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On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center Twin Towers disintegrated in a manner that scientists say resembled deliberately calculated implosions. The facts open for discussion include: at 5:20 p.m. that same day another building, the 47 story WTC 7, completely collapsed within 70 feet of its footprint in 6.6 seconds. These three buildings became the first such structures to ever suffer complete collapse due to fire and damage.

The film closely examines one of the world’s worst catastrophes from a civil engineering perspective. Using photo and video footage as well as expert scientific testimony, the film thoroughly examines the official reports, offering varied criticisms of the official findings, while raising a more plausible hypothesis. The findings from these scientific experts have been quietly ignored by both government investigations and the mainstream media.

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  • The truth will be out soon…very soon.

  • Mange 6 years ago

    Absolute rubbish

  • TribalFreakz 6 years ago

    A “must watch” for all those who have the slightest doubt. This is the sad and horrifying truth about how corrupt our government has gotten. WAKE UP AND STOP EATING THE BS CNN TELLS YOU.

  • ExposeNWO 6 years ago

    Brilliant-must see

  • almost 10 years later and everyone is still as dense as a rock.

    so sad. 9/11, the inside job, the most obvious fact i’ve ever known in life.

    why is everyone so blind?

    it will be your downfall.

  • TRUTH! 6 years ago

    Mange, yes u are rubbish! 9/11 needs a real investigation. When independent investigators get better evidence than NIST clearly something is up! These criminals must be brought to justice! GOD BLESS AMERICA… AND PROTECT HER FROM EVIL!

  • mezocosm 5 years ago

    A couple thoughts

    Individuality is a myth, just like Adam and Eve…What the hell do I mean you say? Most people believe they think for themselves, people like us only scratch the surface, the rest look to authority or majority or others to agree 100% of the time…while extremests might only do so 50%.

    If you actually looked into the evidence of social assumptions you will diconcertingly find how much of our sanity relies on bonding with others.

    I walk the line as many of us try to do here. Kudos to you all, it is a tough path.

  • my name 5 years ago

    Hang in there fellas, and ladies 😉 , you will be vindicated with your intelligence… or some spelling of that.
    haha.. well guess that is right… always second guess ya self!!

    Love and peace !! be well

  • Seems like a most spiritual place, and the atmosphere is just phenomenal. Will visit one day for sure.