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Secret Space 2 is a nice offering from Enigma TV and covers subjects such as UFOs, sky serpents, The Nephilim, The Watchers and the reptillian race covertly holding power on planet earth.

Secret Space 2 shows how NASA is an agency of secrecy and control. The second disk in the set contains bonus material which includes Marcus Allen from Nexus magazine discussing the faking and altering of NASA photographs.

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  • this video doesn’t work. i hope we can find another link. i’ll be looking around..

  • Viola 7 years ago


  • Emerson Blackfoot Johnson 7 years ago

    I am quiet amazed that this video is the first of it’s kind that I’ve seen. I think that I did see a few things that Chris was a bit off on. For instance, in the book “Uriel’s Machine” Christopher Knight speaks of the Newgrange People of the region of modern day Ireland, Scotland, and the like. In this book he makes quite a convincing argument about why the Newgrange Temples where filled with the spiraled design. His conclusions where that one spiral is 3 months of the woman’s gestation cycle. On one of the artifacts from the Hemileaya’s region, there was a depiction of an alien with the 3 spirals, and Chris associated them with the incorrect (I believe) meaning. When three of these spirals are seen together it is a symbol of the 9 month cycle of the human creation. This being shown on the same artifact as a non-human, alien looking figure tells me that they are the creators of the beings with the 9 month gestation cycle. They are taking claim for the entire human race.
    I like the way that Chris incorperates Ancient Artifacts found in museums through out his film. I think that his claims are valid, his points well made, and to be honest, I wondered about the same think when I was hearing about the looting of the museum’s and the bulldozing of the archeological sites. I’m sure that the brainwashed goyim (American Soldiers) were told that we need to destroy Sadaam’s entire history to rid the Iraqis of any sense of their true history. But what the young American Soldiers were too ignorant to see, is that that history isn’t just the Iraqi’s, it’s the entire population of Mankinds. That is why the American Gov’t brings kids to a mans fight.
    Well, thank you Chris for taking me on the journey of Part One, I’ll check out the rest and let u know what I think….

    E. Blackfoot Johnson

  • r3dp4ll 6 years ago

    this isn’t complete, missing parts.

  • jessabelle 6 years ago

    part 2 will not load.
    thank you. :)

  • Opiate 5 years ago

    The link to part #2 doesn´t work. Is it just me who´s having trouble with it?