Other Worlds

Ayahuasca, the holy plant which the indigenous people and shamans of the Amazon have known as a powerful holistic purgative medicine capable of great healing and transformation for thousands of years. The documentary Other Worlds : A Journey Into The Heart Of Shipibo Shamanism by Jan Kounen primarily shows the therapeutic power of the Shamans and their plant teachers. This power is a type of ancestral psychoanalysis or human psychotherapy backed by 4,000 years of experience and practice.

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  • music nerd 6 years ago

    They used a song by Popol Vuh, nemely, Engel der Gegenwart, that somebody played on a electric guitar. But they did not credit it! Not even on imdb!

    Popol Vuh was a german group that took its name from maya traditions. Long before todays Maya-hype. Good music recomendation by the way.

  • roger 5 years ago

    wow this was a very innterresting film.i could really put my self into the things beeing said and all the discoveries that was and has been made here.
    id like to go down there som time soon and have a session of healing with a real shaman.
    i think it would do me really good.
    and yes,psychedelics should be respected not just be taken for the hekk of it or for fun and laughs….it will only lead ones fucus of reality into deeper nstates of unawareness ….i have had experiences like that and it can take years to repear the damage if not beeing guided properly when first beeing lost!