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Sequel to the popular film Esoteric Agenda, this movie focuses on human and universal consciousness and points out a psychich disease that mankind has induced that is creating insane illusions which is allegedly the main cause of pain and suffering. Kymatica goes deeper into the metaphysical aspects of reality and connects ancient myths and history with modern ways of society and political outcome. Explains shamanism, duality, and reality behind DNAs and modern false beliefs. Kymatica is another movie which attempts to point out the fundamental misconception that humankind are facing today that has resulted in imbalance between planet, nature and species. Made by filmmaker Ben Stewart.

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    I can not wait to learn more about this!

  • Amazing. Absolutely brilliant. A great sequal.

  • Even though this movie has some nice ideas it is so full of mixed up facts and blatant lies, I would not recommend people to watch it. In no way can I share the oppinion of the writers before me. Sorry. Nice try, but get your facts straightened out. The strangest connections are made.

  • Heather 8 years ago

    I absolutely loved this video. It was a very truthful and spiritual reality check for every single one of us who live in this Universe. Of course there are going to be those naysayers who spread disinformation about the truth – who try and sway us and keep us under the blanket of unconsciousness – but thanks to Ben Stewart and other enlightened individuals – the truth is reaching us. I like how people profess there are lies and mixed up facts but then can’t recite any. Don’t be swayed by those who try and continue to control you. Open your eyes and believe. These are the facts people – I’ve done my own research and I’ve seen my own self and I can tell you that this film is the real TRUTH. And yes, it is completely and absolutely brilliant! LOVED IT.

    Peace and love to everyone out there!

  • This movie was absolutely and completely irrational, and contradictory. Within the first seven minutes the narrator begins to describe the universe and planets as conscious, following up with definition of the word organism. The real issue with this statement is not that they are not organisms, but that they are not conscious. The dictionary defines consciousness as “-perceiving, apprehending, or noticing with a degree of controlled thought or observation” which I have seen no proof of. To make such a statement and back it up with nothing at all is quite bold. The argument that that oscillating frequencies are governing everything, not only says “No” to the question of free will, but gives no explanation to the reason for diversified species populations. Resonating frequencies have been known of for a very long time and can do wonderful things, but this isn’t new neither is it forgotten. In scientific practice frequency analysis is very common. The part about american law may or may not be true but it doesn’t concern me because I dislike america. The part after american law is also completely illogical from a scientific stand point as it uses words that don’t really mean what he is trying to make them mean. The statement “the brain has electromagnetic energy that when all used up turns into kinetic energy” means “the brain has electromagnetic energy that when used up turns into a physical force capable of moving mass”. I stopped watching it after that because it lost all credibility after that many mistakes for me.

  • Christopher 8 years ago

    This video is horrible. And the guy is an idiot. When he’s not lying, he’s making stuff up. All the while pretending he’s Peter Joseph and Zeitgeist. He’s a smug little poser who has no clue what he’s talking about. He talks just to hear himself talk. He should not be taken seriously. He is, in fact, amateurish.

  • Rocketbanana 8 years ago

    Don’t mind Christopher and Adam, whos egos apparently got hurt watching fractions of this film. This film in fact deals with highly esoteric knowledge, especially the part regarding;law. In fact this film deals with something extremely important, how to break away from the corporate monster that tries to make us a part of it’s cells, don’t be a cell be the organism, hence be one with all, because it is all one. Peace

  • sbzon 8 years ago

    Excellent movie. At the top of my list of favorites. And I’ve watched them all. Or so it seems. You brought new ideas to the forefront that the others will hopefully latch on to.

    Only a seeming fool would argue against exploring the inner workings of their true self. A bundle of happiness-seeking, creative gods attracting like minded-spirited conscious beings. From A to Z — from the arts to zero point field and everything beneath and beyond is your playground. The true self is limitless.

    The anti-civilization is a prison for your mind. Unplug from it. With the authority of your mind and actions you create the civilization of the Universe, where others join you in eternal happiness and abundance.

  • sbzon 8 years ago

    The freedom of choice is one aspect of consciousness that identifies what consciousness is. As he says in the movie, man is the only animal that has freedom of choice. Kind of hard to see the Universe as having freedom of choice and thus consciousness. If the Universe is conscious it is because conscious beings made it so by filling it with consciousness.

  • nousername 8 years ago

    what a poor uneducated piece of work, he should go to school again…

  • I’m with you, Adam. I almost want to say that this intelligent, but wildly misdirected, filmmaker must be a sufferer of temporal lobe seizures. The ideas set forth are based on old and wrong assumptions. The idea that a word can affect the temperature of a room…come on! The planet is not a thinking organism because of any electro-magnetic signal that is present. That is like saying the sun is trying to kill it’s child earth and it’s inhabitants by throwing out XRay sigmoids in Coronal Mass Ejections to destroy our electrical grid and kill off millions of people (cells). (Not to be confused with Coronal Mass Ejaculations.) COME ON!

    Leonard Horowitz DMD (yes DMD… a dentist) is a conspiracy theorist that believes that AIDS was created by the US Government as a biological weapon. The same dentist that bended the truth in the Dr. Acer case. The same dentist that was shut down by the FDA for lying about a cure for SARS. The same Dentist that claims that Nixon was behind the creation of a HIV/AIDS eradication program targeted at Black people in the 1970’s …even though all evidence points to the fact that HIV/AIDS surfaced around the early Th century.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to believe that there is a higher pattern to the world. I just can’t see that this film is correct in many of it’s assumptions.

    And it misquotes Nietzsche. The film changes eye to viewpoint.

    “As long as you still experience the stars as something “above you”, you lack the eye of knowledge.”
    — Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    Nietzsche was, at best, an agnostic. This quote has been recast by the filmmaker to be astro-psychology. It is not. Nietzsche was saying that the “stars above you” are hot balls of gas. Not that there is some mystical force holding them up there. From his writings he refers to himself as a skeptic and he equates skepticism with atheism. How is that quote, then, to mean anything other than, “…from the viewpoint of science”.

    The Quote from Michael Tsarion is really what motivated me to write this. I am not normally one to make comments like that about a film, but this one is so out-there that I had to say something. Michael Tsarion…Michael Fucking Tsarion. Never a truth-bender such as he. Deleted from Wikipedia. How can you be soooo out-there that you get deleted from the inheriently partially fictitious Wikipedia. DELETED! I respect George Noory, and what he does. As a fellow radio guy, I get the value of the service he provides. His interview with Tsarion was complete… You have to believe me, I beg you, to believe me…that this is total bullshit!

  • K first, i agree that there seems to be facts in this film that are totally bogas, However… as he said in the first one, “dont follow me, dont beleave me, go find out for yourself.”, Right? And after considerable research youll find that though there are mistakes or parts of the film that seem like nothing more than bullshit, there’s still a shitload of it that is true and in front of most peoples faces, and there just to ignorant to accept it. Im very pleased with both the first and second one because it has brought things to my intention that I would never have noticed on my own, and giving me the inspiration to look into these fact’s myself, therefore being able to make educated choices on what is true and not true in this film.

  • Amazing eyeopener.

    Best quote ever (and perfectly fitting to all harsh & bashy critiques) :
    “we take a million september 11th over one moment of true insight towards our selfhate”

    sadly. so true :/

  • WordClock 8 years ago

    Enough of what this film teaches is true. Many of the things claimed in this film would be better understood by either watching the first film or by researching this topic on your own before trying to call the claims bogus. While the film does contradict itself a few times this is only due to a lack in time available to explain properly which is why I referred back to the first film, which I’d never seen before watching this one. It helped. I have a strange feeling that the people who get upset over films like this and the negative comments made here are due to the fact that it contradicts modern religion which tends to scare people. It’s time to rise and shine people;

  • Aragorn 8 years ago

    The negatives here are quite shocking in that they denigrate on the basis that something is stupid and then offer no proper argument as to why?

    The best attempt was utter nonsense. Just because someone is a Dentist, does it mean they cannot be telling the truth? What would it take a Dr (a pusher of Drug company drugs??)??

    Nietzche’s work does not rule out afterlife or higher intelligence at all, what are you talking about?

    Tsarion being deleted from Wikipaedia? Is there not many other reasons that this could have happened than that his work is not correct?

    Silly rebutes not worth the cyber space written on.

  • ya know, even if this movie is 100% fiction, I felt good watching it. I watched it 3 times. I liked it. I felt good, what can I say.

  • Wow ignorance people out there. Why so much negativity. IF you don’t like it you don’t like it doesn’t mean is false or wrong. How do you know you’re right and he is wrong what makes you right. How about all you naysayers other there make a movie that says hes wrong and you’re right. And lets see how many naysayers comment on ur video.

  • Mental 8 years ago

    Well, it’s okay material.. though I’ve seen and heard all of it in David Icke’s “Beyond the Cutting Edge”. Personally I like more Icke, he is a real spokesman, he can talk about serious stuff and make fun of it, which is more complex I believe, so thats why I prefer watching him and I respect him aswell.

    So nothing new for me here. I recommend ye guys to read books about this topics (for example – “Gods of the New Millennium” by Alan F.Alford), so ye can be more aware.

  • The point to this film is to open your mind and eyes to whats been fed to you since birth. Step out of your little box that’s been created out of fear.It doesn’t matter what your religion is or if you believe the earth is an intelligent organism or not. We have given our personal power up to our supposed leaders. We were born free and have the right to live our lives free, without control or manipulation. Life as we know it is imbalanced, we have lost our ability to imagine, dream, and connect to the life force energy that runs through all things. We’ve become programmed…robots…slaves. We’ve been sucked into a system where the rich get more rich and the poor suffer. Where we believe our worth is determined by how hard we work, how much we gain in material possessions, and our outer beauty. We must free ourselves from the prison of our minds and see our true beauty and potential. See the wonderful manifestation of the earth and her many wonders. Understand that we are of the earth and not separate.
    You can’t deny consciousness, its as evident as the stars in the sky.

