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Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings unfolds the fascinating history behind the founding of America, and exposes the esoteric underbelly of its design. Why is Washington D.C. build on the 77th Meridian? Are the Revolutionary War cities really built in perfect alignment with Stonehenge? If America was founded as a Christian nation, why are many of its symbols, buildings, and monuments based on Pagan traditions? There is no doubt that much of America’s national heritage was Christian, but just as a coin has two sides, our national heritage has a second side – one based squarely on occult secret societies and their values.

To find the answer to these questions, we follow the journey of secret societies from England to the New World and learn of their ancient hope: to rebuild the lost empire of Atlantis.

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  • John B. 5 years ago

    Rather boring and lengthy. We tried to finish it several times but continuously fell asleep. Overall the documentary had some very good points of interest but was dragging on about for instance Benjamin Franklin for half an hour in itself. A bit of a wasted opportunity for an important subject.

  • jessabella 5 years ago

    ya, i fell asleep too.. going for a second try right now

  • AmerikanZombie 5 years ago

    Very good Documentary, Its totally NOT boring unless you have a short attention span..very lengthy and chock full of brain goodies…a must watch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with AZ, this video is freaking awesome. If you have ADD then you may have a problem.

  • schlongsalesman 5 years ago

    I think it’s only boring if you don’t pay attention.

  • priority.alpha 5 years ago

    Extremely important documentary, along with the other two in this series (Riddles in Stone; The Eye of the Phoenix). The series informs on the occult allegiances of the founding fathers of the United States of America. People involved in the esoteric must lie about their beliefs and practices. The esoteric beliefs and practices are their actual beliefs and practices, and they involve witchcraft, worship of demons and fallen angels, and human sacrifice. They also have exoteric beliefs and practices, that is to say, the lie they tell the public. In Christian societies their cover story or false front is usually Christianity.

  • Always.learning 4 years ago

    Nice try, too many innaccuracies and speculation to be called well researched. It also misses the point by confusing speculation and theory for the known facts. I think if this doc were redone with what we know today it would have come out a lot better. I also think it has a heavy christian bias, which is strange because most of the people who get into this research lose their religious bias when they find out it’s true origins. I do think it’s infomative and worth your time, however I must suggest anyone serious about this get their info from multiple sources and from as many perspectives they can find before coming to any conclusions. i thought the mention that Paris Hilton and Madonna as Kabbalists was a rediculous attempt to reach out to the dumbed down general public, insulting….implying the intended audience for this film would seem to lack the attention span needed and so a mention of tabloid celebrities? Lets keep the facts where they belong and not dumb down ourselves thinking that Paris Hilton is somehow behind the global conspiracy. She can hardly count to 10 let alone wield Kabbalistic knowledge ,you also must be Jewish…..which she is not….complaints aside. I enjoyed this despite it’s many mistakes, I’ll keep in mind that this isn’t a peer reviewed science, and anyone can make a documentary.

  • cognitor 4 years ago

    The Illuminati

    I would like to comment on the current & widespread use of the term ‘illuminati’ which has become an out of context catch phrase.

    The term in question refers to those who have mastered this world and attained ‘enlightenment’, hence the term ‘illuminati’ or ‘of the light’.

    These people are graduates of one or more of the underground esoteric Orders that have been disseminating ‘Light’ to humanity since ancient times.

    The only reason such organizations are secretive in their work is because they have always been persecuted by the institutions of the day for their non conforming views. We all know which institutions these are but let’s not resort to finger pointing since this is not the ‘enlightened’ way.

    The true esoteric Orders have preserved the ancient knowledge of the ‘Mystery Schools’ regarding science, philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality, etc; all information regarding the major questions concerning mankind. What are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? The answers are provable, no less through a preserved system of experiential knowledge.

    This knowledge is of such paramount importance that it has been carefully preserved and revealed only to sincere seekers through a process of initiation so that it can be processed internally in undiluted form.

    Now some relatively recent organizations of a questionable nature have used the name ‘illuminati’ as their banner & these ‘highly secretive & organized’ groups have been exposed by the man on the street. HOW CAN THIS BE?

    I am now appealing to the truly open & discerning minds out there who are reading this. The truth in its complete form will always have to be closely guarded from those who would seek to exploit its potential power.

    The real conspiracy here is that those groups who hold the status quo such as religious fanatics & other politically orientated bodies make a decisive effort to use the ancient terms & symbols of enlightenment in a smear campaigns against those who are trying to liberate the collective consciousness of humanity.

    The misuse of esoteric symbolism such as the all-seeing eye by political groups who would seek to profit from organized war is part of the conspiracy.

    The Protectors are being accused by the perpetrators and cunningly so. Its called disinformation: the truth is subtlely mixed with lies in order to confuse and disorientate you. Why? Because we as creative Being are exceptionally powerful when focusing our mental & psychic faculties.

    Remember the saying, ‘together we stand, divided we fall’? Those who oppose unity between people, cultures, religions and governments are the ones who trying to keep mankind divided and easy to prey upon, either deliberately or through ignorance. In essence, both are the same.

    It’s come to a point now that whenever anyone hears the terms ‘One World Government’& ‘New World Order’, they immediately think of intents for world domination rather than world unity. This is EXACTLY what they want. They want you to resist the global shift in consciousness.

    The media & consumerism are their tools for distraction. It’s always ‘us and them’ whether it’s in terms of religion or politics, isn’t it? Why do you think we aren’t supposed to discuss the two subjects? Not because it might offend but because people might start connecting the dots and focusing on our similarities rather than our differences.

    Not all of this is conspiracy though. The collective consciousness of humanity is a reflection of its individual hopes and fears. We put these groups in power, we are responsible for the world as it is and it is our responsibility to change it. We are afraid, due to ignorance, to move out of our comfort zones and do a little mental work in order to expand ourselves. It’s easier to blame the devil or the illuminati for our shortcomings rather than working on perfecting ourselves, isn’t it?

    Listen carefully to what’s going on around you. Don’t believe everything you read or watch because a great deal of it is coming from the ignorant & half truths are even more dangerous to you than lies.

    There can never be a united ‘One World government’, a ‘New World Order’ or an ‘Age of Enlightenment’ in the purest sense of these terms until we come together.
    First, you have to go within, try change things from the inside by evolution rather than revolution.

    The New World Revolution is a revolution of the mind.

    Free yours

  • Yodai 4 years ago

    Excuse-me but, doesn’t anyone see the huge dangers in these premises?

    1- Considering that USA are spreading democracy arround is -at least- disinformed. Anyone with a wide understanding of the world that not only reads the news of the american media will know that the goal of USA army is NOT to spread democracy, but to secure natural resources and assure the dollar’s dominance. Much like any other big nation has done before from Rome to the 3rd Reich passing through the English Empire…

    2- Trying to link Atlantis to the states -however I might believe it has been tried by some of the prominent people of the US- without understanding and explaining it’s dangers is, at least, condescending towards anyone with a little history knowledge. I know of another nation that tried to link it’s “eternal roots” to Atlantis, that was the 3rd Reich under Adolf Hitler. And with the excuse of becoming great again they comited atrocities against humanity, much like the states is doing now saying it’s “to spread democracy”

    It comes to mind that beautiful passage of the animal farm:

    Written on the wall of the farm were the main comanding precepts of the animals that revolted against humans and the first one read:

    “we are all equal”

    after a little while with the pigs in power, nobody could remember really when, but it changed just a little:

    “we are all equal, but some are more equal than others”

    Keep an informed and inquiring mind, don’t let them fill it with junnk.