I resonate with much of the information you’ve included.
    Would you be interested in developing some ideas on Grace?

  • Amilius 5 years ago

    Have you ever thought of modeling a Gracious Universe?
    I find it surprising that you acknowledge Cayce’s importance as a source then disregard so much of the information provided by him about the events in Atlantis.
    Efforts to define levels of awareness and enemies in that process, only serve to distract from what we might remember with a simple reading of the history Cayce provided. Occam’s razor applies here. As the Children of Light were well aware, it’s all a question of Grace.
    First, it helps to know and understand what Grace is…

  • Beastmode 5 years ago

    Hey Jordan,
    Thank you for taking the time to share this wealth of knowledge in the most fun, interesting and entertaining way I’ve ever encountered. I have been very excited and motivated since I first watched all 12 episodes twice over in one evening several weeks ago. I have shared it with my girl, family and friends and continue to do so. I started drawing sacred geometry and have gained a greater wisdom and deeper understanding of myself, the world we live in and the universe. I guess you can say it has powerfully influenced my life. I look forward to future episodes which by the way, when can we expect another one?

  • Love all these videos I have so many questions though I hope you make more videos I would love to know more about these super psychics and how our spirit is a real thing please talk more of our spirit and how science can prove we have spirits if its really possible.

  • keith dawson 5 years ago

    fantastic series, after studying all the subjects mentioned since i was a child i have never seen it put in such a way that not only explains and gives a good level of understanding but also encourages people to go and investigate and explore consciousness and the world in a new light. We are heading for something major i am finding my consciousness drawn to higher frequencies much more often, having more vivid dreams. I also am finding more and more of my friends are not only becoming interested in this topic but are exploring for themselves, these are people who when i was younger were the last people i thought would be awakening. it shows that the whole world is waking up and as more people ask this increases exponentially. it is shaping up to be a very interesting 2012, especially as the sun moves to solar maximum and our consciousness is expanding. lets create a divine future for ourselves

  • Ole.kerry 5 years ago

    The EleMents. Our strong personal connection to all other matter can be achieved through Our understanding that we are all made up of the four elements – EARTH, AIR, FIRE and WATER———one or other in greater proportion than others.

  • daft vader 5 years ago

    has this series finished? or are there more episodes to come?

  • Eduardo:Love 5 years ago

    You are a blessing Jordan!
    This information strikes a cord deep within all of our spirits.
    keep up the great work man!


    Looking forward to a new episode. I could only imagine what will be next!?

  • pinky india 5 years ago

    dear jordan, Thank you so much. your videos mean a lot to me…and i would really love it if you made some more videos related to maya-the illusion, dreams, deep sleep states etc;..what really wonders me is that as long as i am in a dream…i perceive it as reality. Then why cant this wakeful state be a dream too…a dream that seems to be so real that you think its the only reality ….? If so what is the ultimate reality?

  • Juliana 5 years ago

    it will be incredible if you make some of them with subtitles in spanish.. all of this information must be spread in other languages! i love this videos ive been searching long time ago about it and this couldnt be more perfect!

  • Grobian 5 years ago

    Thank you for making these videos. Very good.
    Bless you.

  • A quick message to the website, Theres a lesson thirteen to be found now! 4 more episodes subject material is pertaining to Crystals! (i.e. Quartz, Amazonite

  • David 5 years ago

    And what is this religion called ?

  • marty 5 years ago

    hi jorden if you would like to study more accurate spiritual sciece check out rudolf stieners work .In particular ‘knowledge of higher worlds and how to attain it’and ‘occult science an outline’

  • joshua lindner 5 years ago

    thank you.. I’ve never related to anything more in my life.

  • joshua lindner 5 years ago

    Andy Says:
    September 23rd, 2011 at 23:44
    This Video is absolute garbage. Being ill is a result of mindset? by the sound of it this guy just cured cancer. Positive thinking is important but this is nonesense. This author clearly has a ”Neo complex” (coined that myself….sweet) and smokes to much green.

    this guy clearly only watched the first video

  • Video 13 is up on Youtube. It’s about crystals.

  • Ishan Mukherjee 5 years ago

    Love your effort. I can feel the mass awakening taking place all around. It takes courage and a great deal of effort to create something like this. There’s nothing in the world not worth believing in. After all we are just monkeys flying on a rock in the vastness of the universe. Its sheer ignorance to think that there’s nothing beyond us that we know about. Critics will always ask for scientifically proven sources. But science still has a long way to go. This Earth as I feel is one big experiment as you have shown from your research and experiences. Can’t wait to experience the great transformation.

    Thanks a tonne :)

  • Alice 5 years ago

    this is beautiful. Thank you Jordan for the work you’re doing 😉


  • David Siu 5 years ago


    Thanks very much for you work. Could you talk about “Heaven & Hell”? Is there really heaven & hell in universe?

  • Namaste! Much recognition! Inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  • Oneness Kye 4 years ago

    Sources are nice, but let’s check to see if the information is credible within ourselves before we reject it. Besides, how many things do society, television, media, and religion give us without sources that we take as 100% accurate. And who knows, if there’s something you like and hope to be true about anything Jordan or Patches says, go research, and FIND THE TRUTH FOR YOURSELF!!!

  • why are half the links dead??!! episodes 11 and 12 I am most curious about but the links go nowhere?

  • I will try to fix this as soon as possible!