  • junis 8 years ago

    The video is synchretic and lacks a cinematic structure. It’s nice to see people so positively effected by it; but this, along with other videos like it, have the paranoid’s imprint of trying to make disparate pieces fit a single explanation or set of assumptions. The obvious ideas are argued to death while the most far-field notions are presented as matter-of-fact. There’s a lack of rigorous self-questioning on the part of its creator and an obsession with proving ideas and concepts that defy proof, most notably that evolution applies only to the Self and the Self is the Universe, God, Infinity.

    I think it would be more interesting to see a video where someone actually shot video and tried to capture life and tell a story reflecting these hard to grasp metaphysical truths than all this theorizing and hacking up of academic research.

    Voice-over narration on top of low-res stock photos and video is not a film, it’s a journal entry, and an impersonal one at that.

    As much as I love PJ and his work with Zeitgeist, I’m afraid he has set a bad example on a lot of levels –enabling less critical minds to use his model and present New Age babble without reproach.

  • junis 8 years ago

    there is a good half-hour movie here, though. you just have to really wade through some muck —

  • jessica 7 years ago

    The earth is conscious of itself. damn people are ignorant. its very sad. :(

  • In the Beginning, the talk of the earth being conscious was interesting. Although when he started talking about our alienable rights and goverment controlling people in the lost society he notes that a natural person does not have to abide by these laws. How can you be a natural person and evade the goverment if the goverment doesnt see anyone as a natural person. it is not as simple as just opening your eyes.

  • Cypunk 7 years ago

    DUUUUUDE, THIS SUCKS. I CANT BELIEVE THAT I JUST SPENT ONE HOUR OF MY LIFE ON THIS BULLCRAP!!! YES WE ARE ALL ONE BODY ITS JUST THAT ONE LITTLE PART OF IT (MY GRANDMOTHER) IS NOW EVOLVING 6FT UNDER THE GROUND WHILE OTHER LITTLE PART (WORMS) IS EATING HER DEAD BODY. BUT WHO NEEDS BODY ANYWAY, SHE IS FREE NOW RIGHT? and those dvd’s u sell up there FOR MONEY, those are one body with us too? oh thats great ill just start being sad because im slave to a society, and than ill do my fear false ego thinking and buy your DVD cause thats whats gonna save me… thanks dude, i really couldnt do this without you…

    and all of you people WHAT THE FUCK YOU MEAN when you say OPEN YOUR EYES A? WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY? that i should be aware that im part of a corporate machine? cause I AM and i am aware of it! that i should do something about it? yeah ill just grab my ak-47 that i have in my basement and play some Austrian Death Machine on my mp3 player and start shooting at cops and people from government!!! yes ill risk things that i like to do and things that make me, ME just so i could contribute a little bit to a balance of the universe..Fuckoff

    fuckin weirdos…

  • I believe this video was AMAZING. I agree if you did not like the video it does not mean is wrong, just means you’re a moron for being ignorant. And for those who think this is telling you TO KILL CORPORATIONS- you’re wrong. People are free to think what they want and this is just an eye opener, you’re not forced to believe it. I PERSONALLY LOVED IT!

  • there will always be haters .. its part of it .. there has to be 2 sides or more… its pretty rational a lot of people are gonna be blind as F!@K at rays of light so strong as these kind of documentaries … things like these enlighten and help yourself unite those dots weve gathered throughout our life, cus weve lacked the knowledge of language to even articulate sometimes what our conciousness tells us, YES eye openers like this tap into our dna code FK YEA !@!@

  • knutten 7 years ago

    This is a joke. The starting thought seems to be that we “evolve” – there is no such thing in kosmos as evolution! Wake up!

    We have every thing from the time we was created in our origin home – it’s Devolution!

  • I hope people realise that these so called truth documentaries are complete bullshit. The so called ”facts” present, are presented in such a manner to bewilder the view.

    Overall I’m disappointed that so many people I know come to believe this shit, just because its in the form of documentary.

  • David. Shut up.

  • Please don’t tell people to shut up Smo. This commentary section is free of moderation except spam so everybody gets their say.

  • One must be a bit careful in saying that that space or the cosmos does not evolve, as Knutten suggests. Evolution is “evolving from one state to another”as is evident everywhere you look, be it on earth or in the kosmos. Some of you chaps are using rather unintelligent, vulgar language. It doesn’t improve your image, rather brings you down to the level of a bunch of troglodytes.

  • The people that criticize this are exactly the people who should be actually watching / listening to it. All the insults. The entire universe really is inside of your mind. Literally. What is the universe? Signals sent to your brain, nothing more. Or so we are told by science, which again, being part of the universe, is just inside of your mind. Its a completely self invented reality. That’s how you can tell you are actually God, just like the dude says. Nothing is external. Its all an illusion.

    I would say just ignore the people who talk smack about it and/or delete the insults from the forum. Either you’re going to be open to it or you’re just brainwashed by the majority of the world and happy living in your illusion! More power too you just stop insulting the vid its all 100% true. How do I know? I thought of it all myself before I was told any of this, it’s all inherently logically obvious if you just do some introspection and reflect on reality a bit. I knew much of this by simply meditating on my own, years ago, when i was just a wee lad, waaay before any vids like this were even avail. Then blam all of a sudden lots of people are saying the same thing i came up by using logic with in my own mind so very long ago. Because I created them.

    Clearly, my mind created the vid. As did yours. But my mind created your mind and your mind created my mind. That’s how you know we are both one and the same entity, God. Hi God! I love it when ‘religious’ people get angry when you say this, its funny. Relax, relax, the words you are reading you are actually creating yourself, in your own mind. So really you’re just pissing yourself off. How do you stop pissing yourself off? just relax, close your eyes for about a week, and then you’ll see.

    So if you don’t get it, your negative comments are just distracting from all the people who want to discuss what they liked about the film. Of course you don’t think it’s true if you aren’t open to the ideas. Thats the whole point. you’ve been brainwashed, don’t feel bad. He talks about that in the film. Thats what happens when you criticize something you don’t even understand. Either relax and listen or go away realizing you just don’t understand what the people who like it do understand. You could understand if you wanted to, but you don’t want to because you’re not comfortable with the power the film gives you, right from the get-go he starts off telling you that you are God basically. The implication is you have the power to control your reality, something which puts the responsibility on your own shoulders rather than the rest of the world. He says all this in the vid i don’t know why i even bother to reason with you people. Tom said it really well when he simply quoted the film:
    “we take a million september 11th over one moment of true insight towards our selfhate”

    That’s whats funny the film supports itself we don’t even need to defend it. The best defense is the flick itself. discussion is really almost pointless. Its all about self-introspection, not really discussion anyways. The only point of discussing it is just if you enjoy doing so, like myself. If you want to understand it, just waaaatch it. twice. three times. ten times, if you want to understand it. If you want to understand it, just keeep watching it until you get it. or dont, i really don’t care, you’re just a figment of my imagination. Basically i’m just sitting here arguing with myself. pretty pointless really. i should just not even bother. but what the hell, its fun.

    The whole message is just take responsibility for your own reality, because after all, its just yours and only yours. its not that hard. Well, literally it is for most people actually. Don’t sweat it maybe you’ll understand someday. Definitely yes it is for all ages, and all people who have any sort of …i don’t know what. Ability to be introspective i guess.

    So remember YOU are the one who decided to watch the film in the first place, so if you didnt’ like it, its YOUR fault. Should have just gone and watched some good ol’ sports games on tv instead huh? Live and learn, live and learn.

    I think that the moderator should make a rule for this forum that it should be that its okay to make comments about the film IF you understand the film. Otherwise, whats the point of even commenting? I don’t go to nasa and tell them their computer programs are just a bunch of gibberish.

    But then again those people give us something to talk about, the film is so complete, there’s not much to really discuss other than how great it is unless we have people saying it sucks, which now that I think about it is awesome, thank you, you helped spice up the discussion a bit.

    Anyways I love to discuss this stuff so anyone who wants to have an intelligent discussion friend me on facebook or email me

  • I was reading the comments. I notice those that don’t agree are those that we are talking about . fear – is an emotional response to a threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger.

    We have a hunger of the mind which asks for knowledge of all around us, and the more we gain, the more is our desire; the more we see, the more we are capable of seeing.” – Maria Mitchell

    Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the believer. So believe the answer will come. It will

    A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten – Peace
    I am sharing with everyone. I am working to know myself. Thank U

  • I think the point made at the end of the piece i.e “who has any right to tell anyone what is right and wrong. Think for yourself and take responsibility” well that message to me seems to hold some integrity. It’s funny when I hear angered comments – like baby’s throwing a fit tantrum! You guys should check yourselves…even though…we all love you. LOL

  • Athanasius Pernath 7 years ago

    If you seriously have a problem with this movie, then you are seizing on small details and semantically convincing yourself that there is a flaw. Then you go about figuring out how better to build this notion up to an opinion that you can hold above others’. This is a delusional pattern. I disagree with 99% of the world, but I don’t go trolling forums or telling people they are stupid for not believing what I do. I and others like me don’t do that because we know we could very well be wrong ourselves, so investing my personality in my convictions just isn’t attractive to me and others like me on this board. But it’s not just the fear of being wrong that causes this overcompensation, isn’t it? It’s this sense of smugness that is exuding from every sentence you haters write. You get off on feeling smarter than everybody. Not actually being smarter, just the mirthless, pleasurable disdain for everyone who isn’t you or like you. Deny if you will, but I know at least one of you is squirming in your rubber pants. Can’t you just watch a film about esoteric subjects and try to see how it could be right instead of tearing it apart? you don’t have to believe it to consider the implications if it were true. Your virulent reaction is a clear sign of your necrotic mental state. Let go of your traumatized ego and admit you will never actually know what you believe, and don’t let that stop you from believing anything either.

