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It’s Bad for Ya is the 14th and final HBO stand-up comedy special by stand-up comedian George Carlin. It was televised live on March 1, 2008 on HBO. It is the follow-up to the 2005 HBO special Life is Worth Losing. Carlin worked on this material since ending his “Life is Worth Losing” Tour. The working title for this show was The Parade of Useless Bullshit. Filmed in the Wells Fargo Center For The Arts in Santa Rosa, California, the show’s stage behind Carlin is designed to represent a cozy living room theme.

The live HBO performance special was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Special at the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards. It lost to Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project.

As always, Carlin brings you smart observations of human behaviour in raw, unpolished form.

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  • rest in peace George, we love ya

  • atomicdog2020 5 years ago

    A true legend. We miss you, George.

  • Mental 4 years ago

    Strange to see people laughing in auditorium, this shows that most of them do not take George seriously.. therefore brainwash is evident.

    I’m as him already, tired of all this shit.

  • When George passed away, we lost the most truthful person on TV, videos and everywhere. We will miss you very much. I am so glad that I have his videos, so I can watch them over and over, again and again. I thank George for his courage in doing what he wanted …because we are all so tired or false people…
    THANK YOU GEORGE may you rest in peace….

  • Who are you people talking to saying we miss you and shit. George? Well guess what, you’re fucking stupid.

  • seesharp_or_beflat 3 years ago

    —–> Great American Philosophers <—–

    Buk (Hank)
    Robert Solomon
    your uncle

  • Viola 1 year ago

    So great.