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In the 1560’s John Dee discovered the idea of the 4th dimension. In one of Dee’s documents a series of seals were found which when put together form a cube within a cube. He realised that this was the secret to higher orders of information and knowledge. In the 19th Century theoretical non-Euclidian geometries were investigated by physicists. Richard Hoagland explains in his paper entitled Hubble’s New Runaway Planet, the forgotten 19th Century scientific theories of Hyperdimensional Physics. These theories were initially proposed over a hundred years ago by various scientists and were updated in the 20th Century by Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell. In a nutshell, what HD physics tells us is that 3D reality is only a subset of a series of hyperspatial dimensions which control the physics of our very existence, from stars to galaxies to life itself. The physics is itself based on geometric and mathematical foundations which involves other spatial dimensions. Hyperdimensionality doesn’t invalidate the digital model of the universe, it could well be that dimensions are like an onion ring of “virtual machines” or sub-logos within the Logos to use a more Gnostic concept.

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