    And now you will project everything I just said about you back onto me. Go ahead, project away. It will only make my point that much stronger.

  • iH8NewAgers 7 years ago

    All of you infant new-agers who grasp onto this bullshit sound completely insane. Clear your heads. You have successfully fallen into a trap by choice and consent. God have mercy on your souls. Thats right, you have a soul, you are not a soul. Oh yeah, terrible movie not worth a refutation – dont waste your time.

  • DontH8theHaters 7 years ago

    Excellent video. As for all the haters you need to get your facts straight before slating the film and the people that enjoyed it. iH8NewAgers calls the people watching this, “infant new agers” and goes on to say that they have fallen into some sort of new age trap. If he/she would of bothered to watch the film they would of heard Henrik Palmgren slate the new age movement and say that it is all a trap. You also have Ted Seay having a go at Michael Tsarion for daring to appear in the film. I would be interested to know what he didnt like about what M.T said, was it the part about George W Bush being related to the monarchy, or the part about indigenous tribes being deliberately slaughtered down the ages? Even if you dont like the person or what there saying Ted, facts are still facts, and truth’s still truth’s! I’d like to think that most of these haters have some darker agenda but unfortunately it just seems like plain old ignorance and stupidity. I think its the case of the sheep trying to lead the sheep(even if they are unaware that there doing it), but unfortunately for them and fortunately for most that have commented on here, we are not sheep.

  • Ding-Dong TheAcidRainisFalling 7 years ago

    Look Around.
    Humanity is not evolving, due to profit-oriented social engineering by political MORONS, and intentional media-propelled dumbing-down, HUMANITY has DEVOLVED…watch
    “Idiocracy”; it’s a more accurate documentary.

  • to iH8NewAgers: Thank you i will have mercy on my own soul.

  • to iH8NewAgers: Thank you god i will have mercy on my own soul.

  • hey moderator can you delete the first comment i made at 21:29 on 12/25 i improved it by adding the word god

  • note the distinct division of opinions regarding this subject. Sometimes i wonder if that is what 2012 will bring us. enlightened people could attain ultimate enlightenment and brainwashed people can either become ultimately enlightened as well or just stay brainwashed if they like maybe. it doesn’t seem like there’s much middle ground. Seems like there should be. if there were a middle ground what would it be?
    ps happy 2010th birthday jesus!

  • Kyrme 7 years ago

    Its good to know this information on our miraculous lives is been spread openly for those who can use it rather than be forced upon the viewer. I’ve felt this for years…this relative energy surrounding all matter and now more and more of us are coming out the shadows to be heard and finally appreciated.
    Take this if you can, and delve further, we are all one religion, and deep down inside we all know it, but are scared to throw away everything anyones ever done for the religions and ‘democracy’ that we (the west)have fought so long and hard to protect to this day.

    I wish we could all embrace this stunningly beautiful ideology that these dedicated brothers put forward, but unfortunately the harsh ignorant uneducated and closed minded factory rollers of today are too worried to make a stand, for the sake and stability of keeping ones family afloat in a world such as this today, is too much just to take everything you’ve ever worked for out the window. This brainwashed lifestyle we all live in seems to have been to throughly installed within our sheepish, competitive society, and sadly it seems to late…for this generation anyway. It may take a few more years before this true conscienceless starts to become widely taken in. Our general global intelligence is not good enough to really cope with this yet, boy i wish it was…All of this all of it…has been fashioned and institutionalized to such a degree by the ‘man’ that these evil doers are almost to the point of banishing true thought forever, but films such as this, and the wonderful uncensored freedom of the internet is helping this peaceful comeback have a new chance at revival!!!!

    After searching through mountains of information online, It is utterly convincing that something major is for sure afoot about what we are told and what is really happening are two very different things, it actually very scary to think people could do this, but they have and will continue to cover our eyes until we start looking in the right direction!!! Human Freedom…Who’s with me!! Love and energy to one and all…except those lost souls who help shade this over our eyes……………Love or Fear? you make the choice x x

  • change 7 years ago

    personally, though i have yet to watch this film, but upon reading the negative comments i can clearly see the denial and repression people have been taught to have towards such or any TRUE knowledge, as explained in Esoteric Agenda, the film prior this one.

    I hold no hate or anger toward any of the misguided but simply sympathy. Despite the facts that may or may not have been distorted. Esoteric Agenda taught me to look at life in a whole new perspective. That one needs to conquer all of your lifes fears, and let Love into your heart and life. Though i have only recently seen this film a week ago, it’s TRUTH’s hold power. Love is all we need, is there any reason not to love?

    I could honestly testify that this last week has been the most revelational week of my life. I have never been so at peace or even as happy as i’ve ever been with myself and everyone around me.

    Surely have seen the change and joy i’ve brought to those who i’ve shared this message with and of course encouraged them to never settle on anything your told as TRUTH but to seek your own TRUTH because that is what matters.

    But i think the most important thing to take from all of this, more or less from Esoteric, is that, “…every little thing, is gonna be alright.” and that is from the heart, that is my reality. Love everybody, Love

  • A.Lara 7 years ago

    Great Film ..Documentary…People need to wake up. Thats all there is to say. In the meantime, i’ll be changing the energy around me and changing the world vibration in a positive manner …with my mind. Who’s gonna tell me i can’t…If i believe it..HUH! I believe in myself more than anything or person or idol..PERIOD..i will change the world on my own…I’ll continue to chant down babylon , the system, or whatever you call it. I’ve felt this way waaaaaay b 4 i say this film..this film has only heightened my research…its not bull shit..its real.But hey, thats the problem …only real people understand real information. I still love you all ..even the sheeplike naysayers.

  • A.Lara 7 years ago

    Good job for putting this together bro…real talk.

  • chrishowred 7 years ago

    Wow, all I can say is that a lot of people like drinking Hatorade!!

  • BrianLandon 7 years ago

    As PT Barnum said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”
    This is snake oil, and not at its best. It even misquotes and uses statements from scientists that in no way have any relevance to fact.

    Can I sell you a used car?

  • jerrypoQ 7 years ago

    hey Dove – thank you for sharing your wisdom. i recognize that one doesn’t just figure that out over night. you must ‘live deep and suck out all the marrow of life’

  • jerrypoQ 7 years ago

    one point i disagree with in the film re: repression of our urges causing illness – yes, to a point…like anything else in life it needs to be taken in moderation. the extreme in any direction brings forth illness. excessive self gratification brings an overblown sense of entitlement and hedonistic ideals. which i feel is counter to all true spritual disciplines and teachings of the great avatars. Man was created with a hole in his heart, a hole that cannot be filled by power, possession or knowledge. Only your connection with God. Discipline has been the key to spirtual development – more internal attunement, rather than external influence

  • Michael 7 years ago

    This video needs to be played in theaters to help the mass awakening of everyone of this planet! We need to start finding out who we really are and start living life in a different style of society.

  • I didn’t watch all of this. This movie is interesting on a philosophical level, but so many people seem to have taken all it’s half truths to heart it’s crazy. next time you are in court see how far that whole natural person stuff goes. He has it backwards. corporate entities are interpreted as natural persons under the law, not the otjher way around. This movie, as othjers have noted, doesn’t back up it’s most outlandish claims with any evidence, and misinterprets many things. Is it total bullshit? no. is it all true? no. nietsche said, god is dead. I think that makes anything he says most likely to rule out him having any idea of a creator. We need government, and corporations. without them we wouldnt be having this discussion. It seems a common idea in films liek this to evoke certain words that get peoples emotions up, like vibrations, and media juggernauts, drug companies, traffic citations etc all using words most ppl have aversion to when discussing things to be cast negatively, and more positive words or the converse..

    I am a skeptic and a philosopher, thus i hold the truth will stand to scrutiny. As one poster mentioned, this guy is obviously intelligent, and i agree, ebing so myself. There are good points though. We are one world, and with the internet more ocnnected than ever. I’m not sure I buy the whole, corru[tion of language motif though either. Sure certain words can evoke states of mind that can change blood pressure. People piss me off, it goes up, people calm me it goes down. Didnt need to open my eyes to that. As far as i know, in synagogues all over hebrew is still spoken, but i’ve heard no accounts of mattter being adjusted into divine shapes. And no mention that the Egyptians held a belief that a word was magic, to speak a god’s name was to incarante it and to control it. That shouldve been in there too.

    The concept of male and female, yin and yang, matter and energy is viable, but of what practical consequence? The whole thing about the barrier in a courtroom paralleling boarding a ship is a valid observation but misses the point, It was there to separate the crowd from the parties concerned for portection and symbolism, Also civil law, criminal law and maritime law all had seprate inceptions and domains. It seems the author takes lcaims made in obscure books and states them as if they are established fact, which is not good documantarism.

    He evokes many ideas from Freud, but of what i saw never credits it and goes as far to say Jung “discovered” we share a conciouness and continues this to reiinforce the idea we are all one consciousness. What Jung meant is there are aspects of mind that al humans have, not that we al share a mind like conjoined twins share a single organ.

    I think all in all, it has some good effects, especially the philosopher in me thaty sees most of the world ignorant to so many important ideas. But It doesn’t take lies and half truths to awaken peoples minds, also it will take more than people watching a film to resahape society.

    I could have formatted this better, but it is a blog after all, and a late night rant at that.But maybe some of you will think. And to the filmaker, you are at least partially, on the right track, spend more time checking your info and backing up your claims with proof, and you may be btter and more widely recieved,

  • For all those critics who think they know everything, go and compile your own movie and see how well you do. For all those posters that gave Ben Stewart the thumbs up, your my kinder consciousness.

