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Dr. Michael Persinger lectures on psychotropic drugs and investigates the nature of consciousness: What it is and how it can be modified by drugs, particularly those that have political and economic impact.

Persinger focuses much of his work on the commonalities that exist between the sciences, and aims to integrate fundamental concepts of various branches of science. He organized the Behavioral Neuroscience Program at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, which became one of the first to integrate chemistry, biology and psychology.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of much of his work, Persinger insists on publishing his techniques and results within the public forum (the scientific literature). Except for $10,000 given to him in 1983 by a researcher from the U.S. Navy who had an interest in magnetic fields and brain activity, his private practice has supported all of his work. Laurentian University supplies only space and infrastructure. Recently, Persinger has received grants from a Canadian SIDS foundation.

During the 1980s Persinger stimulated people’s temporal lobes artificially with a weak magnetic field to see if he could induce a religious state (see God helmet). He found that the field could produce the sensation of “an ethereal presence in the room”.

Susan Blackmore, a former academic psychologist and parapsychology researcher: “When I went to Persinger’s lab and underwent his procedures I had the most extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had.” “I’ll be surprised if it turns out to be a placebo effect.”

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  • This is very interesting. Why a low rating?

  • A wonderfully open minded professor, I could listen to him all day, fascinating subject.

  • Stephanie 6 years ago

    I enjoyed listening to him. Great info.

  • Hashish does come from an arabic word but the arabic word does not mean Assassin. It means grass which is why they had to generalize the word to grass so other people wouldn’t know what it is.

  • KanadianKain 6 years ago

    i quit drugs when i was 16 (pot, mush, and all pharmicudiacals) . but i smoke and drank.

    about 9 months ago, i NEEDED to quit drinking and smoking. i have a very very addictive personality. anywho, i spent months researching pot. (as my replacement for booze and cigs) watched like 20 hours of documentaries. read loads of medical articles
    but this video here, has explained ‘drugs’ to me better than anything ive ever seen or read.

    it doesnt seem like an interesting watch. but trust me, it is.

    just wish it had more eye candy
    (pictures, video clips, interview, classroom full of bikini models… whatever :)

  • Well done doc, really interesting video. I’ll think about this next time i take an hallucinogen.

    Greetings from Sweden!

  • Chewupablotter 5 years ago

    What a Dude! All the comments are true, it looks a tad like it might be incredibly dull, but it really is interesting and gave me quite a reassuring sense that there are still GOOD people about, doing good things, and questioning everything.
    Personally think I fell in Love with the professor, ha ha, wouldn’t mind sharing his chocolate and ice cream breakfast, after a camberwell carrot of course!

  • haha the guy at 34:23 is stoned!!!!!!!

  • Very interesting and accurate information. Recommended. I would love to meet this guy.

  • Jason 4 years ago

    Amazing! i wish more people were as open minded as he is, all i know is i want what ever hes smoking ;P

  • Mental 4 years ago

    Light drugs in small dosages is a must… of course not frequent use.

  • christofchronic 4 years ago

    I thought this guy made popcorn.

  • Wiser 4 years ago


    I’m getting the strange psychic impression that you didn’t understand half of the technical/scientific things he said due to your lack of scientific knowledge. Oh..what do ya know, my impression was right ^_^.

    Btw what do I have to smoke to reach the sort of stupor you were in when you posted that comment?

  • Wiser 4 years ago

    dim witted comment too.

  • Concerned 1 year ago

    This guy is a little misleading. He says Hoffman discovered LSD while looking for a cure to migraines. This is wrong. He was looking for a treatment for labour.
    He says ayahuasca is dangerous to the powers that be because we could read minds and there could be no state secrets. This is foolishness. Terence McKenna mused,
    “Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” I would add that they ground you to nature and make you a more sensitive and caring individual (in the right set and setting of course).
    He says consciousness is just a loop of brain feedbacks and doesn’t acknowledge the contradiction of the electromagnetic nature of consciousness as evidenced by his ‘God helmet’. He says drugs work because they structurally emulate neurotransmitters, and does not explain how the same drug effects are emulated by the helmet. It’s an interesting dualism.
    He propagates the propaganda that hashish comes from the French word ‘assassin’ because it makes you feel invincible and want to kill people. This was proto-Orwellian language invented by Napoleon’s spin artists to illegalize hemp and tarnish its connotation in (French) public consciousness. This guy is clearly high on some blue-pilled knowledge.