  • mike66 7 years ago

    there is only one God and he is in charge of everything.he created everything even you stupid asses who contribute to the downfall of mankind and participate in the spreading of lies and ignorance.there is a special place for you and its warm.God is in control of everything and one and nothing else has the power or the glory.all glory and honor to Jesus name Amen.

  • this is new age bullshit.

  • hey ion smoke another joint and go into your own reality by yourself!!!!!!

  • This film depends a lot of ideas that come from the conspiracy theory community, so I take a lot of the individual arguments with a grain of salt. I agree with it’s general argument, about questioning authorities and individual spirituality. I’ve only seen 42 minutes so far, but am enjoying it with an accompanying skepticism. Skepticism works in asking good questions, but not when it paralyzes you from acting in ways you think are right.

  • I finished it and was interested enough to watch Esoteric Agenda as well. (I have a lot of free time taking care of two children) Although, I agree with the more positive conclusions made in both, I find there’s to many jumps made without much evidence. I feel lots of people are working against our best interests as human beings and have for a long time, but assuming it’s all based on a small elite group pushes things to far. However, it was worth watching. NOw, I’m going to read a book called Pronoia by Robert Bresley that points out all the things working in out favor to bless our lives to balance things out.

  • ken park 7 years ago

    For all the negative people shouting about how this is bullshit, etc. I have one thing to say to you. Stop taking things so serious and trying to prove it against some other authority that you perceive to be the truth. Your out in the open giving an example of your selfhate. Just like the point made in the film. While you are looking for authorities of the truth you will continue to be dominated by authorities and as a collective, lead us into destruction as a whole. Who is anyone to declare the truth in such a vast universe. It’s your responsibility to decide this and not project it on others. Just be at peace. Stop being so wrapped up in your egos. Get over it and enjoy life.

  • Gurra 7 years ago

    Have you not understood that this isn’t correct OR wrong, that is seen from a black and white perspective. And life and everything within is GRAY. He got valuable points but its up to you understand them. The point where you think he is talking bullshit is where you DONT understand them. This is not the truth, and it’s not false. As he spoke there is no such thing as good and bad information, ITS INFORMATION. Since there is no truth there is just understanding. NOONE knows the truth, (since there is none), dont be pissed at this guy for sharing information. It’s up to you to do whatever you want with it. Dont argue agianst, argue with towards conclusion.

  • Okay, so generaly speaking, I’m into these kinda of documentaries, where they get into really thinking about what is going on around you and how much power you really have in your reality. Almost blue or redd pill type stuff if you know what I mean… However, ultimately I am a believer in a creator, maybe not a specific religion, maybe all of them at once, I dunno. I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. So the fact that he’s implying “we are god” is what throws it off for me, cause it’s atheism without saying it… Thoughts?

  • Its interesting most of the posts made here are affected by that same polarization “I’m right you are wrong thing”.(But even I am doing it now so I can’t judge) The information presented is understood differently by different individuals and in the end is practically unprovable by a single person clicking around the internet or even any other source of information. Because we cannot verify the truth 100% in even the most ideal of situations there is no way we can tell each other that we are wrong. I had a few sceptical moments about the facts but liked and related to many points he made on a non intellectual (read as intuitive not stupid :).) level. Its a moving, good film and I like that the man expressed his opinion, that’s what free speech is all about isn’t it? But the most important thing(in my opinion) we should learn in our lives is how to truly love our enviroment, global family(even war mongering individuals) and ouurselves. And that entails seeing things in a way that is unclouded by our personal opinions and our pet hates/adorations of one premeditated concept or another. May God bless all of you whether you believe he is outside of you, you yourself, a bit of both or not at all.

  • superchunk 7 years ago

    Only part I agree with is that God is everything, God is existence in itself. The rest of the video is wildly deceptive and full of logical holes and misquotes.

    I mean, do you people seriously believe we’ve even have this wonder of the internet to spread your ideals if it weren’t for the construction of a government and a set of laws to force society to abide by? Sure there are issues with any of its current forms as well as blatant abuse, but it still serves a vital purpose and simply needs bright minds to evolve it.

  • Thanks for this!! I read a ton of the comments and I guess there are a lot of people still not ready for this information, but for those of us who instinctively ‘feel’ this happening in the world, it gives a much greater understanding of what I used to call a ‘Divine Principle’.

    However, I would very much like to watch the first edition as well, where can I find it???



    Not everything in this documentary is 100% correct or liable to be proved beyond reasonable doubt. The presenters are most likley people trying to earn a buck from a new awareness thats been kindled and are certainly not re-incarnations of zarathustra, hermes or any other great teachers of humanity who no doubt were also called wierdos and new agers by ignorant fools. If u want to talk of spirit scientificaly and with proofs then develop your OWN spiritual eyes too check it out yourself but you should know that this would be one of seven prerequisite’s – FAITH There is truth in this video along with BS go look deeper or dont …… FREE WILL

  • Now i watch the video :p

  • this movie starts out exactly like the Zietgiest movie with the same theme of all religions evolving and inter mingling with each other. The Zeitgiest movie unfortunately has some serious flaws in its analysis and factual basis for understanding comparative religions. I researched alot of the religious claims in the Zietgeist movie. Most of it is inaccurate, flawed or completely untrue. There are some similarities between religions but not the ones which the movie makes.

    This Kymatica movie makes alot of similar claims. Like Mithraism came from Zoroastrianism.

    Some of the people quoted are creepy. Like Max Heindel who wrote this book

    The Rosicrucians were part of the Freemason movement which is the main group the Illuminati infiltrated in the late 1700’s.

    Christine M. Comstock is quoted from a paper she wrote

    about DID, dissociative identity disorder. Those with DID are people recovering from trauma based mind control. Which is really funny because both this film and the Zietgeist movie come across like mind control programming especially in the introduction. Do you know who Ben Stewart is? Where did he get the money to produce and market the movie? Just like the evil psychopaths who are controlling our media, can you be sure these movies are not financed and made by the same psychopaths?

    These movies are high-end well-produced professional productions, not low-budget indie flicks. They are also being shown on the internet for free. Whoever is financing them is taking a loss. These people are extremely clever at manipulating and controlling the masses (that’s us). They learned from the original creators of media propaganda – the Nazis. Except they have become far more skilled at it.

    In order for people to be programmed or brainwashed they must first have their existing values/beliefs torn down which is what all these films do. Just a thought.

  • Fantistic video, although there were some flaws and it wasn’t perfect. I found very questionable info here and there, HOWEVER I cannot deny that the film left me changed for the better. I especially liked the ego/self comparison and the history of the political leaders and conquerors that killed the “conscious self” and the civilizations that popularized it. But like any influential movie, there will be haters so I hope the creator continues with his work. It was a great watch!

  • Bromius 7 years ago

    I am shocked at how many people do not get this film. I thought it was awesome! I can only assume that the people, who do not understand this film, don’t have the ability to see the big picture, or feel as though this film is a threat to their weird religious upbringing.

    Essentially the film speaks about the collective unconscious of the world down to living cells. Carl Jung (Swiss Psychologist 1875 – 1961) wrote about the collective unconscious of people in his books at great length, which also themes throughout this film. It makes sense to me with a Psychology degree.

  • Robert 7 years ago

    i wonder if Mr stewart became so enlightned before or after his Lollapalooza gig.

  • Mr.Grills 7 years ago

    For those awake, this movie will make a lot of sense. For those still sleeping, it will offend the ego.

    Peace be upon us.

  • Morphonius 7 years ago

    I can see both sides of this argument… This video generally is EXTREMELY esoteric and also there where a few moments at the beginning where i thought it fell down a little…

    But the core message of this video is absolutely profound and indeed there is cry screaming out from this that resonates with-in the soul….

    But having said this when it is all said and done (finished) one is left depleted and clueless as to what one has just witnessed… and left feeling that they are no more able to face their own daemons but nether the less some how a tad more resolute…

  • Morphonius 7 years ago

    P.s that natural person thing was a bit “dicky”…
    (he should have left that out)…although interesting perhaps historically or even symbolically it was totally uncalled for and rather pointless.

    I’d like to see how far “you” would get in court totally “renouncing” your name and insisting you were a “natural person”/ sovereign child of the universe.

  • barronvonbadboy 7 years ago

    all i can say about ben shepards films is they have given me a lot of roads to research. im just starting out looking at law any people who want to do the same you need “blacks law dictionary”. this is the book that will decode there languge for you and reveal their illusion of authority. please have a look at it for urself realy look. bens claims on this subject are very true and there are many people going down the freeman on the land road. this road has pretty serious implications but if u wish to be independent and be free its worth it. like i say im just starting out on this you have to research it for urself nobody can do it for you. if you carmnt be botherd to do it ur self you will ever be truly free.
    any body wanting to learn a little more on law should look on you tube for john harris a man who is doing his home work and waking people up. hes really worth a look lets start bursting thier bubbles people.


  • Justanoldfart 7 years ago

    This movie is Great, Like any information given by anyone (including religious people, because they are people too) You should not look at everything as fact or fiction, because when you Separate Information in a Black and white manner, your missing the shades of gray. Nothing is fact or fiction, I could argue with you that 2+2=3 But you would argue its 4, Well What if in my own universe within my head my definition of the number 4 is 3, you can’t tell me im wrong because i shape my own definitions, i don’t need to follow the beliefs that SOMEONE else portrayed in your mind AS THEY SAY IT SHOULD BE. Clearly think for yourself, who created Information in the first place? Obviously a person thought it up. And Its clearly obvious that before the knowledge was available the person who Thought up the idea Came with the conclusions in THEIR OWN HEAD from within their own universe.

    So now you come to me bearing tidings of ignorance with your Stacked up education which you willingly accepted as truth from another person based on Their Authority on the subject and abiding by it without actually thinking it up for yourself. I could argue with you why dragons are real, but by your knowledge which was collected by yet another person who had thought up their own ideas is imposing on your universe creating their reality within your reality. PEOPLE just because something we cannot see or describe is not perceptible dont mean its not real. Thats the thing tho, You go by a set of information collected by such people claiming to be the truth to give u a smug outline of NO this is not real and YES everything im telling you is true, Sure u could say im contradicting myself, but then again you are only doing so because you feel threatened by what im saying because of the vary pyramid of information you have collected may or may not be true. THAT IS YOUR OWN FAULT. Infact, logically. IM not actually arguing with you, the indiviual. But infact arguing the wit hthe echos of the words set forth before you by someone else. In other words im arguing with who ever created the information, not you. You may take the information and say its your own, but clearly you heard it from someone else and are defending it because THEIR universe within their head is soooooo closly related to yours… When ppl say Open your eyes they dont literately mean open your eyes they mean take this information as information as all information is just information given by a person. Only another person can say that, that person has credibility because others find his/her claims plausible and thus is truth. NO you are still taking outside sources and not seeking it with your own eyes because of Truly you dont know what to belive…there… thats the point YOU DONT KNOW no one knows NO ONE CAN KNOW because for us to know TO ACTUALLY KNOW by By your methods of collecting information. You would have to ask the universe directly for the truth but since we cant, Everything u see hear or think about WAS created by a person, You me anybody. books in schools were created by a person, just because a collective crame the information together dont give it anymore credibility it just means that you as another person are following their collective thoughts which were the conclusion of their own reality.

    I dont want to hurt you, Because im not. Im only shaking the foundations of your reality which you may feel threatened but do not. Its not you, its them. A collective of them that follow these paths set before them and you.

    I could tell you my definition of god but you would bring up the so uncredible information which you hold as an authority figure of knowledge. This is my own definition not anyone elses it is not fact nor fiction just another source of outer information leeking to your reality, my reality to yours. God is not a being, sure u could argue with your religious beliefs so il go along with you for a second. Say god was real, what would he be? You dont know, no one can. Now you agree with me that god has thoughts yes? well wouldint his thoughts, the act of thinking be the god of god? clearly if he was just a mass of energy with no thought he would of not had the ambition nor the notion to create everything. He would just be a mass like a rock, nothing more. Now So now here we are at the fundamental blocks of all life in this third and 4th dimension. Thought, thinking, if u believe in god, was the actual god that created u not this being, but a collective of consciousness within a being. It was not him it was thought, We have thought so by any means of logic we are GOD. We may be limited by our capabilities because of our physical body, but the consciousness is never the less still there, u could argue with me that there is no God, you dont know that, no one can, but by the information you have collected to disprove my point was yet collected by a source which you call irrefutable, came from consciousness. SO here we are, my definition of god is the act of thinking, because the difference that separates organisms from rocks or metals and energies is in fact THE CONSCIOUSNESS, the ability to move feel and think. Im not saying that consciousness is the only thing that governs our universe, saying so would be to take claims from another person who imposed on your reality. Physical matter is real, you can see it touch it and be it, But you must understand that there is an infinite void within us a universe within a universe of universes, this matrix allows us to think and retain infinite amounts of information. You must understand that on this plain of reality, that BOTH physical and spiritual create what we call life. Spiritual is the connection to what we cannot see or feel but have a sense it exists, because it does within your own reality, now its common fact that my, yours, their, reality can imprint on another reality created and drawn together by another person. So this so called Unrealistic view point then gets leeked out and becomes realistic, you see what i mean? We have the ability to not only create something that theoretically does not exist, but can write it down to give it the appearance of physical mass in 2D.

    People, the point is, it dont matter How or what created us. Who cares what created the first man and woman, its irrelevant because thats far to far back in the fourth dimension, What truly created u, fed you clothed you and allows you to breath is the earth. The earth birthed you a physical body, it is your god, Your temple your mother. Femininity Has always been seen as the creators, the ones who give birth to life. So by any logic, you give femininity the definition of physical mass. It is all mass, because all mass was birthed at some point right? irrefutable. Now what else is there to describe within this universe… other then the spiritual, thought wisdom and knowledge. These are the masculine qualities from which the 2 both physical and spiritual mingle together to create an organism. The physical only allows the spiritual to manifest within this plain of reality, it does not allow it to take the form as mass, because that would be *god* now wouldn’t it?

    These books like the bible have good information in them, but dont take it in all relevance, the underlining idea is there, in all religions that’s why all these *new agers* are trying to explain that they are not wrong neither right. You must see the shades of gray to back up and see the picture as a whole. We have the seed of god within us as all life does, We are an extension of him, as i described before giving spirituality masculine qualities to define it as GOD, he/it Is what makes us, us. Its not these ideologies passed down by person to person but the fact of the matter is we have thought, an impossible form of existing living within us that cannot be manifested into a physical form unless it LEARNS HOW TO, thats what this whole new age thing is about, Its our step up to becoming closer to god, Pure and divine wisdom, till eventually our *soul* consciousness can exist within this plain of reality without the need of a physical body.

    There is duality, physical and spiritual. Male and female yin and yang good and evil light and dark, life and death. Its all properties created by perspective of…… you guessed it consciousness. So when you think of god, this being that created us, do not exclude everything else as not evident, as it all is evidently *real* to the viewer of consciousness and is as much important as the air we breath, which we cannot see.. but we can feel it just like emotion u cannot see but feel it, and thoughts joy fear sadness loneliness, its all REAL because you experience them. Now its your time young grass hopper, to feel the forces around u, wither they have been described to you by someone to improve credibility is as said irrelivant. It is you who can shape your own reality and thus impose it on others to create a link of realities which we humans so common use to reference fact and fiction.

    I leave you now to sit and let this information sink in, if you found it totally relevant at all.

  • concasianasian 7 years ago

    you just blew my mind

  • Hi. I believe that a government is needed to make society a safer place to live. But the parts about religon have enlightened me, I never much believed in god and this video kinda showed me anouther veiw point that is not usualy shown in society as “sane”. I believe it is possible for worlds and the universe to be organisms and who are u too say it isnt? And too the people who say its a claim without facts to back it up, First off god and religon have no facts to back them up so dont diss on this if ur a religon nut job. And secondly I think people should start caring for themselves becuz if ur too worried caring about other people u lose urself, im not saying be selfish and mean but dont try to change the world cause that wont happen. Thanks if ur reading this and reply to it if u want

  • And justanoldfart I tottaly agree with u

  • Michael 7 years ago

    The very beginning of the movie is the most solid, groundbreakinginformation/knowledge you will ever hear:

    “Evolution is a term used to define ony ONE organism, and that’s the self. The self IS the universe, the self IS the Alpha and Omega, God and infinity. That’s the only thing that evolves because we are all PART of the self. Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone without direct benefit to the whole.

    So when you begin to think that there’s this controlling elite, this controlling hand behind the curtain leading the planet to destruction. When you think the end is near, the “apocalypse”,”armageddon”. And when you think we, as a species are doomed…it is not THEY it is YOU that brought this about. And for a very good reason: you are evolving.”

    If we can look at the past and predict the future why can’t we, from the future, create the past? This is the Oroubus, the snake chasing it’s own tail. This is what we are doing. Eventually humanity will reach a point in it’s evolution when “video games” will be to simulate “life” and you will find out that this exactly what is happening right now. You are in a simulation, a video game being played in what humanity now refers to as the ‘future’.

    What we call ‘conditioning’ is happening in front of your eyes with technology: noetics, epigenetics, quantum physics, Reality TV, online gaming, 3D and holographic technoligies, virtual reality and simulators, The movies: Total Recall, The 13th Floor, The Last Mimzy, The Matrix, Surrogates, Gamer, Avatar.

    All of this is helping to form, in what we will call the ‘future’, exactly what we are watching on TV now into exactly what we become. In order for us to become it though, we must first create it in the past, which we are doing right now.

    Humans know only about 5% of their capabilities that are lying dormant within, waiting to be awakened. The very word, hu-man can be broken down into “hue”, as in taking form and color, material, visible and “man”: the conscious intelligence that uses symbols and polarities to communicate.

    Without hue, that is to say without color, the entire material universe would cease to exist as we know it.

    Without symbols and polarity, man would not be man but equivalent to an animal in intelligent communication. His intelligence has allowed him to evolve to a level beyond animal into the logical, reasoning, thinking, feeling, creeating, destroying biped he has become up to this point. This has been, and will always be purely by his design, what we call DNA coding, soon to be intentional genetic programming.

    This evolutionary process is slow in term of calendar time due to the snowball effect of human understanding. It is this reason that websites such as this are created: for the “apocalypse” (Greek word meaning ‘lifting of the veil’ or ‘revelation’). When humanity is ready to understand something it will be revealed by reason and understanding, with the use of symbols.

    For all who read this, ‘I’ will serve ‘YOU’ as a symbol of this understanding. This is the same as the symbol of you looking in a mirror to style your hair. Reason is your mirror, understanding is what you see reflected in it. All of this is symbolism by the way. However, it can be taken literally as literal events are symbols as well.

    Your body, your friends, family, co-workers, the homeless, poor, rich, animals, weather, cosmic events–>
    EVERYTHING is a symbol for SOMETHING. Remember, this is YOUR creation and it is created purely from symbols and polarities, made visible and tangible by light and color. You chose the form you see in the back of your brain for a reason you are not ready to understand right now. You created a situation, rather a multitude of situations ranging from the tiniest disturbance on the plank scale to massive supernovas in far off galaxies all for a reason. Hindsight is 20/20 remember. When you are able to understand, you will. This is just a sneak peak from the other side of the veil.

  • If you can’t run your life, get off the dope…this is all mumbo jumbo to fuel new cults…buyer beware…lol…quote that and do the research, not very many rulers or politicians are to blame and this person has issues against all authority…you don’t need this to lead your own life…this dude wants to be the next Charles Manson maker, pray for anarchy and you shall receive it… there is your conclusion!

  • Odiseo 7 years ago

    I loved this. I watched a few months ago and again today, and I still love it. There are certain things that I don’t see the point in bringing to people’s attention, like the whole birth certificate story, or that part talking about blood lines of Bush and other people. I think the video could be shorter and more to the point without all of that. Not because i think it’s bullshit, just because I don’t see how it relates to the whole talk of evolution. I truly believe that everyone who doesn’t get it yet (we’re all the same, we are one with the universe, etc) is destined to not get it ever. I think by now everyone who needed to be awaken is already awaken. Perhaps some are still half asleep, and that’s why healers and light workers still have some work to do, but the majority has already realised that there’s no point in religion, money, nations, 9 to 5 jobs, expensive stuff. All of that is creation of our own ideas of what we need. Right now we’re in the process of shifting to that higher way of thinking, there’s no time to try and change people’s mind anymore. Whoever is still sleeping will remain in this world of sadness, ego and hate. Note that I’m not wishing that to anyone as some sort of punishment, I’m just saying it is part of their own evolutionary path, and if they’re not ready to wake up, then it is their path. If they have to stay in that stage, it is their path. At this point in time, all of us who have a better understanding of our own inner power and the connection between everyone and everything, should only be focusing on healing, rather passively or actively, both ourselves and our surroundings. We are wasting too much time trying to make them see something they are not willing to see, so let’s focus our energy to heal, no matter what.

  • moonie 7 years ago

    A fact is a fact , why?
    Because it was written on paper?
    Inscribed on an ancient stone?
    Spoken by someone in word?

    For me a fact is none of those things.
    I can read something 100x and be told the same thing by 1000 people , unless however I see it with my own two eyes , witness it myself , can I be 100% certain that such an event took place and is indeed fact.

    My point being, I take most of what is said in this film with a grain of salt.
    I actually take most of what I am told by anyone about anything with a grain of salt.
    I do not believe in anyone but myself.
    And if not self whom else can you believe in.

    So I did not pay much heed to that aspect of the movie.
    What I did pay heed to was the message it seemed to be trying to get across
    That we as people should be peaceful, loving, kind, free, intelligent.
    That a lot of us need to wake up, stop hating and blaming each other.
    And most importantly stop hating and blaming ourselves.

    Peace ~

  • Olivia 7 years ago

    Whether or not this is considered true to society, this movie is beautiful at the fact that it creates discussion and opens up thoughts that we do not think about in our every day lives. I don’t believe that listening to this could possibly hurt anyone nor taint who you are, there is no harm in having an open mind.

  • DamonBest 7 years ago

    @rocketbanana lol
    This is THE documentary of documentaries. the breakdown of the false ego is definitely the best i have encountered, and (i think) it is right on.
    i have spent countless hours searching online for this documentary, not knowing it by name. now that i have found it, i see no reason to ever watch another documentary. to those who dislike this movie, and attack it and/or the supporters of this movie, i have this comment:
    this movie is not for everybody. so, if it is not for you (at this point in your life) then accept that, and go on about your business eating meat and voting and buying new cars and whatever else you do to make your life meaningful.
    to those who see that this film communicates deep meaning directly associated to the condition of being human, the answers are close. never give up hope and faith. never doubt truth is within our reach in this lifetime

  • DamonBest 7 years ago

    and sadly enough, those dissenters probably will not make it to the end of this movie, where ample evidence is given as to how we shape our own destiny by our reactions and actions to stimuli

  • daniel 7 years ago

    not completely unflawe but en though it was still a movie that makes you think. even though it might not all be true it still makes a window for you to think more freely. well at least thats what i had after this and esoteric agenda

  • willy 6 years ago

    smoke DMT

  • Can anyone tell me where the part is where he talks about if only a few sheep did not give in to the intimidation of the sheep dog, blah blah blah…..It shows a sheep dog trying to nip at the feet of a lone sheep who is lowering his head and standing up to the sheep dog. I CAN’T SEEM TO FIND THAT SECTION AGAIN!!!!

    anyone who knows where that part is…email me please,

  • Dooby 6 years ago

    Wow, regaurdless of your opinion on the validity of this film the producer was succesful in creating a powerful documentary that has stirred the emotions of many people. Negatively or positivly is beside the point.

    This film is NOT for beginners. I have read many books about the conciousness of the Earth and that pervades all of reality so I happy that he did not go into the proof of it but touched on it and moved on to other more advanced details some of which I was not aware of.

    And of course I will practice great discernment as you should with everything on the internet.

    But again, reaguardless of your opoinion of what the truth is, the producer was completely succesful in creating a powerful film that no doubt planted many esoteric seeds in people’s minds.

  • Since over 6 billion people will never achieve a common thread of “self” and “free will” simultaneously; We as a society can never collectively unite unless an all consuming rational, undebatable expression of truth is presented unquestionably and universally in a single instant. The notion of “find yourself” has always been practiced only on an individual basis which perpetuates the idea of right and wrong actions and in turn creates the notions of fear and retaliation.
    The return of the Life, the way, and the truth will provide this moment in time and shatter this never ending cycle.
    I choose the return of Jesus Christ as this “Instant”.

  • This resonated with me. Particularly the destruction of ancient people’s their knowledge. Remember witches use to get burnt by grown men! through fear no doubt.

  • sarder 6 years ago

    there are many perpetrators that are paid to post to internet sites all day long. Their job is to try to ridicle, humiliate or denegrate all messages of truth and knowledge. Humans are allowed to grow and evolve but all the programming and oppression makes people choose to stay in their dark cubicle. I say to you, step out of that cubicle. One baby step at a time – just be true to your heart. Find your inner child! Laugh! Dance! Be kind and loving to everything and everyone. Ignore the comments from the disinformation agents that drag internet material to post comments that plant seeds of doubt. All their arguments are crafted the same way. They are not normal human responses. They are not human, really. How many humans are left along us? So wake up because we need humans to gather together and create love and gratitude global projects to raise the love and life on the planet. Humans are made to be expressions of love. You are not a zombie, programmed, non thinking dummy, well, i mean, you won’t be when you wake up. I used to a dumb programmed zombie, but I spent years deprogramming. I found truths. I found that the truths become self evident once you start learning what is real and what is not. Ben’s work is truth. If you disagree, do more research. Let go of your previous preseptions, for they are fakisms. You are a zombie with a fake ego, daaa, so get a life and join us real humans that think for ourselves. We need you. We care about you.

  • The Kimatika (btw I would unerline that this word is 4000 of age!) is applied every day in every moment by all of us. That’s why when we are happy we fill good and when we are under stress (or I would say, when we are under the media-attack of stress) we are degenerating our selves.
    Further more, the kimatika is applied on the environment, then when we are angry/happy we release a bad/good atmosphere around us and viceversa.
    Kimatika is also our desire, when we really have a desire we going to send this message (concreate message) anywhere, then we meet first or late the acceptance of this desire by someone else or someting else. This consciuosly or unconscious will move to/against us… more power (understanding/spirituality) we have, more faster and important this going to happen.

  • ONENESS 6 years ago

    This movie is spot on…… 100% The individuals who vehemently speak so negative about it either are unconscious or aware of truth and purposefully are trying to disinfo the viewers and readers of the comments…. just ask yourself “who am i? do your dna activation and pineal activations and chakra activations which will raise your kundalini and go inside which takes you outside… very simple — just ignore those who are negative about this and love them where they are at…..

  • SEEKER 6 years ago

    What a fantastic conversation.

  • Frank 6 years ago

    Wow anyone who is hating on this film missed the whole point. This is high esoteric and psychological knowledge. The points that you are trying discredit have not been proven true or false in the arena of science yet. That is for very good reason. Science has not yet caught up to what the mystics and shamans already knew. Science will just be a way to prove it, and if anyone if familiar with physics and M theory you would know that what he is saying in this film IS where science is heading. In an ever evolving and becoming world it is ludicrous for any of you to come on here and think you already have it all figured out. That would defeat the purpose of evolution. You really need to break out of your little tiny box, and open your mind. And to whoever said Ben needs to go back school that is laughable. Believing everything you are told in school is like believing everything you are told in church. What you suffer from is a herd mentality. You do not have to agree with everything the man says just don’t villify him for having a greater sense of understanding than you. And whoever made the comment about their grandmother you must be an atheist. Well we will soon say how well atheism serves you in the new age. Evolve or die. The choice is YOURS.

  • A lot of the ideas presented in this production are highly speculative – it just makes no sense to take much of it seriously. Anyone can have an opinion – I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that.

    The best part is towards the end when he says there’s no reason to believe anything anyone says just because they’re saying it. On this point I agree with him completely.

  • Truth 6 years ago

    Sometimes, I don’t even understand the haters arguments. I think sometimes simply there is no argument at all behind all they say, except their own beliefs and opinions biased by preconceptions and assumptions we all get through our life from religion, politics and other institutions… Anyway, I believe now that its pointless to argue with someone about this. Thats a realisation people have to come on their own.

    I invite you to research Taoism indepth, an ancient chinese philosophy.

    I also invite you to read this wonderfull science fiction book from 1961: “Stranger in a Strange Land” .

    Then, try to re-watch this film… maybe you will be able to see it diferently :) Even if not, at least you learned something and you have read a good book.

  • nicci 6 years ago

    I am grateful for this film, as motivation for the responsibility of self for a greater whole in which we in return are effected by. I find it interesting that the negative responses to the film are so angrily answered and reacted to by those who found it to be a good experience.

    To condemn negativity with anger, just gives it more force to push against. Your identity is not being threatened, there is no threat to your true self, so there is no need to react. Just be, be thankful for anything if you take away from it and in the face of negativity be an open chasm. That way it will fall in and disappear instead of leaning upon you and feeding off your anger.

  • onevoice 6 years ago

    I find it funny that all of these people are taking the time to bash this film. If you disliked it so badly then why waste anymore of your life to write a review. Is it to protect others or yourself. Is it to weaken the artist credibility or to strengthen your own dogma? And btw, everything you disliked and even HATED about this film stems from within your self. After all we are one consciousness and we attract everything into our experience…so maybe this film has been presented to you to challenge your perception and to encourage you to see the essence of what reality is.

    And Ive got news for all those who say, “Wheres the scientific evidence.” Its called faith. You need to remove your blinders. Please see that there is much, much more going on in this reality that science cannot begin to explain. “Even the wisest of my disciples must enter through faith.”

    Good film. A MUST SEE!!! Watch “Zeitgeist” and “Esoteric Agenda” too, and why your at it check out “The Yes Men Fix The World” its amazing!!!


  • Gschaef 6 years ago

    There have been virulent comments/arguments coming from all different perspectives and this is key to understand. The one who is intent to go further and understand the state of affairs is one that is looking introspectively. One who TRULY values science will need to go into deep introspection. The main barrier here is misplaced value into words, concepts/ideas which shows the symptom of misunderstanding the inherent nature of what a thought is.

    Science is very valuable with operational information about the observable world around us along with technical ways to deal with it. However we can see that science also fails to unlock any mysteries of consciousness, period.

    Going a step further with this is to point to some of the great teachers of the world that have emphasized the technique of purifying the psyche through meditation– that is close observations of thoughts and the comings and goings. The reason this is important is to– as they say, liberate. This liberation of being from the tyranny of thought as identification with the seen. Some of these Elders or World teachers– Nisargadatta Maharaj, Jiddhu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Gurdjieff– through realization into their true nature was a revealing of the fraudulent nature of thought/mind. With cumbersome concepts one is locked in a private dreamworld in which the imagination overarches…that is, the One that sees is under the spell that they are a body, a set of memories which is observably false.

    Open observation without the standpoint of being a christian, hindu, husband, or politician, etc.. one is able to ‘scale back’ [so to speak] the point from which one observes to that of pure witnessing.

    Anyone interested with more of this will find the interest and thus desire/energy to investigate more about what was inclined to share here with the aforementioned clues.

  • Gschaef 6 years ago

    Clarifications/corrections –
    * “Conventional Science” does not take the observer into consideration. Just some clarification to what appears as a sweeping statement.
    – Maverick approaches with scientific methods are revealing patterns with consideration of thought, along with how it relates to the body. Cutting edge [not mainstream] science, for example, has also come to the point of understanding of the mystics about the nature of mind/senses through the holographic universe model.

    * The aforementioned teachers of self-mastery listed are only a small portion and is not, of course, exclusive. Finding the teacher/guide is also going to be swayed by individual preference. However, the common thread is that the teacher is always putting you back to your Self– to your inner teacher. Any other teaching is just another set of concepts similar to what has happened to numerous religions.

  • Cosmin 6 years ago

    Ben Stewart I can see that your talking from your inner self i can see it in your eyes… great job man keep it up !

    This is amazing …This is the future !!!

  • ScalerWave 6 years ago


  • ScalerWave 6 years ago

    Some interesting points to ponder.

    Nice editing.

    Content wise, it’s missing something. It wants to say something cool but ends up just chasing it’s philosophical tail.

    No end of baseless premises, opinions pretending to be facts, non sequiturs, outright silliness, etc.

    Best line was in regard to questioning everything and not accepting something just because someone else says it is true… which applies to this documentary itself.


  • Truth 6 years ago

    Watch HOME, search in youtube for HOME

  • Truth 6 years ago

    Sorry, search for “HOME project” or here is the link:

    Everyone should watch this one…

  • shape 6 years ago

    Ben really goes to the core and sees the fractal full circle. the main factor that polarizes the positive & negative comments are that the positive comments come from ones who are introspective, ones who feel. the negative comments come from those who are extrospective (always looking externally for answers), and who dont ever take the time to stop thinking and feel – those who demand physical proof of the non-physical b/c they only trust what they can rationalize thru their visual sense. the visual sense scans only the surface of life, the surface of truth. using your vision as the main source of interpreting & confirming your reality is guaranteed to have you believing in an illusion and this vid being bullshit. if you are unable to stop thinking and truly feel life (outside of when having an orgasm) you won’t be able to make sense of this documentary.

  • Dillon 6 years ago

    Okay, for all those negative, downers, people who are ignorant. We get it. If your educated, intelligent, knowledgable and open minded. Then just keep that stuff to yourself. We all govern our own laws. We all have our way of life. You have no right to say what’s wrong or right. Especially qouting someone else, regurgitating their words as your own opinion. It’s time to grow up. I doubt todays religions, and doubt we will ever know the whole truth about existence in general. There is the known, the unknown, and that which will never be known. There are all types of energy, and some we cannot trace, see, or measure. Not yet anyways. I don’t believe discovering these energeries will be any form of technology. The human race as a whole needs an evolution of concious. If you don’t agree then your just one of those people, doesn’t change the fact that what needs to be done will be. Not by human force or nature. But by the timing, and inevitable evolution of the universe as a whole. If you really don’t think plants and other forms life that do not speak or make visible choices are not conciouss that’s understandable. Sub-concious on the other hand is very possible and highly probable. It doens’t take this video or insane intelligence to open your eyes and see that this planet truly is aware of itself, and us. We are all connected, we are a collective concious. It’s our own fault we either lost or never gained the capability to absorb that aspect of life. 2012 may be a hoax, may be real. It may be a doomsday, especially for those who fear death or look at death as the worst part of life. It’s not. You nor I have no idea what will happen. You can be told, you can believe. Doesn’t change the results. Or you can keep your mind open, doubt, inquire and gain more often than just auto-pilot your way through life. I’m not big on conspiracy, things like that only slow you down and close the doors you need open. But putting thought into possibilites of any and all human ideas is not a stupid idea. 7 billion people, yet we find ourselves alone in thought, capable of feeling and being alone. Yes, we are born alone and die alone but we do not live alone, no one does. Open your eyes, your heart, your mind. It’s hard to believe anyone or anything these days but truth is out there, doing the things we do as a whole species now will not help us in the future. Never will this human paradime end if we sustain such destructive behavior.

  • Outstanding. If you don’t understand it, it just means that you’re not ready to understand.

    Kudos to the filmmaker.

  • Ain Elohim 6 years ago

    I just watched this “film” if you can call call a film something that could be delivered in the form of a powerpoint presentation chain emailed to your friends.

    Point is it is not telling ANYTHING new.

    Begins claiming that there are no schemers behind the curtains of our reality and WE are the sole responsible for the ailments of the world and then ironically, blatantly goes as far as accusing a group of people and their “bloodline” for trying to oppress our free will and potential and radiowaves that cool the air or some other New Age stuff.

    Bush, according to the film, comes from the bloodline of Prophet Muhammad. It has to be true if it is in a film right? Plus this film is a documentary so we cant argue about it right? Does this guy have a sample of Muhammad’s DNA and compared it to Bush’s? How does he come with all this stuff? Mushroom cult? Seriously.

    Dogmatism at its best. The filmaker takes himself overly seriously presenting all his mubble jimble as fact, let me tell you what is the biggest cancer of humankind, dogma, and that is a fact. And that is the trap which he so eagerly falls into.

    Shamans cant be wrong right? The motherfucking Indians danced so that it could rain, please explain to me how whatever these people do or say has any credibility after this. Myths are not true stories of the past that hide some terrible truth of the universe. They are just the product of cultural wanking, I would die to think what people in 2000 years would think of our myths like that masturbation causes blindness. They would go all around it, through it, explaining that the by masturbation the ancients meant the production of the universe by itself and blindness is somehow connected to the photons and dark matter. While the truth is that we are just plain stupid. Like the ancient people were like humanity will always be.

    To those that consider themselves awakened tell me, how will it affect you in the long run? You will end up in a pile of worms and bones, thats it. We, the ones not enlightened, will end up the same way but hey, with all my material wealth I could hire a bunch of strippers to dance over my grave 24/7 and decorate it with neon and people passing by would say, hey that was a cool guy. Fuck you.

    The other thing about electromagnetism is hilarious really, claiming that Earth is conscious because it has electromagnetic fields? What about a power cable? It has electromagnetic fields too, does that make it conscious? Should we offer a bunch of red haired virgins as sacrifice to appease wrath of the Great Old Gods residing in our power cables?

    To anyone that is interested I am not Christian. There is another thing, when the movie mentions the truths of Alchemists, they fail to mention that the truth of the universe can be written on the facet of an emerald while this shitload lasts for like an hour or so, anyway this is known as the Emerald Table or something, and do you want to know what is this Big Truth that can be written on such a tiny jewel? It is “Fuck you”. Simple as that.

  • maverick 6 years ago

    Wow! This film HAS succeeded! A film like this should create debate. The only way change can come is through lively debate on these subjects. I’m in the Pro camp myself having done considerable research on the concepts presented here. My own personal leaps in consciousness are proof enough for me and have taken the concepts from intellectual to intuitive and experiential. Your reality can literally change, sometimes in an instant! The message I get; the message I believe is most important for both sides of the argument is – take your power back, never give it away to someone else including governments and documentary makers. Lol. The future belongs to those that are awake. Had enough sleep already? For those dubbed ‘haters’ on this site, don’t worry anger is a good sign; a sign that your paradigm is starting to shift.

  • Trumpton 6 years ago

    Anyone who told me it’s great – FAIL

    Anyone who told me it’s crap – FAIL

    Typical Internet, you are right and you are wrong, mixed in with a bit of abuse and slander.

    Well done world I am proud of you.

  • This is an incredible piece of work that explains our true nature. There is nothing else out there that i know of that expresses truth more than this film does. Thank you.

  • Electrolux 6 years ago

    Thanks for the film, very insightful.

    The world is a reflection of our minds and we are very much the origin of everything. We have locked ourselves on this side of “concept” by our thoughts, by our speech and by our actions, just as the Buddha taught. The unobstructed mind is capable of wondrous things, through habitual selfless thought and meditation to places beyond concept and duality, that is pure awareness and oneness.

    It should be understood that nothing exists independently from anything else and when our minds stop producing the “cause” there cannot be an “effect”. That’s the sweet “spot”,to rest beyond effect.

  • Aquarius Dxb 6 years ago

    I just love this film! Ben : Stewart no matter what people say, has a great spiritual insight.
    Obviously for many people all this sounds like a ”contradiction”, which is shows really the fear that most of us have to discover our on ”darkness’ as he says in his film.
    Most of the historical information in this film, required very serious research and by no means is something of a joke.
    I only wished most people who criticize this film, would open their mind to this unusual way of seeing the world we live in.

  • This is the fourth time I watch Kymatica. It resonates with me at a very deep level each time I hear Stewart talk about the evolutionary process in humans with that haunting beat in the background.

    I never bother to read the comments people leave behind on movies, articles and so on. I feel what I personally take away is more important than reading other peoples opinions, even those who have loved it as much as I did. Having said that, tonight I did the just that. I read through almost every comment.

    It hurts to know some people can be so angered by something I find so enlightening, but then again I understand that I probably feel the same way about what they believe in, and so we become reflections of one another.

    But there are a few comments above which ridicule the claim that the Earth is a living, conscious organism. Those are by far the saddest, most ignorant comments and I can not hold back. No matter what or who you believe in, and no matter what your philosophy in life is, you can not deny that this planet gives us all life because it is itself alive. Our very existence depends on this planet’s life force. Forget the film, forget all the biological similarities we share with Earth, or even mundane things like our mood changes with the weather. Where do you think the life sustaining food we consume or the air we breathe and the water we drink come from? Seriously?

    Looking back at the film, this is where Stewart talks about the separation from the Self.

    Perhaps those of us who believe they exist upon a lifeless rock, see themselves that way.

  • MyDoveTheSupplanter 6 years ago

    I like elohims comment in particular cos he assumes a power cable doesnt have “conciousness. The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.” So here we have a power cable and here i have a switch when i flick it the light comes on so I kinda just communicated to the unconcious power cable and it responded. Does it have a personality? no of course not. but it is “awake”(not asleep) and “aware”(has the ability of “perception”(The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses)) of its surrounding’s. i suppose u will try to tell us next that a tree has no spirit. maybe u will reincarnate as someones lawn in a future life. now im just another troll…. love the movie guys. make more please

  • I think this guy is right about it all! This is a timeless piece that I will pass on to everyone I know and love. Think it’s bullshit? Three years after they made this, the scientific community discovered that all the fungi in the world are inter-related and communicate with each other. Popular Science just published an article about a totally new “Branch of Life” they previously thought were fungi ( Did anyone else watch the last five minutes of the film?

  • Cuijino 6 years ago

    Lack of facts, Pseudoscience BS if you ask me. The universe isn’t in your head, the universe IS the universe. Amateurs.

  • RED PILL 6 years ago

    Its all about how much you know about yourself and your projections. Those who know should respect those who dont, as they have been there, those who dont will percieve the others as mad, as that is their projection. The film is true, but there is little respect given for the process…. it is after all life, and a life that we are all part of. It also gives no clues as to finding soloutions….. projections are the issue. the government is only a result of mass projection of the “mother with the collective unconscious”. Projections are a direct result of learnt behaviour patterns imprinted in our unconscious from early childhood, only deep unconscious investigation and introspection can get to change that….. but its a journey worth taking, as we are all basically f*****g up the planet and need to take responcability for our actions. As for money, well its is mans greatest illusion and anybody that believes it is the new God is totally deluded and runs the risk of living only for selfish ends. We all need to wise up if our childrens children are going to survive in this heaven that is Earth. Respect for the journey

  • Sara Izod 6 years ago

    Annoying. I find this video ~ Kymatica to be very annoying and boring.
    As usual False Ego Superficial Nonsense based on Phony, Empty and Inadequate University Pseudoscience BS.
    They think they know everything and they know Nothing.

  • dharmakaya 6 years ago

    Ok…I am not one to refute beliefs based solely on their lack of scientific validity, BUT when someone is attempting to find a correlation between multiple events, ideas and topics that have no relationship with one another, then I have a problem. This guy is a self-righeous fool who thinks he has the ability to “wake people up”. Yes, he is a “smug little poser” and he does not deserve your attention. He is a byproduct of a post-modern new age movement (whether or not he dinigrates the New age movement) that has nothing to do with any living philosophical or spiritual tradition. He and and the rest of you new agers should move to Sedona and jam a crystal up your ass, awaiting your alien saviors. If you want to figure things out on your own, then devote yourself to a valid form of spiritual discipline and practice; this is the only path to true awakening. Don’t watch some silly film full of convoluted ideas and think that you are somehow more enlightened. Things like this actually only lead to more confusion. I do believe in some strange things, and I certainly believe that FULL AWARENESS of all phenomena is attainable…just not from some tool who is so vain as to think he is in a postition to “enlighten” any of us.

  • 100th monkey 5 years ago

    this is one amazing video. sure some of the ideas presented lack any scientifical approach but one must remember that even the most profound theories such as evolution or the atomic theory are still just mere theories and not facts but are still ,till today, approached with an open mind and are widely accepted.
    At least ben is tring to open minds to a new way of thinking, at least he’s tryn to help by spreading the information out there, WHAT THE F**ck ARE YOU DOING #HATERS

  • ??WhichWayIsUp????? 5 years ago

    “What makes anyone an authority figure enough to say that something is true or false?
    And why are you denying or accepting anything based on the suggestion of another person?
    Information is information, there is no such thing as good or bad information, its all what you do with it.”

    As long as there is willing followers, there would be exploitive leaders. And there would be willing followers until humanity reached that philosophical plateau where it recognized that its greatest mission in life had nothing to do with any struggle between classes, races, nations, or ideologies, but was, rather, a personal quest to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain!
    On that quest, politics is simply a roadblock of stentorian baboons.

    Where does magic and beauty go when its driven from this world?
    PS, i liked the film :)

  • inthewind 5 years ago

    Well, it would appear that the basic ideas of what this film is presenting, are playing out here in this debate exactly as described in the movie. Ego seems strong in many of the posts I`ve just read here. Is ego working here in me, simply by making a post of my own? Of course it is. Is it a problem? I don`t think so, because I am aware of it, and that in itself is a daily challenge.

    I think that whether ALL of the statements presented in the film are accurate in fact or not, is irrelevant. The point is that any film, book, or conversation that encourages a person to “think for themselves” is a very good thing indeed.

    It seems silly that in this age of environmental thinking, that which we most tend to “recycle”, is ignorance. From the time we are very young, we tend to adopt the “beliefs” that surround us. Sure we love our parents, so its easy to believe what they believe, and quite often perhaps, for no other reason than that we have “faith” in them because they take care of us as we grow, so anything that they hold as truth, must be true.

    Does that make them “correct”?
    Maybe not, but for a while at least, they do provide for us, and when we`re young, they are our means of survival. It is odd though, that even though we know some of the struggles our parents may have had, most of us tend adopt similar patterns along the way, and the same kind of life with similar struggles manifest in our own lives, not too differently than they had for our parents.

    Point being, is that it is very easy not to think for oneself. In fact, its irresponsable, and from an early age, highly addictive. Why do we never even question the words we use? We talk to others all of the time and tell them what we “believe” in, and/or have “faith” in. Do both of those words not sound like something a little less than certainty?
    In the other direction, the scientific-minded like to suggest that “this rock is 330 million years old” because of carbon dating. Well, have we been using carbon tests for that long, so that we may know that without a doubt?

    There is a common thread in a lot of films of this type, and that being, that if we have an open mind, just about anything can drop in. But if we go (and stay there) one way, or the other, our decision to do so slams a lid down upon us, and we are destined to dance to the limited message of that one song.

    The very fact that so many here of varying opinions have watched this movie, is refreshing to say the least!! Because if you think you already have all of the answers, then why are you watching these films in the first place? Hmmm, still looking for more answers perhaps? Good on you, whoever you are!!

    To all, no matter on what side of this debate you`re finding youself, keep that open mind open, and keep searching for what we lack. Thats what gets me up every morning!!

    We can call each other stupid, and un-enlightened all we want, but has that ever helped anybody? If so, please do tell who it has helped. My experience has been that it only keeps us slaves to the “stupid” that we all do collectively create, EXACTLY the point, (or did we miss it), of the film.

    Religion having faith and belief, science wanting proof and evidence,,,,, who cares?! No matter where we are all coming from, and going to, we are all in this together, and we are just humans being. That makes us all the same.

  • robert 5 years ago

    Oh well, in 100 years we’ll all be dead….Im tired of fighting..just want some peace

  • Ricardo 5 years ago

    To all the closed minded people that left comments here, the day will come when you get you’re so desired proof, as if there’s not enough on this video anyway. More and more people all over the world are experiencing a spiritual awakening, and hopefully one day we can all reach a higher level of consciousness. Absolutely love the video :)